Delightful Cocktails Containing Tea

Delightful Cocktails Containing Tea

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Have you ever tried a tea cocktail or added a bit of extra goodness to spike your tea? Cocktails containing tea are perfect for a nice refreshing summertime drink or to serve when you have company over.

Must Try Delightful Cocktails Containing Tea

Spiked tea is perfect for enjoying a fresh fruity tea blend, it’s like mixing cocktail time with teatime. You know what? This might just be the ultimate light brunch cocktail we’ve been looking for! Tea is making a comeback, in more ways than one!

If you’re anything like me, mix is always a tough choice. Breaking into the world of cocktails you’ll find that everything and anything can make for a cocktail base. Juices, tonics, soda, concentrates and extracts are there to provide for the wide and wonderful world that is cocktails.

Tea is A great alternative to cocktail mix

I love cocktails. What I don’t love is mixes, syrups, juices and concentrates loaded with added sugars and preservatives. What I’m getting at, is brewed tea makes for a much healthier and cleaner alternative to some cocktail ingredients. Not only are you saving yourself some calories, but you’re looking forward to a ton of new flavors unlocked through some of your favorite teas.

But did you know that some of your favorite brewed teas can make for some seriously good cocktails? We’ve tracked down some of the most delicious cocktails with tea for your next kitchen party. If you’re looking forward to turning heads at your next party, you’ll want to try whipping up one of these for an enjoyable and refreshing cocktail recipe! These are perfect for a hot day in the backyard under a pool umbrella with friends.

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If you are looking for some fun boozy drinks to mix with your favorite flavor of tea, these are some of the best recipes around and are sure to quench your thirst and are perfect for events and parties.

Cocktails Containing Tea

These sweet cocktails containing tea are the best way to unwind this summer! Invite the whole block for a party they surely won’t forget. These cocktails are Instagram-worthy, and certainly worth the effort! Mix some up this summer and let us know how it goes!

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