The Best Places for Afternoon Tea in Brighton

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Brighton’s lively seaside atmosphere is the perfect place to stop for a cup of tea. Situated on Britain’s Southern coast, Brighton is a happening cultural center featuring a bustling shopping, music and entertainment scene. You’ve probably seen the expansive pier, or serene coastal beaches that make this city such a special place. If you’re stopping through, you’re going to want to sit down and enjoy the sights of Brighton, and of course sounds of the ocean and the alt culture. So just what is the best place for afternoon tea in Brighton? 

The Best Places for Afternoon Tea in Brighton 

We’ve found a few spots for afternoon tea that really highlight the tea scene in Brighton. Have you ever had the chance to stop for tea in any of these lovely places? 


Bet you never thought you’d see a place quite like this! Metro-Deco offers an afternoon tea service with a delightful twist! Their take on the 30’s art deco, hollywood glamour scene is absolutely fabulous. Seriously, stepping inside this place feels like a swing time party that’s about to pop off! Highly rated in Brighton, you can rest assured that if the locals love it, so will you! Get to know the friendly staff, and enjoy their wonderful afternoon tea offerings! There’s as many as twenty blends that you can enjoy, as well as diet-sensitive options as well. An eccentric selection of scones, tarts, and sandwiches are as unique as the tea house itself. Everything about this place is unabashedly retro, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! If you call gold-plated, rambunctious tunes and a fashion sense that turns heads your style, this tea room is for you! Drop by for a nostalgic and memorable good time, Brighton style! 

Talk of Tea

As quaint as the front room in nan’s seaside cottage, Talk of Tea is a welcoming place to enjoy a cuppa! Come take a seat in their friendly tea house for some of Brighton’s most beloved home-style afternoon tea services you’ll find! They offer familiarity, perfected. That’s thanks to their scrumptious and comforting array of sandwiches, cakes, scones and teas. A spread of afternoon tea in Brighton’s Talk of Tea will instantly remind you of tea on a Sunday at home. But that’s not all! Expertly prepared fine teas are on offer a well, so you’re welcome to explore new brews! Lovingly prepared dainties will be the highlight of your day in this  peaceful tea room. 

West Beach Bar & Kitchen 

For the tea lover visiting Brighton with a serious appetite and a love for adventure, We Beach Bar & Kitchen is your place to be! Come check out this scenic seaside diner for an upscale experience on one of Britain’s most iconic settings! This location is perfect for an afternoon tea date in Brighton, as well as those looking for some top tier comfort food. So, what’s on offer? A mouth-watering array of offerings inspired by the city of Brighton itself. Colorful, somewhat eccentric, and incredibly satisfying. Would the people of Brighton put it any other way? Bring your appetite, and enjoy (my personal favorite), a traditional Sunday lunch with all the trimmings. (For the unacquainted), that’s savory roast beef, a dangerously addictive Yorkshire pudding, and some sides to boot! If you’d like to enjoy your tea, (or coffee, we don’t judge!) with some serious grub, stop by the West Beach Bar & Kitchen for a memorable, and flavorful visit! 

The Royal Pavilion Tearoom 

Completely restored, this historic tea room features the lifeblood of Brighton in all of its glory. Experience this friendly and fantastic place to enjoy afternoon tea smack dab in the middle of history. The Royal Pavilion features a wealth of museums and historical treasure. The culture, life and times of the city are on full display here, making it one of the best places for visitors and tourists to enjoy afternoon tea in Brighton! When you’re done taking in all of the engaging and interesting exhibits, sit back and relax in a lovingly sophisticated cafe. The experience on offer here is absolutely sensational, and you’ll walk away with the photos to prove it! The tea is sourced from the experts, and connoisseurs at the prestigious Pavilion tea company. That means you’re in for a seriously good treat, and one you can take home at that! 

The Mock Turtle Tea Shop 

Fixing for a traditional English streetside cup of tea? This cafe has all of the charm you’re looking for, in an inviting and stimulating atmosphere. The Mock Turtle Tea Shop is one of the places that will really stick out in your memory. If not for the photo-worthy eats, then most certainly for the eclectic local charm. Freshly baked goodies, luscious tea cup after cup and don’t forget the whipped butter and jam! You’ll be split between the gorgeous chinaware, and unbelievably tasty treats. You’ll even find a heart and soul warming traditional English fry-up here, as well! But if a burger and fries is more your speed, they’ve got that, too! Come and take a seat in their lively tea room, or picturesque outdoor cafe seating for one of the best places for afternoon tea in Brighton. 

Brighton is one English city that deserves more than just a pass-through! There’s plenty to eat, see, and experience on this lively seaside getaway that many proud people call home. There’s a spectacular living tea culture here, that lends itself to the eclectic and unique locals and their love for a good old fashioned English afternoon tea. (Most times with a delightful twist!) Stop by and see it for yourself, but don’t forget to tell em’ who sent ya! 

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