Vegan Blueberry Matcha Dalgona

Vegan blueberry matcha dalgona

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Tea lovers! Want to jump on the Dalgona trend without all of the jitters and bitterness that comes with some instant coffee crystals? You’re in luck! This tea inspired Vegan Blueberry Matcha Dalgona is the perfect, rich-tasting frothy, tea Dalgona drink you’ve been looking for. We’ll provide you with some ingredients and instructions to get you well on the way to making it yourself! New to whipping up tea inspired drinks? This recipe is approachable, and yields a deliciously addictive matcha drink. Vegan friendly and packed full of flavor, this is one drink you’ll want to serve on the patio this summer!

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Iced Vegan Blueberry Matcha Dalgona


¼ cup Aquafaba (liquid from chickpeas)

2 tbsp Blueberry Matcha Powder (we got ours at David’s Tea)

2 tbsp Sweetener of choice (we used Redpath certified vegan)

Milk of choice (we used unsweetened Almond milk)

Ice cubes

Our Favorite VEgan Blueberry Matcha Dalgona

Combine the best of sweet, and healthy with this luxurious vegan blueberry matcha dalgona recipe! Having the ingredients on hand for something a simple as this makes life that much sweeter. Dive into a delicious medley of fruity and creamy flavors with half of the calories. Not only is this a sought after, sweet pick-me-up, but it’s something everyone can enjoy!

vegan matcha dalgona drink ingredients
almond vegan dalgona tea drink
iced vegan blueberry matcha dalgona
matcha powder
mixing Dalgona matcha powder drink

What is Dalgona, Anyways?

Dalgona refers to a spongy and sweet South Korean treat which was traditionally sold by street side vendors. The recent surge in popularity is due to a concoction of instant coffee, water and sugar which results in a thick foamy delight when mixed sufficiently! The reason it adopted the same namesake as the classic South Korean toffee? The totally unique texture this coffee delivers! Thankfully, now vegans can enjoy the same delicious, foamy treat as well.

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-Using a hand mixer or a stand mixer, whisk together the aquafaba, sweetener and matcha powder until peaks are formed. (Don’t give up, it does take quite a bit of time)

-Fill a glass/cup with ice cubes and top with milk of choice.

-Put one to three spoonfuls of the whipped matcha mixture and serve!


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