The Best Tea for Sleep

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Getting a good night’s rest is the first thing on anyone’s mind at the end of a long, hard day. Luckily, your favorite type of drink may just be able to help you achieve a more restful and easier time getting to sleep. Tea isn’t just for waking up, here we’ll dive into the best tea for sleep. That way you can rest easy. If you’re anything like me, getting up is exponentially more difficult than getting to sleep in the first place. But that’s certainly not the case for everybody out there. Getting to sleep isn’t always easy, everything from naturally occurring sleep issues, to stress, (ironically, a lack of sleep), and a handful of other factors can all play into your ability to rest your head down and get to bed. 

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Finding the Best Herbal Tea for a Restful Sleep

Insomnia sufferers will tell you. The worst thing about not being able to get to sleep is being exhausted. Nobody likes missing out on well deserved rest and sleep, so we’re going to review what are supposedly the best brews for getting counting sheep. Since stress factors play such an important role in your ability to get to bed easily. We’ll address teas for relaxing, and stress mitigation so you can focus less on stressing over the issue, and more about sleeping on it! The best thing you can do for yourself is get some rest, especially when it’s the one and only thing you’re struggling with. This ain’t your momma’s sleepytime brew, we’re going to go over some teas that will bring a soothing calm, and hopefully get you off to a peaceful and restful night of sleep. 

What is the Best Tea for Sleep? 

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t reach for a traditional tea in order to help you get off to bed. Most regular teas are made from tea leaves (duh). Meaning, in no uncertain terms, they contain a decent enough amount of caffeine to do just the opposite of what you’re trying to do. Not only that, but it’s even been shown that consuming a moderate amount of tea before bed can upset your stomach, and mess with your body’s internal clock.  

Herbal teas on the other hand, most certainly do not contain caffeine and will not run the risk of keeping you sitting up straight in your bed totally wired! Now that we’ve got that out of the way, you’re probably wondering…

Is it Safe to Drink Herbal Tea Every Night?

Generally speaking, you can drink nearly every type of herbal tea on a daily basis without serious repercussions. They’re totally safe, and they usually pack their own host of incredibly healthy compounds for all manner of things. Just be sure you’re reaching for a non-caffeinated beverage when the sun goes down! Herbal teas are non caffeinated, and purley herbal blends never include leaves from the tea plant. Any one of these teas featured in these reviews should be perfectly safe for daily consumption. That being said, you’ve got to check with your medical professional doctor, or nurse before making a significant change to your diet, herbal or otherwise! Be smart about what goes in, and be sure nothing interferes with any medications. 

5 of Our Favorite Teas That Help you Sleep 

Here we’ll dive into 5 different teas that all get the job done in some form or another. Reach for a cup of these just before bed in order to increase your chances of falling to sleep easily. Remember to limit your use of these herbal teas to just before bedtime. While they are totally safe for daily consumption, they can have a drowsiness, or sedating effect that does not put you in an optimal state to drive, or operate heavy machinery in. Save the bedtime tea for bedtime, people! 

Tension-Easing Tea for Restful Sleep 

Yogi Kava Stress Relief 

Stress relief tea for sleep tension reliever

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Promoting a restful end to tension, and promoting relaxation this blend of kava root, as well as other spices is a great go-to. You’ll feel a sense of calm wash over you when you’re drinking this tea. It’s perfect for winding down in the evening, especially if you’re someone who struggles with things on their mind when you’re trying to get some rest. There’s nothing quite like stress that can keep you up. Aiding in your relaxation and overall level of calm, this tea will help you slow down and provides a warming sensation that washes over you. It’s composed of all natural roots, spices and herbs to bring you that nice restful feeling. As for taste, you’ll enjoy the roasted, slightly spiced (thanks to the cinnamon) flavor that totally envelopes you. 

Best for: Reducing stress in order to calm down, and fall asleep peacefully. 

Best Tasting Herbal Sleep Remedy 

Sleepytime tea that tastes good herbal tea remedy

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Brought to you by NOW Foods, this blend of botanicals has a soothing effect that can help you drift right off to a restful night’s sleep. NOW foods is a company well known for producing botanicals, herbal remedies as well as a number of supplements as well. Their products are held to a certain level of purity, which leads me to believe their teas are no exception to the rule. Pick up a blend like this one for taste that’s easier for non-tea drinkers, that provides the same restful night’s sleep. 

Best for: Non-tea drinkers looking for a sleep remedy 

Bigelow Sweet Dreams Herbal Tea 

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This leading brand of U.S. tea has all of the right ingredients to make the perfect sleepy blend of botanicals, herbs and spices. They come together to create something that’s not only tasty, but rather soothing, that can aid in giving you a quiet and restful night’s sleep. Spearmint, orange blossoms, hibiscus and chamomile are among a few of the ingredients that give you the perfect type of sleep you’ve been looking for. I’d also recommend Bigelow’s Sweet Dreams herbal tea for how well it goes with the addition of honey, or fresh lemon. Here’s to a bedtime ritual you won’t treat like a chore! You can enjoy this sleepy elixir night after night. 

Best for: Taste, perfect with some honey, and especially effective for cold and flu season.

Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra

Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime extra tea for falling asleep

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Sleepytime tea! Most people know it by name, and most families probably have a box of it in theri cupboard somewhere. If time is the ultimate test, this tea has stood it proudly. It has a long legacy of helping us get to bed, and this sleepytime-extra edition is definitely no exception. Providing a boost of valerian, it will ease your mind just as quickly as your eyelids start to get heavy. You can rely on this tea for the perfect night’s sleep each and every day. I can say one thing’s for sure, I have used this tea on multiple occasions and it’s helped each and every time. Valerian root doesn’t just have an incredible calming sensation, it also brings a nice aroma to your evening. Give this stuff a try for a tried and tested sleepytime herbal formula that will leave you feeling well rested. 

Best for: Everyday use, soothing Valerian root relieves stress. 

Twinings of London Nightly Calm 

Twinnings of London stress relief Nightly Calm tea blend

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You’re probably noticing something of a theme here, and you’re not the least bit wrong! In fact, these sleepy, dozy and calming teas all feature relaxing blue boxes with some tasty looking herbs and botanicals on them. Funny how marketing works like that, eh? Nonetheless, they stand up to their image with a steadfast commitment to helping you get to sleep more quickly and easier than before! Nightly Calm features chamomile and lovely lemongrass front and center! Good thing too, these luscious botanicals are a fast-track to a good night’s sleep. Lemongrass is key for quelling some of your anxiety, alongside chamomile, you’ll be met with a blend that helps you rest your head down fast while taking it slow.  

Best for: A tasteful cup of tea when you’ve got too much on your mind before bed. 

These teas are the best way to help you drift off to sleep naturally, and peacefully. Packed with some minty, herbal and welcome botanical aromas, they’re as effective as they are tasty! Enjoy a cup each and every night if you’re someone who needs it. They’re all safe enough to drink as frequently as you’d like, as long as your prepared to catch some Z’s! Which type of sleepy time teas have you tried before? Thanks for checking out our reviews! 

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