Best Tea for Digestion

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Digestive health is something that people manage in their own ways. While some people operate like a well-oiled machine, some of us need all the help we can get. Promoting positive digestive health while focusing on putting ‘good in’, as they say, means navigating a trick world full of diet plans, recommendations, advice and so on. If you’re an avid tea drinker, than you have already wondered how tea could affect you digestive health. Worry not, we’ve reviewed a few teas best known for their ability to keep your digestive system in its best working order. Or at least, ones that will aid it in doing its job whether that’s before, or after an upcoming meal. To all of those writhing on the couch, we’ve got you covered with the best tea for digestion! 

Digestive health is a touchy subject for most people. Either you’re totally fine, experience occasional and irritating symptoms, or you need to be really careful what you eat. Regardless of which three of these camsp you fit into, we’re goin to jump into some natural remedies that might just make you feel a little better. Or at least, get things moving for you! Tea has come in to fill the gap for many people in temporary pain relief, inflammation reduction and a myriad of other health anomalies. It’s for good reason too, as tea has been historically know for its regenerative and medicinal properties for centuries. So, what is it about this drink that stand any kind of chance of making things a bit easier on your stomach? It all starts with the way we drink it. 

Is Tea Good for Your Digestive Health? 

In short order, yes it definitely is! There are two schools of thought that dominate this landscape in regards to the wondrous potential of our favorite drink on our digestive system. Gut health plays an key determining factor in the overall well being of our digestive system. You’ll hear a lot about products or foods being ‘probiotic’. This essentially means that they promote good gut health by helping to maintain a healthy balance between the bacteria that naturally exists in your gut for the purpose of breaking down food so your body can absorb nutrients. 

The second is quite plainly the reality of how we like to take our tea. Herbal tea, while possessing a myriad of options for taking over ice, is unequivocally most popularly consumed hot. Drinking hot water on it’s own, even without all of the herbal or botanical goodness, comes with its own host of positive health benefits. Firstly, you can expect to see results as soon as you drink the stuff! In the morning for instance, drinking hot water can stimulate your digestive system, kicking back into gear and preparing yourself for consuming a meal. The best tea for digestion is one that will taste good, and make give you a quick and easy remedy. Hot water wakes up the system, both hydrating and stimulating involuntary muscles in the process. What does all of this mean? 

In essence, by drinking a herbal tea first thing in the morning, you’re actually doing your body a good service! This will make digesting your first meal significantly easier. That being said, you’re missing out on the effects of this phenomenon by making your first drink of the day coffee, or caffeinated tea. That is to say, your first sip as you wake up on an empty stomach. Hot or not, water, even in the form of something like a mild, unsweetened herbal tea, should be the first thing you reach for when you get out of bed. That being said, herbal tea really is good for your digestive health! To that end, we’ll be reviewing some of the best tea for digestion to stock your cupboard with.

What is the Best Tea for Digestion?

We’re going to dive right in with some helpful reviews that can help guide you in the right direction. When you’re looking for a tea like this, there’s a number of factors to consider that might make the process seem more intimidating than not. Check out each of these teas to see what we’ve got to say for their performance, taste, and quality! We’ve reviewed countless brands of teas in the past to sift through, and find the good stuff. These are our best recommended teas for digestive health.   

Licorice Root Tea By Budhha Teas 

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Licorice tea has an earthy, roasted root flavor that lends well to its aroma. There’s also an unmistakable sweetness associated with this tea as well. You’ll enjoy drinking this tummy positive tea each day! It’s best consumed after meal times, when you’re anticipating the most amount of issues. This stuff is so pleasantly sweet, you might even find it does your sweet tooth a favor! Licorice root tea has the ability to help diminish the side effects of some digestive issues. So, the next time you’re thinking about how you can quell your uneasy stomach after a large meal, brew yourself a cup of this sweet wonder to see how it treats you! 

Ginger Tea By Yogi

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Ginger is on just about everybody’s go-to list for tummy teas. Why’s that? The reason is, because of its almost instant soothing effect it has on sore, and particularly queasy stomachs. It aids your tummy from turning when you have a cold, or after a particularly long morning after. This is a remedy that’s been known as a longtime aid, and easily one of the best tea for digestion out there. This tea is best consumed after a meal, but the flavor might leave you coming back for more than just one. Ginger tea is lusciously spiced, and creates an aroma that envelopes your sense almost completely.

It’s warming, and soothing even before it hits your stomach! Next time your tummy is in a bind, reach for some revitalizing and tried and tested ginger tea. It might just become your next favorite! This blend in particular has the very slightest kick of mint. Lemongrass provides a soothing sensation on an upset stomach, but balances the flavor of the ginger in a rather harmonious way. 

Heather’s Tummy Teas Organic Fennel

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Heather’s tummy teas has been a trusted brand for some time now when it comes to effective and useful herbal tea remedies. This herbal tea, derived straight from the fennel plant comes together to make one of the most well known, and effective treatments for digestive issues out there! For digestive support, fennel tea has plenty of what’s called volatile oils, providing instant support. If you’re someone who suffers badly from bloating after meals, fennel tea is exactly what you should be reaching for. This stuff is medical-grade potent, packing enough of the good stuff to get you back on your feet again, and feeling normal. IBS sufferers sometimes have the most issues in this department. Meals can be something a little less exciting for them, instead causing some truly unwanted symptoms. Sip to the good with this herbal delight which will leave you feeling a lot better off! 

Traditional Medicinals Organic Roasted Dandelion Root Herbal Tea

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Traditional Medicinals is a very highly trusted name when it comes to herbal and botanical teas and their numerous remedies. This organic roasted dandelion tea is no exception. Dandelion works by providing top notch support to one of the most important aspects of your digestion as a whole! Your liver! It helps to keep it functioning just as planned, while the rest of your digestive tract does its job. So, what does this stuff taste like? Dandelion tea might be one of the more uncertain teas when it comes to taste. The jury is out, so to say.

Otherwise there’s been some… uncertaintytea as to whether or not you’ll enjoy it as your next cup of brew. That being said, if flavor isn’t incredibly important to you, you have a lot to gain from sipping this much loved botanical and its roots. The roasted character of this tea in particular will probably lend more well to its flavor, that being said. 

Stash Peppermint Herbal Tea 

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You know what they say about saving the best for last, rght? This is one of those times exactly. Peppermint tea is a leader in settling stomachs everywhere. As someone who personally suffers from digestive issues, I can say with confidence that peppermint tea is one of the most fast-acting herbal remedies you can reach for. From the moment you take a sip, you’ll feel the instant, stomach soothing relief of cooling peppermint flavor. It’s like liquid tums but without all of the additives! 

Thanks for checking out these fantastic teas! Hopefully, one or more of them will be able to provide you with some much needed tummy relief! What’s your personal best tea for digestion? Or, what have you used for digestive support so far in general? If you found anything useful here, please feel free to share so others can benefit too!  

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