Best Tea for an Upset Stomach

The best tea for an upset stomach

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Did you know you can take a more traditional approach to curing your tummy troubles? Tea isn’t just a delicious and relaxing accompaniment, but also a reliable dietary aide. It can have numerous health benefits, improving your overall well being. Tea can be great for indigestion, sour stomach, general nausea and bloating, too! You’d be surprised to find out just how useful it can be, are you ready to give herbal tea a try?

Best Tea for an Upset Stomach, Bloating or Indigestion

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There’s plenty of herbal teas that are ideal supplements for a bad tummy day. Not only do they taste nice, but they’re an instant sort of quick-fix that could be great in a pinch! For these symptoms, ginger, ginseng and fennel based herbal teas are going to be your best bet. Choosing the right one for the job is definitely important, but make sure it’s a tea you enjoy. Using a herbal tea either as a supplement or regularly that you don’t enjoy is worse than not doing anything at all. There are plenty of herbal options out there for very mild, non-chronic symptoms. 

Which Herbal Teas Should I Buy? 

Interestingly, not all teas are made equally. The same is true for herbal teas, which typically are not blended with actual tea leaves at all. Herbal teas that are either USDA certified organic, fair-trade certified or from a brand you already trust are going to be your best bets! They’ll have the purest and highest concentrations of the actual herb itself, and they’re made sustainably! All of that being said, we’ll jump into our best recommended teas for an upset stomach! 

Heather’s Tummy Teas Organic Fennel

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Fennel is one of those herbal teas you might not always find in the grocery store. It’s slightly less common, since it’s not a more contemporary, fruity blend. Fennel tea is made from fennel seeds, which promote digestive health with their abundance of oils. It’s specifically recommended for sufferers of IBS, but is generally good for bloating, as it’s also FODMAP-free! 


  • This can holds 45 jumbo teabags, so they’re ready in an instant! 
  • Organically sourced fennel seeds
  • Easy to brew

Fennel tea is overall, a great tea for the digestive system as a whole. It’s safe for all diets and could be a great first step to supplement other lifestyle changes thus alleviating your symptoms. Fennel tea is the best tea for an upset stomach and bloating caused by IBS.  

Yogi Tea Stomach Ease

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This is the first tea we’ll be reviewing that features a blend of several other on this list. Yogi Tea’s Stomach Ease is a digestive support. It’s made from fennel seeds, licorice root and peppermint. These three herbs are each known for their own miraculous health properties. But do they work effectively together? Generally speaking, you’ll experience the benefits of each one of these herbs, but to a lesser extent than if drunk individually. The taste is less subtle than either one of these ingredients alone, as well. The tea produces a minty, earthy and sweet taste that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. That being said, each herb lends well to upset stomach relief! 


  • Blend of 3 roots & herbs for a well rounded tea 
  • Unique taste profile 
  • Adjustable strength by using additional tea bags

Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile Herbal Tea

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A cup of nostalgia for many, this tea has made itself in front of many people over their lives. If your grandmother hasn’t brewed a cup of chamomile tea for an ailment, you probably wouldn’t be looking for herbal tea benefits in the first place! Well, turns out grandma knows best! Chamomile tea is chock full of essential oils, which have a soothing effect on your nerves, and a beneficial digestive effect as well. The taste is marvelously floral, with just a hint of honey that many people know and love. 

Chamomile tea is a highly beneficial drink for those with a myriad of different conditions, especially related to digestion. Cholesterol levels, kidney function and the digestive system can all benefit from this herb. That being said, it does not primarily treat an upset stomach. It may help your digestion, but it is not necessarily the best tea for an upset stomach. 

Yogi Tea’s Ginger 

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This is Yogi Tea’s straight ginger variety of herbal tea. It does have a few other ingredients, but you’ll primarily be using this tea for consuming ginger root in a warm, soothing a delicious way. Ginger is an essential herb to consider when looking for the best tea for an upset stomach. Simply put, ginger has a direct effect on nausea, indigestion and sour stomach. Other ingredients, such as lemongrass and peppermint provide a balanced taste to this tea, as well as furthering its anti-nausea properties. If for whatever reason your stomach is upset, reaching for some ginger tea definitely can’t hurt! 


  • Primarily features ginger root 
  • Blend of ingredients improves taste and benefits 
  • Non GMO, Certified Organic 

Organic Egyptian Licorice Tea by Yogi Tea’s 

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Licorice tea has been long used for its regenerative properties. Not just that, but it has a lovely and enjoyable sweet flavor that gives it a warming sensation. Licorice tea is good for upset stomachs. It helps to balance the stomach, and ease discomfort afterwards. That being said, it isn’t the best herbal tea for an upset stomach, more so as a last resort. Other herbal teas, peppermint and ginger in particular, are fast acting and provide immediate relief in some cases. 


  • Sweet egyptian licorice taste 
  • Warming sensation 
  • Balances an uneasy stomach gently 

Trader Joe’s Organic Tulsi Holy Basil Herbal Tea

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Holy Basil, if you haven’t heard of it, is distinct from your average cooking basil. It’s less sweet, and better known for its medicinal properties. This herb is a strong antioxidant, as well as an anti-inflammatory. So, why would it be any good for an upset stomach? Holy Basil herbal tea is also well known as a stress reducer, a calming effect which could ease an upset stomach due to high nerves. An adaptogen, it fights stressors by chemical compounds released when it is brewed and or consumed. If you believe you’re experiencing an upset stomach due to anxiety, stress or fatigue, Holy Basil herbal tea is a great supplement to try!  


  • Great for stress/anxiety
  • Good remedy for upset stomach caused by stress and anxiety 
  • Good multipurpose herbal tea 

Taylor’s of Harrogate Organic Peppermint Herbal Tea

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Peppermint tea is a delightfully fun herbal tea to drink. It smells and tastes just like every candy cane you’ve ever had, just without all of the terrible additives! It has a calming aroma, followed by a delicious and invigorating flavor. Peppermint tea works immediately to soothe upset stomachs as well as indigestion and bloating. It’s a miracle cure for infrequent or acute heartburn, making it a herbal tea everyone should have in their cupboard! It’s also a strong digestive aide, so taking it with, before and even after a meal can give you good results. Peppermint tea is very good for an upset stomach. It works quickly, and leaves a soothing, minty feeling once you drink it.


  • Delicious peppermint flavor 
  • Soothing sensation 
  • Strong digestive aide

What Really is the Best Tea for an Upset Stomach?

In my sincere opinion, ginger tea is the strongest candidate for curing an upset stomach with herbal tea. It settles the upset stomach, and relieves symptoms quickly. It’s easy to find blends of ginger root herbal tea that also contain peppermint, which adds additional soothing and flavor to the tea. That being said, it’s also perfectly acceptable to blend your own herbal teas for every ailment! If you still experience symptoms, always consult a medical professional. Herbal teas are great symptom fighters, but they don’t come close to curing any disease, or healing someone’s medical conditions.    

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Thanks for checking out our best teas for an upset stomach! Herbal teas are great for all kinds of ailments, so be sure to check out other blends and herbs to see what works for you. At the end of the day, a warm cup of herbal tea can only do you good. Relax, and enjoy! 

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