Pinwheel Sandwiches and Dainty Sandwiches for High Tea

Small but flavorful, these dainty sandwiches are perfect for an afternoon snack or teatime with friends and family. Check out these pinwheel sandwiches and dainty sandwiches for high tea! Dainty sandwiches are small prepared sandwiches that are enjoyed during an afternoon teatime. You are probably familiar with one of the most popular teatime sandwiches, which is cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches. These refreshing and light sandwiches are small and tasty and go well with tea. If you can’t make it to the

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Best Cookies for Tea

If you are planning on hosting a tea party, not only do you want some delicious tea to serve, you will also want a tasty treat to  serve your guests! We’ve rounded up the best cookie recipes to go with tea, so you can make your baking plans

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