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Boba tea is a beverage sensation you’ve probably seen just about all over your social media feeds! It’s fueled by a creamy tea drink with none other than entrancing tapioca pearls at the bottom of each cup. The flavors are as endless as there are photos of these things out there, so what’s made them so popular, and how can you make some for yourself? We’re going to guide you through some of the best boba tea equipment for making these scrumptious tea drinks, as well touching on what’s given it so much traction. It’s no surprise, as the clear cups and glasses it’s usually served in show off the cascading flavors, creamy texture and signature pearls at the bottom. Let’s dive into this delicious sensation, don’t forget to bring an extra large straw! 

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What is Boba, or Bubble Tea? 

Quite simply, it’s a delightful concoction of sugar, milk and typically black tea. The milk tea is shaken over ice to create the well known ‘bubbling’ effect that appears on top of the beverage. You’ll enjoy this luscious drink just as some of its biggest fans do, on the warmest days of the year! It’s incredibly sweet, thanks to generous portions of sugar, as well as other purees and additives. The varieties of boba out there are truly innumerable, and localities often have their own special type of flavor you can’t find anywhere else! That being said, you’re probably excited to try making it for yourself! It’s also available iced, making for the perfect chilled delight on a warm summer day. This icey, crunchy and slushie version can be found just about everywhere, too! 

What is in Boba Tea? 

What’s incredible about Boba tea is just how unique it is. You can even typically order it with just about whatever tea you like! Oolong, Green, and Black tea are usually on the menu. Furthermore, fruit can enhance your drink experience with some even more ‘out there’ textures, flavors and levels of sweetness. Bubble, or Boba tea does not definitionally contain milk. However, you’re most likely to see it made with it’s cascading, viscous condensed milk. Having originated in Taiwan, this shaken milk tea is best known for being made with condensed milk, black tea and brown sugar. It’s a combination that makes for one delicious tea drink that’s sure to satisfy just about anyone’s sweet tooth. 

The most common Boba teas include: 

  • Tapioca pearls 
  • Brown sugar and/or honey
  • Black tea
  • Condensed Milk
  • Ice 

Tapioca pearls are the other main component used in making Boba tea. These chewy round pearls are a signature, making up the base of these drinks for a sight that instantly lets you know what the person is drinking. Large circular oversized straws are used to be able to drink these things, and you’ll need it! (Especially with some of the toppings people are putting on these things nowadays!) One thing is for sure, this is a sweet and enjoyable tea beverage that’s perfect for people who like to have it their own way! Like more or less ice, or maybe sugar? Most boba makers are more than happy to accomodate, often listing such options so you can decide exactly what you want! Making this stuff at home couldn’t be easier, either! We’re going to talk about some of the best equipment for making boba tea in your kitchen! 

The Best Equipment and Accessories for Making Boba Tea 

Lychee Syrup for Flavoring 

lychee flavoring for boba tea

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For a delicious cup of boba tea, flavoring is key! Whether it’s the traditional milk, and brown sugar or honey, you’ve got to give that drink something to stand on. Boba tea comes in a nearly countless array of flavors, textures etc nowadays. When you’re making your own, consider a well loved classic in the form of our favorite recommended syrup, Lychee flavor! This is a balanced, sweet yet familiar type of flavoring that’s agreeable to beginners. This is a strong syrup concentrate that comes in a bulk sized package. In other words, you’re not going to run out of this stuff anytime soon! Consider making in larger batches, or inviting friends over to have their own cup to get the maximum level of enjoyment out of this boba tea flavoring. 

Characteristics: Excellent flavoring for making your own boba tea! 

Reusable Boba Cup Tumbler

boba cup tumbler reusable boba tea cup

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Sip to this sweet delicious bubble tea drink, and save the environment while doing it! Whether you’re going out to enjoy boba tea at your favorite cafe, or having it at home, this reusable tumbler will do it’s part to save on disposable plastics. You can use it as a refill cup while you’re out and about, or use it when you’re at home to enjoy your lovely homemade boba! It’s double insulated, so it can stop your hands from getting too chilly, and the ice from being melted. You’ll also enjoy the wide-mouth stainless steel straw for enjoying each and every last drop, including those sought-after sugar coated tapioca pearls! 

Characteristics: Ditch single use plastics for this double insulated boba cup and steel straw!  

Longevity Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk 

Sweetened condensed milk for boboa tea

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These cans of sweetened condensed milk are a hallmark for beverage making in Southeast Asia! Whether it’s boba tea, or the esteemed Vietnamese coffee, you just can’t go without a can of this stuff. Helping to give boba tea it’s thick and extra sweet flavor, this milk is exactly what you need to replicate an authentic boba tea taste at home! It comes in several sizes, as well as pack sizes so you can get exactly as much as you need to get started.

Depending on what recipe you choose to use, the amount may vary! This will help give your shaken tea that cascading effect from the brown sugar tapioca pearls at the bottom, to the milk and tea concoction on the top! You can’t go wrong with the silky, velvety taste of sweetened condensed milk in your boba tea. If we’re talking about some of the best boba tea equipment, you can’t forget about this luscious ingredient!  

Characteristics: Provides the perfect texture for boba tea, with just the right amount of sweetness! 

Best Boba Bubble Brews Recipe Book

boba tea recipe book instructions for making boba tea

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This helpful recipe and information guide has compiled a whopping 40 different boba tea recipes, perfect for brewing up a delicious bubble tea at home! Learn everything you need to know about making the cup of boba tea that will truly engulf all of your senses! Drinking this stuff is seriously an experience, and learning how to make it properly is like teaching a man to fish, so to say! Boba tea for days, and just the way you like it. Flip through and learn some of the recipes and techniques that go into making your favorite types of boba. 

Characteristics: Includes 40 unique boba recipes for you to whip up! 

Boba Bubble Tea Black Tapioca Pearls

Black tea boba pearls for making boba tea

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This 2.2lb vacuum sealed bag of tapioca pearls is exactly what the make-at-home connoisseur of boba tea needs to get started! Creating your favorite tastes, recipes, and drinks is all about having the right ingredients, and chewy, flavorful tapioca pearls are a must when it comes to making boba. After soaking and immersing these in flavor, you’re good to go! This could be as simple as whipping up an easy simple syrup with some brown sugar and you’re off to the races. What kind of flavors of boba will you create? 

Characteristics: Black Tapioca Pearls for making boba tea at home. 

Giant Wide Straws for Drinking Boba Tea 

extra wide straws for boba tea cups

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These black straws are completely identical to the kind you’re probably given at your local cafe that sells boba tea! We strongly recommend serving your tea with these straws, or similar ones that are extra wide so you can enjoy all of your toppings with every sip! Whether you’re slurping up syrup or boba pearls, you’re going to want to make sure you have the right tool for the job. Combine these with some drink cups so you can serve up boba tea for your friends authentically! These are the signature accessory for just about any cup of boba tea, except for the bubbles, of course! If you’re more interested in being eco-friendly, opt for the stainless steel variety which are readily available,as well! 

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With any luck you’ll soon be slurping on your very own cup of boba tea! Bubble tea has a long and contested history, but one thing is for sure! It’s the tastiest cultural phenomenon around! Head out to your nearest bubble tea stand, or boba cafe for an easy and fun instagram story, too! Thanks for stopping by, what’s the most interesting flavor of boba you’ve ever tried? Let us know! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed checking out the best boba tea equipment!

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