The Best Teas for Diabetics

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Diabetes affects a staggeringly large number of people across the globe. In 2014, the World Health Organization recorded 422 million cases around the world. This degenerative, chronic disease is linked to both genetic, lifestyle and socioeconomic factors that can serve to increase people’s likelihood of developing it in their lifetime. While they have somewhat different implications for their desired health outcomes, goals and treatment plans of individuals. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetics can use tea to supplement their health regimine. Here we’re going to discuss, and review the best teas for diabetics. Sip to a healthier future, and one where you can enjoy what you’re drinking, and feel good about it too! 

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Is Tea Good for Diabetics? 

It depends on the type of tea. Diabetics should consult with their medical professionals before increasing their caffeine intake, which traditional tea has a significant amount of. However, herbal teas can make for the perfect delicious, and healthy remedy for aiding diabetics in managing their symptoms, and their condition overall. Herbal teas, as well as traditional teas can serve to assist individuals with weight management, pain reduction, blood pressure and even achieving better stress reduction! So, what is it about these teas that makes them so effective? 

Tea Drinking and Diabetes 

It’s important to note that tea drinking can in some instances serve to aggravate some symptoms of diabetes. Caffeine consumption has the serious risk of raising blood pressure for instance, if not managed properly. Be sure to become informed about the caffeine content of any and all teas you plan on drinking to these ends. Second to caffeine consumption, is additives in the beverages you’re consuming. As a diabetic, being aware of all of the nitty gritty of what you decide to enjoy on a given day can seem a lot like an uphill battle. That is a lot more true to life than many people give it credit for. Why? We’re simply surrounded by added sugars, and other forms of carbohydrates in both solid and liquid form. 

Added sugar is one of the main culprits in the tea world. If you’re drinking black tea as a diabetic, it’s not just the caffeine you need to look out for. Milk and sugar is one of the most popular ways to drink this tea around the world. As such, opt for a preparation that doesn’t involve as much of either, if at all. Sugar-free sweeteners can also be a viable option, as is non-dairy milk to help reduce the sugar content of tea prepared this way as much as possible. Other additives like maple, honey, and fruits may also cause complications. When you’re looking at blends of tea, be sure to make yourself aware of all possible additives to get the most out of your brew!  

The Best Teas for Diabetics 

Weight Management

Oolong Tea by Tealyra 

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Oolong tea is a powerful fat fighter, compounds found in this tea known as polyphenols aid in keeping the weight off. Not just that, a moderate amount of caffeine will help you from feeling to hungry, as well. Oolong tea is absolutely chock-full of valuable antioxidants, substances which increase the body’s immunity significantly. If losing weight is an important step in fighting your diabetes, (and for many it should be!) Give oolong tea some serious consideration. It takes milk substitutes well, but has a fairly mild taste anyways. It’s approachable, especially for coffee drinkers and black tea lovers as well. A rich taste, and decadent texture, oolong tea is certainly something you can feel good about enjoying! 

Is Oolong Tea Good for Diabetics?

This tea helps diabetics supplement their weight loss plan. Paired with a healthy diet, and moderate exercise oolong tea can be a highly beneficial drink for diabetics! 

Three Cinnamon Organic Herbal Tea 

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Cinnamon is a wonder spice, it’s by simple coincidence that it brings a ton of flavor to your favorite drinks and foods, too! Personally, I enjoy it on just about anything, but have you ever had the chance to try it in tea form? This sensationally, perfectly spiced tea by Pukka teas is just that. A nicely balanced, and heartwarming drink that’s revitalizing, caffeine free and provides the perfect taste. If you’re trying to cut down on your caffeine consumption, cinnamon tea is one that you might want to give a fair shake! 

Cinnamon is valuable for several reasons. Many people will attest to the fact that cinnamon, this tea included, works as a mock sweetener. In other words, it tricks your brain into making you think you’re enjoying something sweet, which is all the better if you’re trying to lower your sugar intake. But that’s not all, cinnamon consumption is known to help assist in lowering cholesterol, and blood sugar levels over time. Some studies even suggest it may lower insulin resistance as well! 

Traditional Medicinals Organic Hibiscus 

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This certified organic tea by Traditional Medicinals is a great choice for those looking for a more proactive stance on their diabetes. This powerful herb supports the cardiovascular system by aiding in lowering blood pressure, and some say even cholesterol. That means quite a bit if you’re diabetic. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s an all natural flower that provides you with a ton of feel-good antioxidants. These little guys will go to work to improve your immune system, and increase your vitality overall! Lastly, the taste of this hibiscus tea will trick you into thinking you’re enjoying some kind of warm, fruity and floral cider. It’s delectable, and it couldn’t taste better to be healthy! Who ever said sipping to your health had to be such a hard burden to bear? Enjoy this hibiscus tea before and after meals to increase its effectiveness and give you the best results. 

Dandelion Tea 

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This roasted dandelion tea is the perfect balance between an all around health drink, and the perfect diabetic cure all. It’s purifying, and revitalizing tea that can seriously help to mitigate the symptoms of diabetes. It’s able to directly aide in reducing blood sugar levels. Much to my surprise, it turns out that dandelion tea in some small way can work with your routine to help fight diabetes. This is great news, considering the fact that this tea is an all around workhorse of a healthy tea! The way it achieves this feat for the body is by stimulating insulin production within the pancreas itself. It really is a wonder tea, and it doesn’t taste bad at all!  

Green Tea by Bigelow 

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Green tea is an incredibly powerful health drink in it’s own right. It has a crisp and refreshing taste that has an almost cleansing effect, too. In my personal experience, there’s almost nothing to stop you from feeling bloated or overstuffed than a cup of green tea. It has an incredible effect of being able to silence a groggy and upset stomach, while also providing a lot of really valuable roles for diabetics, too. Green tea has the ability to aid in lowering blood sugar highs. This is most prevalent when it’s taken right after a meal. Bigelow’s green tea made our list because of their incredibly low price point, making it an affordable way to take a step in the right direction when it comes to what’s in your cup! That’s not to discount the taste, though. Bigelow tea has a consistent quality across the board. They make a fresh tasting, and delightful cup of green tea for you to enjoy, and feel good doing it! 

It has a bonus effect then too, of helping to stop you from feeling otherwise really stuffed. The incredibly high antioxidant count of this tea is what gives it such an advantage over its alternatives. Oolong tea serves a similar purpose in this regard, but since it’s more highly oxidized, it has less of those essential compounds. That being said, the best tea for diabetes is the one you’ll actually drink! 

With any luck, you’ll have been able to find just the right tea to suit your needs, and sip on something that tastes good, and feels good too! Adding something small like this routine can make a big difference down the road, especially if it’s just one positive step out of many others to come! Sip to your health with any one of these herbal, or regular teas and you’ll discover a whole world of flavors and health benefits you might not have even known existed! Enjoy these and many other tea recommendations from us in the future. Until then, see you next time! 

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