The Best Loose Leaf Tea Tins

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One aspect of tea many newcomers just don’t think about is how they’re going to store, and keep fresh, their newly acquired loose teas! Loose tea leaves account for a lot of the higher-end, aka ‘premium’ and specially sourced teas you’ll drink throughout your life. Keeping them fresh and readily available isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but it certainly makes a big difference! Besides, anyone who’s tasted stale or improperly sealed loose leaf tea can tell you exactly why finding the right container is super important! As such, I’ve taken the time to compile the best loose leaf tea tins so you can sip happily! 

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The Best Loose Leaf Tea Tins for Storing Tea

When you’re looking for just the right storage tin, you’re going to want to consider what goes into choosing the best loose leaf tea tin for storing your tea! Take your time to consider what kind of tea you’re storing. If you have a lot of varieties of blended teas, you might want to consider small modular containers. If you’re a diehard green tea fanatic with 500 grams of the stuff on hand, you’re going to need something airtight, and larger! Will you be storing your tea somewhere out in the open? You’re going to want to find something stylish enough for your countertop! Tea tins come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you can find something you’re going to love using. After all, you shouldn’t settle for anything less after you’ve already invested in some of your favorite teas. 

In order to show you what’s available on the market for loose leaf tea containers, I’ve decided to review some of the best ones I could find! These include a wide variety of tea tins designed for every possible need you could have when it comes to your beloved tea. This way, you can find something perfectly ideal for your needs! What is the best way to store loose leaf tea? You might ask! Well, generally speaking it should be in an opaque or solid airtight, dry container. In other words, small tupperware or glass meal prep containers just won’t do the trick. The same goes for your trusty ziploc bags too! 

The Best Containers for Storing Loose Leaf Tea 

These are some of the containers I’ve hand-picked to point you in the right direction for storing your tea so it stays as fresh as the day you bought it! 

Small Ornate Porcelain Tea Container 

Porcelain container for storing loose leaf tea

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This little porcelain container has a small footprint on your countertop, and does an alright job of storing a loose leaf tea for some time. It’s designed primarily for functionality and style, and it does alright in both regards. The material consists of a celadon porcelain that’s inspired by Chinese jade. It features a branch motif, and a small rope and bead handle on top of the lid. The lid itself is not what I would call the most ‘airtight’ lid around, but it does the job for teas that won’t spend a very long time in this container. This is best used to hold tea on the countertop beside your teapot for easy brewing. Thus, tea won’t spend a very long time in the container eliminating any concerns about freshness. If you just need something for holding the tea before it’s scooped, this is a stylish and convenient option to consider. 


  • 25oz of capacity, perfect for storing a bit of tea next to your teapot 
  • Stylish for countertop storage 
  • Airtight construction 

Best Loose Leaf Tea Tins for Storing Multiple Teas 

Small containers for storning loose leaf tea

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You might be thinking ‘but these tea tins break one of the cardinal rules of a good tea tin’! You’re quite right! These tea tins, which double as spice containers, feature a small plastic window on top. Under normal circumstances this would let light in, which will reduce the quality of your prized loose leaf teas over time. That being said, there’s no reason you can’t use them in a covered, or darkened cupboard, cabinet or storage unit. More than likely, if you’ve got a bunch of different blends of tea, you’re probably not leaving them all out on the counter, anyways! Use these convenient little loose leaf tea tins for all of your loose herbal teas for easy organization and access! This way you can see exactly what’s inside, so you don’t have to pop open a bunch of tins before you find your favorite chamomile blend! 


