Best Tea for a Cold

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The one thing you get to look forward to each and every year when the weather starts to turn! In all seriousness, this annoyingly reliable fact of life that is the common cold ravages our bodies and can make life a lot harder than it needs to be. Stand up to those irritating symptoms with a solution that can leave you feeling just a little bit better.

Maybe even well enough to carry on with your day just as well as you need to! In many facets of our lives, organics, herbal and wholesome remedies are making up a larger portion of what we reach for when we’re feeling quite a bit under the weather! Tea is no exception. With a seemingly endless array of tea varieties, not to mention herbal blends, there’s almost something for everything. Have you ever wondered which is the best tea for a cold?  

Tea has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. There’s no reason to overlook this simple little cure, as it may just give you enough energy to get through the rest of your day. Or, at the very least it will help you wage war against those pesky cold symptoms. If you’re anything like me, (and you’ve got kids!) you get to look forward to a pretty unfriendly cold just about every winter season. The common cold is an unfortunate fact of life, but one that plagues many of us! Throughout these reviews, our goal will be to figure out which tea is best for a cold. 

Disclaimer: If you suspect you may have cold symptoms, contact your medical health provider for accurate and specialized medical advice. Be sure to ask a medical professional before adding a new type of tea to your diet, that may interact with certain medications or underlying health problems. 

What is the Best Tea for a Cold? 

It all starts with symptoms, and when we’re talking colds, that’s about half the battle in itself! Colds occur when nasty little viruses creep up on our immune systems while they’re somewhat weakened in the harsh cold months. While most people aren’t immune-compromised, that does not mean that a properly mutated cold virus can’t call their respiratory system it’s new home. They spread quickly, and usually last a little longer than we’d like them too! (One sick day is never enough) Most people end up dragging their feet to work, school, or wherever else they have to go in hopes that they might just be able to soldier on. 

So, what does this mean for tea drinkers like ourselves? 

Dealing with any number of the nasty and debilitating cold symptoms you may undergo is a huge step towards relief and maybe even some productivity. You’d be quite happy to find out that your tea drinking habit might be able to help you curb some of those nasty symptoms. This begs the questions: Which type of tea is the best for a runny nose? Sore throat? Headache?

There’s a whole host of unfortunate and unpleasant things we go through when we’re battling a cold, so how can tea play a role in reducing the bad stuff? Simple, it’s all about herbal concoctions. Herbal blends of tea have the best chance at helping you overcome those demoralizing uncomfortable symptoms. Why? We as a people have used them for centuries to treat just about everything.

And there’s a good reason for that too! In today’s society, they’re often quite cheap, and accessible in grocery stores, health clubs, and most boutique retailers of teas and other beverages. Tea can help you rest your head, kickstart your day, and even help you achieve positive health outcomes alongside a healthy diet! So why not treat your cold symptoms with this tried and tested method? Let’s jump right into a few of these teas, so you can find out what will help aid you through whatever you’re dealing with! 

Ginger Tea for Soreness 

Pukka Three Ginger 

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The anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities of this increasingly popular root may just be your next go-to cold remedy! Pukka’s Three Ginger is a unique blend including ginger root, turmeric and licorice. That may sound odd at first, but they’re all common ingredients that you can find in a lot of herbal tea blends! The addition of turmeric in this blend serves to increase the already significant antiinflammatory properties of ginger tea. The taste is very much brisk, and somewhat spiced.

One thing I can always rely on ginger tea for, is the refreshing and revitalizing experience of drinking it with a sore throat, and sore chest. Coughing up mucus, and dealing with post nasal drip is a surefire way for you to develop soreness and stiffness while you’re feeling sick. Ginger tea provides a soothing escape, even if just for a little while, from some of the scratchiness and soreness that accompanies a cold. I included Pukka’s Three Ginger on this list so you can benefit from both the turmeric and ginger to help ease your pain. 

Best for: Sore throats, sore and aching chest and head. 

Chamomile Tea for Recovery and Cough 

Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile 

Chamomile tea best tea for a cold

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Chamomile is a reliable and centuries-old trusted cure for just about anything! Seriously though, grandmas the world over will grab you a cup of this stuff and for a really good reason. It helps! Chamomile tea is both relaxing, and revitalizing. It can help you bounce back quicker, especially when it comes to your throat. Some people say it may even play a role in aiding cough suppression. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Before we go further into traditional medicinal’s variety, it’s important to touch on one other thing. Caffeine in your diet while you have a cold can be a great aide, but coffee is probably the last thing you want to reach for if you’re lying in bed with a cold. If you feel like you must reach for something roasty and toasty, warm and refreshing, try something like dandelion tea or other dark herbal teas. Coffee can very easily and quickly aggravate an already inflamed and sore throat.

That being said, you might just find a good friend in chamomile tea. Now is a time for resting, so your once urgent cup of coffee may now prove to be less necessary. Chamomile tea is a creamy and floral tea that just tickles the senses with each sip. It’s incredibly mild in flavor, so it’s easy to get down if your stomach is turning. The antioxidant qualities of this tea are perfect for repairing your throat, one step at a time! 

Best for: Recovering from sore throat, and uneasiness

Icelandic Moss Tea for Dry Throat, Mouth and Cough

Terravita Icelandic Moss Tea

Icelandic Moss Tea Good for a Cold

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Now we’re getting into something slightly less conventional as far as herbal remedies go! This moss tea is really something different, but it’s not completely unheard of. It’s been gaining in popularity for the softening and protection of mucus membranes in the mouth, chest and throat. What does that mean? Essentially it’s supposed to help you push through all of those awful feelings of scratchiness and dryness that accompany a nasty cold. If you’ve ever felt like your throat was as dry and scratchy as cardboard, reach for a bag of icelandic moss tea to help you see it through! 

Best for: Protecting dry and scratchy throats, mouths, and chests. 

Peppermint Tea for Headaches and Upset Stomach 

Twinings Pure Peppermint 

peppermint tea is good for a cold

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Twinings delivers a refreshing and soothing peppermint tea in this pure and instantly aromatic tea. Trust me when I say this. This is exactly what you want when you’re feeling run down! This peppermint tea doesn’t pull any punches, that is to say that it’s completely peppermint! There’s no blend here to cut out anything other than the crisp, sensational and cooling peppermint taste and feeling that you need.

When it comes to colds, headaches can run you down like wild. Peppermint will help numb things just enough for an o.t.c. pain reliever to do the rest. It gives you that instant relief that makes things just a little more tolerable. The cooling sensation of peppermint is also well-known to aid in settling your stomach, too. If you’re feeling a lot of queasiness from post-nasal drip, and other cold symptoms such as nausea, you can find some temporary relief in this tea. 

Best for: Settling your stomach and aiding with headache pain

Sip to your health with these revitalizing, tasty and wholesome teas. Hopefully they’ll have saved you a little bit of pain. However, you should be sure to contact a medical professional if you continue to experience serious cold symptoms. Be sure to speak to a doctor before trying a new tea, especially if you’re worried about it interfering with any medications you take. Best of luck to your speedy recovery, sip some tea, (and lots of water!) and catch up on some much deserved rest! 

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