Best Materials for a Teapot

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As you’re well aware, there’s nearly an endless supply of different tea pots you can shop for. They grace the windows, shelves and storefronts of many home goods stores. If at any point you thought you might like to try brewing loose leaf tea for the first time, it may have seemed somewhat intimidating. Not all tea pots are made equally, that’s for sure. The different materials used determine in some cases exactly what they’re used for. More so yet, getting the best brew out of your precious tea means using the right tea pot. To that end, we’re going to discuss and weigh the best materials for a teapot. That way, you can find exactly what you need for the type of tea you love most! 

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What’s the Best Teapot for Brewing Tea? 

It all comes down to which tea you’re trying to brew, generally speaking. Purpose plays a role, too. Just how much tea you’re looking to brew, if it needs to withstand certain temperatures, be quite sturdy or take on ‘seasoning’, so to speak. Teapots are very personal items, both to individuals and families. The first thing you want to do when shopping for teapots is look for indications that might lend to the supposed quality of the teapot you’re looking at. Teapots made from inferior materials, such as metals that have no business being heated by boiling water, are definitely not suitable, for instance. These can include teapots that have a primarily decorative purpose (of which there are many). Or simply those that are inferior, cheap and mass produced knock-offs made for someone to make a quick buck.  

Look out for poisonous and inferior materials by looking for marks of quality such as reliable brands, and carefully listed production materials. Whether you’re shopping online or in person, import markings, materials and brands should almost always be readily evident. If not, look elsewhere for a more suitable teapot. At the end of the day, this is something you’re going to be drinking hot water from. Treat it like you would anything else in your house that you’d trust with your family’s health. That being said, let’s dive into which are the best materials for a teapot, based on your favorite type of tea! 

The Best Materials for a Teapot 

Glass Teapot for Utility 

Glass teapot sturdy reliable

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If you’re looking for something that’s all around capable of brewing just about any kind of tea, you can’t go wrong with glass. Besides being totally microwave safe, it will also fare well in your dishwasher. One of the biggest advantages to glass teapots is that they’re typically able to withstand having different teas brewed in them with nothing left behind. In other words, if someone in your home likes a rich, flavored tea. Or a pungent floral herbal blend, it won’t make your favorite type of black tea taste a little… different. The only thing you need to worry about is durability, be gentle. Otherwise, happy brewing! 

Clay Teapots for Pu-erh, Green and Oolong Teas

Clay teapot for making pu-erh tea

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Clay teapots are the go-to for certain types of green, black and oolong teas. The reason for this, is because they hold their heat very well. They’re also capable of being seasoned, or evolving with your tea over time. That being said, you need not worry if your favorite type of tea changes over time. Clay teapots are easily able to take on different teas after being re-seasoned, simply by boiling them in clear water, and then adding some of the newer tea. If you’re a fan of authentic green teas, clay will slowly take on the aroma and flavor of your tea and give you a well-rounded, more traditional cup of tea each and every time. I’ve used them personally for pu-er tea, which can be brewed as much as 10 times before the leaves are discarded. They’re often small, making them perfect for the lone tea drinker who likes specialty, traditional teas. 

Ceramic Teapots for Black Tea 

Ceramic teapot best material for a teapot for black tea

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Ceramic glass is a good insulator of heat while tea is brewing. Not only that, but it takes on traditional designs, artwork and images that make them absolutely timeless. Commemorative, artistic and ceramic teapots of all different shapes, colors and sizes are available. That’s because we like them to match our kitchen, remind us of a certain time or simply warm our hearts with joy. For this reason, I’d recommend ceramic teapots as mostly an aesthetic choice, although they do hold their heat well. Ceramic teapots are good for every type of black tea. Which are ordinarily brewed at high heat. Ceramic is easily one of the best materials for making a teapot, since it cleans easily and make a clean up of tea!  

Cast Iron Teapot for a Rustic Brew 

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If you’re a lover of tradition, brewing your green tea in a cast-iron tea pot might be exactly what you’ve been hoping for. Cast iron teapots bring a certain rustic, and traditional charm that you really can’t find anywhere else. Other than that, they retain heat particularly well and aren’t affected by accident drops, or scratches! They’re remarkably sturdy, and will withstand high water temperatures, holding the heat for quite some time. You’ll even find certain cast iron teapots nowadays that come with small tea light bases. These are perfect for keeping your tea warm and fresh if you’re enjoying it one cup at a time! You’ll find a lot of enameled or painted cast iron tea pots around, find one that’s perfect for your zen tea session! 

Silver Teapots for Purity and Decoration

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While it may seem rather peculiar to tea drinkers nowadays, silver teapots are actually a staple of the past we should try and bring back! These lovely teapots are first and foremost, incredibly impressive to look at! They garner quite a lot of comments, and look stunning in your dining room, or kitchen. That all makes a fair bit of sense, considering their expensive pricetags. You’ll find that silver teapots hold heat incredibly well. Thanks to the nature of this metal, it is both water stable, and provides excellent heat retention. What the former means, is that it will absolutely not impart any flavors, odours or colors onto the tea. Clay, cast iron, and even ceramic will slightly alter the taste of your tea, especially over time. Some people prefer silver for the same reason they opt for glass, it reveals only the purest taste of the tea leaves and nothing else. 

While any one of these teapots would make a great addition to your countertop, you’re going to want to settle for the one that captures your heart, and brews what you’d like it to! They’re all lovely in their own right, but do give credence to the type of tea you’re looking to brew, and whether or not you need it to stay warm. Hopefully you’ve found the best materials for a teapot based on your needs! What’s the most ‘out there’ teapot you’ve ever seen? Let us know! And thanks for stopping by. 

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