Best Tea for Relaxation

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Tea can wake you up just as well as it can help you slow back down again, too! Here we’re going to get into some of the best teas for taking the edge off of a long day, and helping you get the break you deserve. Slow down, find your favorite tunes, and join me on exploring the best tea for relaxation.

If you have a hard time kicking back at the end of the day either because of a big mental load, stress at work or school, or just a lot going on you’re probably wondering if tea could be the answer. Or you would anyways, if you were as into tea as I am! There’ a lot of powerful herbal teas out there that can really do the trick. Whether it’s stress weighing you down, or a nagging anxiety in life, these teas will let you relax so you can do whatever it is you love. 

Relaxation is the gift you give yourself after some hard work, stress or other impairment of your otherwise personal time. We only have so much of it, and these teas hope to help you make the most of it! Occasional anxiety is normal in most of us, it’s even been said a little bit can help drive us. At any rate, if you feel as if you experience anxiety or depression more often than not, contact your healthcare provider for the most trustworthy and accurate medical advice. Now, how can a tea help you gain that calming sense, and peace of mind?

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Does Calming Herbal Tea Really Work? 

Quite frankly, yes it does! Certain herbal teas, botanicals and other natural remedies work to calm your body by soothing your nervous system. They induce a calming sense that washes over you. In many cases, these teas can help moderately, and temporarily lower blood pressure, bring you down to a lower heart rate and provide a cooling sense of calm. Much like the ocean breeze you know and love, this is a familiar sense of safety and serenity that you can count on, especially in the evenings by the time you’ve put the kids to bed and finished work. So how can you achieve that ever so desirable sense of relaxation? Turns out, herbal teas can help get you there! 

It’s important to state that not all teas are created equally in this regard. While herbal teas do provide excellent calming qualities, it’s important not to confuse this with conventional, or regular teas. Caffeinated teas will have absolutely the opposite effect. Personally, the first thing I did in one episode of anxiety was to cut out caffeine, and that included regular tea. They do contain a whole host of incredible health benefits for you to enjoy, but it comes at the cost of caffeine consumption. In itself, this isn’t inherently a harmful substance. But it can be, especially if you’re trying to sleep, relax, or wind down. 

What is The Best Tea For Relaxation? 

The best tea to help you find some relaxation in many ways, is the one you’ll drink! Taste, fragrance and aroma have a huge role to play in determining which one you’ll choose to indulge in each evening. All of these teas we’re going to review are perfectly safe to drink on a daily basis, that being said, you’re going to have to decide which is the one you’ll enjoy the most! It also depends on what you’re looking for. Certain teas are better for stress relief, while others are better just before bed. Stomach aches, cramps and queasiness can sometimes also be the result of overstimulation or stress. Certain teas can serve double duty, to lower abdominal discomfort while lulling you into a sense of soothing serenity. Depending on what you’re looking for, these teas are here to help! 

Bigelow Chamomile Mint Tea 

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Bigelow’s chamomile mint is the best in satisfying, and tasteful relaxation. This tea is perfectly balanced with two of the most powerful relaxing agents in the form of this botanical and herbal concoction. Peppermint serves its role as a highly refreshing and aromatic addition to just about any tea. It adds a certain type of refreshing taste that can’t be matched for it’s instantly soothing sensation it creates. Chamomile on the other hand is a soft-flavored botanical tea that is very well known for its calming effect. Combined, what you’ve got is a tea that tastes delicious, and works like a charm for settling your nerves. 

Traditional Medicinals Organic Peppermint 

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This tea is already familiar to just about anyone who’s enjoyed a candy cane, or peppermint candy. That’s right, the flavor really is spot-on! From the moment you pour hot water over this tea, you’ll be enjoying its luscious fragrance and calming sensation. The aroma alone is enough to be cause for a long, deep breath before you’re taken on a tasty and calming journey with each sip. Peppermint scent will travel all throughout your sense, helping you relax quickly, and easily. Not only does this tea make for a wonderful relaxation agent, it’s also incredibly refreshing! Peppermint tea can almost be called nature’s mouthwash, but you won’t want to spit this stuff out! 

Kava Stress Relief by Yogi Teas 

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For those of you who don’t know, kava is a herbal remedy specifically used for stress and relaxation! It has a long history of use in traditional medicines, and it’s got a lot to offer in your plight to settle down for a while. It has a certain ability to ease tension in particular. Upon drinking a cup you’ll notice some of the psychosomatic effects of stress start to lessen. These are of course, tense muscles, expressions and contractions. This is perfect for helping you achieve a sense of relaxation that not many other things can give you. The addition of cinnamon and sarsaparilla pods will not only make this tea all that much more health positive, but also tasty! Slightly spiced, earthy and warming you’ll love this stress tamer!  

Valerian Tea by Betel Natural 

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Valerian is the ideal tea to reach for if you’re trying to wind down before bed. This botanical wonder isn’t just good for relaxing, but also for concentration. If you’re trying to take a break from the world, and engage in your favorite hobby, read a book or work on a passion project you’re in luck! Valerian will help you zero in on what’s important, disregarding the stressors and negatives in your life. This natural herbal infusion is a deep red in color and tastes slightly of a bouquet, in a very refreshing style. If there was one tea for relaxation I had to recommend over ice, it would be Valerian. Brew in a glass, leaving room for 5-6 ice cubes, before adding ice and enjoying cold! Better yet, brew a batch of it and leave it in the fridge for when you get home in the evening. 

Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer 

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This caffeine free monster of a tea will quell your worries, and drift you off into a slower and more relaxing evening or afternoon. Perfect for taming your work stress, you’ll find the combination of lemongrass, and eleuthero make a sensationally calming drink. I can personally attest to just how calming and relaxing this stuff makes you feel. It’s like drifting out onto a cloud while you’re relaxing, just without the feeling of being tired.

This herbal tea is perfect for relaxing without any drowsiness! There’s even ginger in the mix. Not only does this create a flavor that’s more well balanced, and deep. But the spice and herbal properties of this root create a fantastic cure-all for any uneasiness in the stomach. This Tension Tamer by Celestial Seasonings is ideal for people who are new to herbal teas, and aren’t looking for anything too earthy, or that will make them drowsy. 

With any luck, you’ve found the perfect herbal tea for calming your nerves. Any one of these teas makes for a great fit, but which one is your favorite? Also, have you ever had the chance to sip on something so soothing? And of course, what’s your best tea for relaxation? If any of these reviews helped you move in the right direction, please share it with your friends so everyone can benefit from the calming effect of these lucious herbal beverages. Until next time, sip happy! 

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