Tips on How to Brew Oolong Tea

how to brew oolong tea

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A nice brewed cup of Oolong tea is both refreshing and delicious. It has a wide range of aromas and tastes that are determined greatly by the type and the method used in the brewing process. Regardless of the taste and aroma desired, one ought to take great care when it comes to the preparation of the beverage. Small mistakes can have an inverse effect on the taste of your brew. Here are a few steps to guide you through the brewing process.

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How To Brew the Perfect Cup of Oolong Tea!

The first step in brewing is always the selection of the right type of Oolong tea. Your local boutique tea shop can guide you through the types they’ve got on offer! There is a wide range of varieties to this beverage, which ranges from Ti Kauna Yin to Pouchong to Tung Ting and then some. It is therefore advisable to select that type that suit a person’s needs. This will help get the desired taste.

For many of us, the question is where to buy the right kind of oolong tea? With so many varieties, blends and sub-par alternatives it can be hard to find the right tea for brewing authentic oolong. Chinese markets are a great place to start. However, you can also find some high quality oolong tea at boutique tea shops found in most malls and shopping outlets. A third option is health food stores!

Using the Right Water

The second step after the selection and purchase of the Oolong tea is using the right water. Water plays a huge role in the brewing process of any beverage. There are different types of water depending on the place they came from. For the people with access, the best water for brewing is natural mountain or river water. However, with many of us living in the city, tap water is the only option. This can contain sodium, which ruins the taste of the brew.

The appropriate tea set should also be considered. These include the pots, saucers, bowls and trays. The best sets are ceramic and the size depends greatly on the number of people to be served. The method of serving used plays a huge role in how you brew the oolong tea. It is therefore imperative that one uses quality equipment for the work.

Finally, it is advisable that one learns to use appropriate amount of water and temperatures. Brewing requires a temperature of between 80 and 100 degrees. This helps give a better color and taste as well as unaltered vitamin C levels. If you followed these steps correctly, you will have learned how to properly brew oolong tea!

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