Best Afternoon Tea in London for Kids

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London is a dream-like destination for the child in all of us. Although, experiencing it as an adult just isn’t the same as what we imagined. High society tea services, museums and historical outings are really quite a bore for most kids. So just what is there to do in London for kids? If you’re coming for a visitor, you’ve probably got a hankering for an authentic afternoon tea with all the trimmings. So why should your kids miss out on such an enjoyable British tradition? Indulge your little ones with the best afternoon tea in London for kids. Here we’ll take you through some prospective venues so you can get the most out of your trip to London with kids! 

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What is the Best Afternoon tea in London for Kids? 

It’s got to be something fun, friendly and engaging. Kids don’t see the world with the same, admittedly boring, sensibilities that we do. The perfect afternoon tea service for kids includes some light activities, and is just a bit more engaging than just something to eat and something to drink. After all, their first afternoon tea should be something worth celebrating! Kick off your trip to London with one of these adorable afternoon tea services for kids you won’t want to miss. 

The Langham London 

Langham is nothing less than a highly regarded London institution. Serving traditional afternoon teas for decades, there’s something to be said for the type of experience that’s in store for you when you sit down for tea in this lounge. That being said, it probably isn’t the first place you think of to bring your little ones along for a sip of tea, and a bite to eat. You’d be surprised to find out they have the most adorable offerings for your sprouting tea lover! Partnering with Daunt books, The Langham brings kids the opportunity to enjoy a brand new book of their own, along with a specially curated menu. The treats are a fun and sweet way for your child to experience their very first afternoon tea with something they’ll love to eat! 

The Ampersand Hotel 

The Ampersand hotel london afternoon tea for kids

The Ampersand Hotel is known for one of the most unforgettable afternoon tea services in London. Their Science afternoon tea is one of the most unique takes on a traditional afternoon tea service. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn about their child-friendly spin on their classic Science afternoon tea service!

Jelly in petri dishes, chocolate spacemen, and edible fossils are just a few of the sweet and fun tricks for them to dig into! Not only that, you’ve got to see how this stuff is served up! A rocket-shaped tea tray graces the table, with one awesome surprise twist. Dry ice is used to create a smoke like effect at the bottom of the tray, as if the rocket were about to take off right in front of your eyes! If this doesn’t sound like an incredibly exciting and engaging afternoon tea service for your child, I don’t know what is! 

Oneadldwych’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory afternoon tea london

You heard that right! Celebrate the wonderful world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with your child. At the One Adldwych’s culinary version of the much loved Roald Dahl story. This story is also one of indulgence and sweets! Except of course, nobody is getting turned into a giant blueberry! Lemon floss, sherbert tea, and plenty of other delightful treats are inspired by the story many of us, children at heart, know and love! This tea service is brought to you on a tiered piece. With a pinkish theme highlighting the truly unique sweets and savouries this service has to offer. Your child will love the incredibly fun sensation of deciphering all of the different flavors throughout the spread. True to the story, not everything is quite as it seems. Do the Snozberries taste like Snosberries? You decide! 

Park Room 

Park Room Kid's Afternoon tea

Park room is an elegant yet casual place to enjoy a tea service in London with your kids! Why? You can enjoy your Scotch eggs, while the kids dig into an afternoon tea spread fit for a prince or princess! This afternoon treat is a great place to take your children for afternoon tea in London with a more elegant atmosphere. They’ll also enjoy a miniaturized afternoon tea spread on ornate but stylish dishes, and age-appropriate versions of some classics! Finger sandwiches, fresh fruit skewers, a victoria cupcake and a knickerbocker glory make this a meal to remember. Not only that, they’ll even get a little souvenir to take home, a small Grover dog figurine! If you hadn’t guessed, this is indeed an award-winning experience worthy of your child’s attention. They’ll enjoy this scaled-up afternoon tea service that will make them feel as fancy as mum and dad! 

Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea 

Mad Hatters london afternoon tea

Keeping with the fiction theme, this afternoon tea service is also straight out of the movies! Alice in Wonderland fans of all ages will absolutely adore this London tea service celebrating their favorite characters! Venture down the rabbit hole for a colorful and eclectic array of sweets, beverages and teas! Speaking of, you’ll expect to enjoy Queen of Hearts rose and strawberry Dodgers, King of Hearts parmesan croque-monsieur, and Mad March Hare vanilla pocket watch macaroons make up the magical and fantastical menu on offer! Your child will love the immersive and engaging theme that encompases this wildly wacky and wonderful afternoon tea service. 

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London is a city full of incredible attractions for families. With any luck, you’ll have found the perfect afternoon tea venue to treat your little one(s) to! Let us know which one made your list, and don’t forget to tell us what they thought of their miniature tea service! 

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