Best Tea for Arthritis

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Arthritis sufferers will be surprised to learn that tea can be a powerful ally in their fight to mitigate symptoms. Chronic aching, and damage caused by this degenerative disease affects countless numbers of people in the Western hemisphere. This leaves many looking for safe and natural alternatives they can look towards instead relying solely on medications and patience. So, what’s left for an arthritis patient to try? A warm cup of tea. Seriously, this stuff can alleviate stiffness and help take some of the pain away.

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If I told you you’re just one sip away from taking another positive step towards better outcomes, what’s there to stop you from taking the plunge? We’re going to review these revitalizing brews to find out which is the best tea for arthritis. Even if it helps just marginally to take the edge off of your symptoms, or help to stick to the right track these teas are a great place to start! Most importantly, if you suspect you may be experiencing symptoms of arthritis, please contact your doctor immediately for professional medical advice. 

Is Tea Good For Arthritis? 

This is one of the most common questions we ask ourselves when looking at a number of conditions, diseases and afflictions. The answers is almost always yes. But why? It’s thanks to the natural healthing and revitalizing properties of this amazing drink. Tea consists of two main different substances. Herbal teas, in the form of botanicals, spices roots and herbs as natural remedies. Or, as the leaves of the Camilla Sinensis plant, which represents what we generally understand to be ‘tea’. What’s the difference, and how much can they possibly help? 

Herbal teas are great for dealing with auxiliary symptoms like fatigue, stress, stomach aches, headaches and sore throats. Sometimes, there have been studies to suggest that some herbal teas are strong enough to help bring down inflammation, too! Traditional teas on the other hand, have a lot of very well documented health benefits, those of which are directly related to conditions such as arthritis.

These include the chemical compounds known as flavonoids and catechins, powerful antioxidants. Or even EGCG’s, powerful anti-inflammatory found in green teas. That’s not to mention the whole host of additional vitamins and minerals we can find in some teas. Even the moderate caffeine content of most standard teas could play a positive role in your recovery! 

Tea Being Used to Treat Arthritis

Lubricating your joints, providing potent anti-inflammatories and giving your body the energy to get up and move are just a few of the most common benefits of tea drinking for arthritis sufferers. There is however a fine line to walk. Generally speaking, green tea can have a significant effect on the severity of arthritis symptoms. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory, but consumed in too high of a volume it’s also quite caffeinated. Decaffeinated options are available, and serve as one way you could make use of this refreshing and beneficial tea. There are a few important factors to keep in mind when it comes to looking for supplements to your health routine. 

Following the close advice of your medical professional, and the treatment plan they created to manage your arthritis is absolutely key. You will want to consult with them before making any changes related to your diet, and the condition. Especially if that means increasing your tea/caffeine intake! Just make sure you’re drinking plenty of water, and following your arthritis management treatments as recommended. In these reviews we’re going to talk about how adding healthy, and potent anti-inflammatory teas to your routine can have a positive effect on your goals. 

These are the Best Tea for Arthritis 

Natural Remedy for Arthritis 

Cat's Claw tea for arthritis

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Cat’s Claw, as it’s known, is a root that is well known for its powerful properties related to the symptoms of arthritis. This South American bark finds its strength as an immune system booster, and antiinflammatory. As a matter of fact, it even has similar characteristics to Rheumatoid arthritis targeting drugs, which is incredibly valuable as a supplement. RA sufferers can look for this natural remedy in the form of a capsule, or more pleasantly, as a warm and soothing tea! That’s right, this wonder root is available as a tea that can also provide relaxing and heartwarming support as you work your way through your treatment. Tea can also keep you hydrated, as well! 

Green Tea for Fighting Inflammation 

Organic Matcha Green Tea

Matcha tea for dealing with arthritis

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Here’s a powerful immune system booster to help kick things into high gear! Get on top of those arthritis symptoms with one of the most well-known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant blends on the planet! Lucky for you, this is a blend with sencha green tea that also features plenty of other helpful herbal benefits! You’ll find fennel to soothe your stomach if you’re feeling anxious, cinnamon and turmeric root for additional inflammation control, and matcha powder for a 1-2 punch of green tea goodness. Just what do I mean by that? Matcha and sencha come together to make a lusciously vibrant, emerald green cup of tea that will leave you feeling refreshed, energized and ready to go! Enjoy this cornucopia of health-wise herbs and teas in one delicious and refreshing package! 

Balanced and Clean Antioxidant Rich Tea 

Emperor’s White by The Republic of Tea 

White tea republic of tea antioxidants anti inflammation

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White tea is a very delicate tasting variety of tea that’s a little lesser known than it’s green, black and oolongs siblings. It’s the least processed type of tea you can buy and drink, leaving may of it’s vitality-supporting chemical compounds perfectly intact for you to enjoy. If you like a crisp, yet mellow cup of tea it may just be the one for you, too! These tea leaves are meticulously handled to provide the freshest, and purest tea drinking experience. In this case, you can enjoy them pre packaged in a convenient tin. This is non-GMO verified, and perfect for adding to your arthritis routine. White tea is totally packed with polyphenols to help combat the degenerative effects of arthritis pain. Sip to your health, and let us know what you think of this balanced and gentle white tea. 

Best Herbal Tea for Arthritis 

Yogi Ginger Tea 

Ginger tea anti inflammation antioxidants

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Ginger tea is simply a clear standout when it comes to natural, herbal remedies for complex issues such as this. The reason for that is its multifaceted array of benefits that can target the particular ailment you might be suffering from. What do I mean by that? This caffeine-free wonder is specifically known to inhibit the proliferation of inflammation and subsequent pain and discomfort. Numerous studies have tracked the valuable trait ginger root plays in alleviating symptoms related to inflammation, which is a prime culprit in arthritis. This slightly spiced, but lusciously warming tea is one you won’t have to choke down, either. Ginger tea is absolutely delicious, and unbelievably refreshing! It energizes you, despite being completely caffeine-free. 

Tea For Everyday Drinking for Arthritis 

Oolong tea for treating arthritis

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Oolong tea is gaining in popularity out here in the West, and there’s certainly a good reason for that! This super tea is a powerful two-in-one that people in Southeast Asia have known about for centuries. So, why start now? The reason is because this tea is dark enough to replace your morning cup, and provide twice the health benefits. Oolong tea has one of the highest ratios of coveted polyphenols, and other antioxidants. Besides being strongly anti-cancer, these compounds help to increase our immune system, and kep us healthy. This tea is an amazing choice for drinking everyday, especially if you’re an arthritis sufferer. Oolong has a taste somewhere in between a green and black tea, which is why it’s so approachable! Enjoy this Chinese secret to good health, and delicious tea! 

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Arthritis is certainly a complicated condition that individuals can find themselves battling with over the course of years. Hopefully, these teas can become just one, small, part of your routine. To that end, they provide a whole host of health benefits your body will enjoy everyday simply by drinking them. Which kind of teas do you like to reach for to stay on top of your muscle, bone and joint health? Let me know! Thanks for stopping by. 

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