The Best Tea for High Blood Pressure

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High blood pressure affects countless numbers of individuals throughout North America year in and year out. In some cases it may be due to our diets, and other times it’s a direct result of our genetics. Whatever the case may be, it’s more than likely that you’d like to see your blood pressure to go down. If that’s the situation, please consider one of these tea remedies to give you a little boost in your efforts. It goes without saying, but please contact your physician with any and all health concerns. These are some of the best teas for high blood pressure. 

Some of Our Favorite Teas for High Blood Pressure 

High blood pressure plagues countless numbers of people every year. Whether genetic or symptomatic of other health issues, there are thousands of people who are ready for some relief! Thankfully, there’s a chance that herbal and regular teas may be able to assist in reducing the chance of developing high blood pressure symptoms. Tea on it’s own isn’t a magic cure for high blood pressure, but together with the help of your doctor and a balanced diet, it could certainly be a powerful ally! 

What is High Blood Pressure? 

Very simply, high blood pressure occurs when the heart has to work a lot harder than usual to transport blood through vessels throughout the body. It’s a very serious precursor for heart disease, and should be addressed by a physician immediately. The best course of action for high blood pressure will be outlined by a medical professional. It will most likely involve some substantial lifestyle changes, of which tea could play a small but important role! So, which are known to be the best teas for high blood pressure? 

Rooibos Tea 

Rooibos tea is good for high blood pressure

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This delicious, red African tea is actually completely caffeine free! It’s a delightful herbal drink found across Africa. It’s full of health benefits, but there’s one thing that makes it one of the best teas for high blood pressure! It has been said that Rooibos tea is a natural bronchodilator. In other words, it can support the relief of breathing and cardiovascular symptoms. 

This is an excellent tea for those looking to increase their consumption of antioxidants in their diet! Not only that, these powerful antioxidants can be a powerful ally in fighting obesity and bad cholesterol. Information suggests that among other things, as a part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, Rooibos does contain the necessary antioxidants to aide in reducing high blood pressure. The only question with this tea is whether or not these potent antioxidants are absorbed into the body effectively. That being said, if you’re looking for a low-caffeine, healthy and delicious herbal tea Rooibos tea is a great solution! It can be consumed just like black tea or coffee. A little bit of milk and sugar, and you’ve got yourself a versatile, healthy and delicious beverage! 

Chamomile Tea 

Chamomile tea for your health

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Aside from its delicious flavor, Chamomile tea is a healthy and proactive herbal tea to add to your health regimen. These herbs provide a well-known calming effect, as well as settling your stomach. Organic chamomile will help promote healthy digestion, as well as directly affecting symptoms related to high blood pressure. Chamomile is known to have a relaxing effect on your blood pressure, not just your stomach! That makes this tea a great multipurpose health drink, that supports a wide variety of benefits. 

The well known calming effect of this much loved tea will also take some of the strain of managing symptoms. You owe it to yourself to take things slowly. Reach for a cup of chamomile tea for a soothing night’s rest. Caffeine free, and with a whole list of benefits chamomile tea is a great natural aide against high blood pressure. 

Oolong Tea 

Oolong tea for lowering blood pressure

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For high blood pressure prevention, oolong tea might just be one of the best to drink! If you haven’t tried oolong tea, you’re in for a surprise! It’s far from obscure, and doesn’t taste much like green teas at all. As a matter of fact, you’ll find that it’s a lot closer to black tea. That being said, oolong tea has an incredibly high antioxidant count. The reason for this is due to how much oxidization the tea leaves have gone through. 

Oolong teas are oxidized about half of the way to black tea. The latter is of course deeply oxidized, lending to its dark appearance and strong flavor. Oolong tea on the other hand retains a lot of the characteristics of green tea, including its incredibly high count of beneficial compounds. Antioxidants are one of the most prominent, which is why you hear so much about oolong tea in the health conscious scene. Is oolong the best tea for high blood pressure? Perhaps, but drinking it will aid your overall health regardless. For the anti-inflammatory effects of this drink, paired with the well-documented benefits, make oolong great for any occasion! 

Hibiscus Tea 

Hibiscus tea for your blood pressure

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Take a look online for some herbal supplements for high blood pressure and it’s more than likely you’ll run into a lot about Hibiscus tea. There’s a good reason for that, as it’s gained prolific acclaim for its supposed anti high blood pressure properties. The key to any good high blood pressure routine is consistency, and this herbal tea excels in that role. Being completely caffeine free, it’s ideal for brewing each and every day. A strong herbal, and floral tea make it taste fresh and vibrant. For many, hibiscus tea is the best for high blood pressure. Regular consumption, about three cups a day, have been shown to have incredible potential in reducing hypertension. 

If you thought it couldn’t get any better, you’re wrong! Hibiscus tea has been associated with calming the nervous system, as well as having a high antioxidant content. In some ways this tea is the perfect solution for those suffering from hypertension, especially those who are caffeine sensitive. There’s plenty of options for picking up this variety of tea, choose organic! 

Green Tea 

Is green tea good for high blood pressure?

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Green tea’s reputation practically precedes itself, especially in the natural health sphere. No tea, or herb is going to solve all of your problems. But Green tea just might be the closest. It’s naturally antiseptic, literally cleaning harmful bacteria from your mouth the second you take a sip. Not only that, its antioxidant content is well documented as being highly beneficial. Besides fighting free radical cancer cells, it helps you develop a well-rounded health routine! Green tea can be consumed a number of ways. The most popular are matcha, and regular green tea. Matcha is finley ground green tea, specifically the sought-after first trimming that comes from the most concentrated part of the plant. The result is a fine, green powder that mixes with hot water instantly. The other is brewing tea leaves normally, just like black, oolong and white teas! Either way, you’ll enjoy the extensive health benefits of this delicious tea. 

The taste of green tea can be described as buttery, sometimes sweet and vegetal. Fresh, organic green tea can help you fight hypertension, and high blood pressure. Studies have shown a direct correlation between green tea and an easing in high blood pressure numbers. Drink this tea daily to enjoy the long term health benefits it provides. 

What is the Best Tea for High Blood Pressure? 

Personally, I would reach for green tea when combating this condition. The fact of the matter is, green tea has just enough caffeine to effectively replace your caffeine intake. If you’re a coffee drinker looking to cut down, it’s a great option. No caffeine withdrawal symptoms, and a smooth delicious tea you can feel good about drinking. It will help increase your daily antioxidant consumption, in a very convenient and affordable form. Green tea isn’t expensive, and it’s helpful for a number of health benefits! If you’re really unsure, another option is to switch between two. You could for example, have two cups of green tea and one hibiscus brew. Why? This way you can actively adjust your daily caffeine intake while drinking antihypertensive drinks! 

Hopefully you’ve found the best tea for high blood pressure! There’s a lot of flavor options here, and even more if you explore each variety of these teas in depth. If these reviews were at all helpful, consider sharing to raise awareness to the natural antihypertensive options there are out there. Before making any changes to your diet, be sure to consult your physician.  

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