  • Available 6 to a package 
  • Clear lids for easy organization 
  • Airtight clip seal

Best Small Portable Tea Storage Containers for Loose Leaf Tea 

Portable loose leaf tea storage container

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This set of mini storage containers are ideal for keeping all of your favorite loose leaf teas fresh. Better yet, they have some nice designs so they’re perfect for storing out in the open! Since they’re available in all different types of designs, you can easily sort them to fit your needs. One drawback is the fact that they’re not entirely airtight. If you want to keep your loose leaf teas in here for quite some time, you’ll need to wrap them in an airtight bag. So just what are these tins good for? These are the best portable loose leaf tea tins! They’re rounded shape makes them good for backpacks, purses, suitcases, carry-ons and shoulder bags. If you own a tea infuser tumbler, or mug these can store a modest amount of loose leaf tea for you to bring on the go! That makes this ideal for office workers, and travellers!  


  • Small portable tea tins 
  • Stylish designs 
  • Great for tea infuser cups, mugs and tumblers 

Best Simple Loose Leaf Tea Tin 

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This is a bare-bones container for simple tea storage! If you’re looking for something truly utilitarian, this tea container is a safe bet. It’s black plastic, specially designed for storing loose leaf tea in an air-tight environment. This small canister can fit comfortably in most kitchen storage units, which is great if you want to keep it out of sight and out of mind. It’s lightweight plastic construction makes it perfect for worry-free storage. It won’t let any light or air in, and it gets the job done! This loose leaf tea tin is ideal for the casual tea drinker who needs a reliable, and simple long term storage solution. 


  • Simplistic, made for storage 
  • Airtight double lid design 
  • Completely plastic, shatter-proof

Best Ornate Porcelain Tea Storage Tin 

fancy tea storage container

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This tea canister is a centerpiece for your tea table or counter! It’s made completely of porcelain, and features a lovely ink-style painting cherry blossom motif. The interior is glossy to keep your loose leaf tea protected. The lid is supposedly airtight, although the lid features only a folded paper mesh that doesn’t do much to keep air out. That being said, it will keep your tea fresh for some time. If you plan on using this ornate and eye catching piece for tea on your countertop. (With the rest in a separate airtight container) Then you might have very well found the best loose leaf tea tin! It’s a bit smaller than you might have expected, standing only 10.9cm tall. Although, if you’re only storing enough tea to use it as a go between your main stash and the tea pot, it’s absolutely perfect! Glossy porcelain will do well to keep the light out, and keep your tea from absorbing any unwanted odours. 


  • Classic ornate style 
  • Small capacity 
  • Porcelain construction

Best Loose Leaf Tea Tin for Storing Lots of Tea

high capacity loose leaf tea storage container

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If you need sturdy, and high-capacity loose leaf tea storage containers, look no further! These are some basic, scaled down containers that really get the job done. If you’re not concerned about how your loose leaf tea containers look, and you need to store quite a bit, you should check these out! You’ll be able to store as much as 6 container’s worth of your favorite tea, or teas! If you’ve got a lot of stock on hand, these canisters are an affordable and simple solution to keeping your loose leaf tea fresh! Seal in your loose tea leaves and all of their lucious aroma with double lid canisters that keep your tea as good as new. 


  • Comes in a pack of 6
  • Large capacity 
  • Double lid sealing

Best Retro Style Tea Tin 

retro style tea container

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Storing loose leaf tea can often feel like a compromise between freshness, and style. While this awesome retro-style tea container might not be able to keep your tea in an air-tight environment, it may help you make a decent compromise. With an ivory tin construction, featuring a wood top, this container has plenty of interior volume. In other words, it would be simple to secure your tea in an airtight bag before placing it into this container. This way, you’d keep the air away, and the light off of your precious loose leaf tea. Besides that, it’s got an eclectic retro style with the word ‘Tea’ stamped on the front. Perfect for capturing a mid century modern design that’s both practical and appealing to look at! 


  • Timeless retro appeal
  • Tin construction
  • Large capacity 

If you’re a tea lover in search of the best loose leaf tea tins, I hope these reviews have given you some perspective into the kind of loose leaf tea containers that could make their way to your countertop! (or pantry!) sometime soon. Let us know how you’re currently storing your beloved loose leaf tea. 

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