The Best Tea for Infections

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Throughout our lifetimes, we’re prone to experiencing a great number of infections. It’s a sad but true reality that we’ve got to deal with, but we do so together! Looking for ways to treat and prevent bacterial infections is something that’s at the forefront of people’s minds. Everything around us serves some sort of risk, and infections can come from almost anywhere. Taking the right steps to bolster your immune system and protect yourself against illness is more important than ever! To that end, we’ve decided to review the best teas for infections. Teas have many qualities that lend themselves well to helping us overcome infections, here are some of those benefits. 

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What are the Best Teas for Infections? 

The best teas for fighting infections are the ones that support our immune system, have antibacterial qualities and act preventatively. We’re going to review a few of those teas for their effective qualities, taste and additional health benefits! Lovers of tea have many reasons to rejoice, tea can be more than just a refreshing afternoon ritual. Tea supports a lot of the body’s functions naturally, and is packed with all kinds of incredible compounds that treat illness and symptoms, while also helping to develop a strong immune system. 

Tea is a Natural Antibiotic 

When it comes to a serious infection the body is fighting off, there’s probably no alternative for modern antibiotics. Especially at the advice of a doctor or physician. That being said, we can employ some of the natural remedies tea provides for much milder infections. Teas have a remarkable track record for helping us fight viral infections. In particular, different herbal and traditional teas do well against the symptoms of many viral infections, helping us get better faster. When our immune system encounters bacterial infections there’s a lot of help these teas can provide, too. 

Studies have shown that tea has a lot of potential to aid us in fighting infections. Tea bolsters our natural defenses against getting infections in the first place. Considering all of the possible infections you could face throughout your lifetime, it could really stand to make a difference. As per the study above, you can see that there is a clear susceptibility of bacterial and fungal infections to herbal and regular teas. Incorporating them into your daily routine could make a small, but significant difference in your overall wellness. 

Naturally Antimicrobial Teas 

One of the best natural remedies you can take, tea has its own antimicrobial properties that give it the power to deal with bacteria in your system. Among them, certain herbal and regular teas fare better than others. That being said, due to the wide range of health benefits of teas that you can consume, you’re never doing yourself a disservice by trying a new brew! 

The antimicrobial activity is so high that it can directly influence an infection before and while it is occurring. Rosehip, and pomegranate blossom teas for example, are said to have such a strong antimicrobial effect that they can interfere with regular antibiotics. If what these studies have shown is ultimately true, it really does seem like tea can put you on the right path for fighting infections. Here we’ll dig into some reviews of the best tea for infections! 

Organic Oregano Tea Buddha Teas 

Organic Oregano tea

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Oregano tea has a flavor that’s quite different, but incredibly enjoyable. This truly herbal tea is completely organic and contains only oregano! This lucious herb has plenty of health benefits you can feel good about, but did you know it’s one of the most powerful tea against infections? As far as antimicrobial activity is concerned, oregano is one of the strongest teas out there! Along with other precautions, and healthy lifestyle choices organic oregano tea can so a small part in helping to keep your immune system supported, and your body free of infections. Besides that, you can enjoy the rich, savory and sweet characteristics of this full bodied herbal wonder.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Rose Hips with Hibiscus 

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This is an easy drinking herbal tea you can enjoy on a daily basis! It’s bursting with flavor, and it’s easily one of the best teas you can drink to ward off infections. In scientific studies, rose hip tea was one of the most effective teas against bacterial infections. Drink this tea on a daily basis, and it’s possible you could expect to see a difference in your infection rate over a long period of time. In the moment, it can help to alleviate an infection, which makes it a valuable tea to stock your cupboards with! Hibiscus on the other hand, brings its own unique set of health benefits to the table. Hibiscus also fortifies the immune system, and even packs a strong healthy dose of antioxidants to help combat disease causing free radical cells in the body. Put together these teas make a formidable combination! 

Pukka Supreme Matcha Green Organic Tea 

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Born from fresh Sencha tea, this matcha and green tea blend is a buttery, smooth and lovely cup of green tea you’ll definitely want to keep around. The health benefits associated with green tea are actually quite difficult to overstate. Between its wealth of antioxidants, inflammation fighting and antimicrobial qualities, there’s more than enough reasons to make this your new regular brew! Unlike the herbal teas featured on this list, this blend of matcha and green tea is definitely not caffeine free. Thankfully though, if you are trying to limit your consumption of caffeine loaded teas, you’d be doing yourself a favor by making this your new morning brew. For context, green tea has less caffeine than black tea, which ranks just below coffee for its caffeine content. What does that mean for you? It will help you wake up in the morning, without giving you the jitters or anxiety some people struggle with. Green tea has an unparalleled fresh taste and mouthfeel, which will make you feel better the moment you take your first sip! 

Good Earth Pomegranate Burst Green Tea 

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This is another green tea blend with a fantastic twist! The warm and fruity taste of pomegranate and cherry create an earthy, refreshing and delicious tea you won’t want to put down. We love this infection-fighter for its wide range of antioxidants for sustained immune system protection and support! Pomegranate is among the best teas for infections as per a study which ranked it among other herbal teas. That means you can enjoy the nourishing benefits of green tea, backed up by the infection fighting potential of pomegranate. Regardless of why you’re drinking it, this herbal & green tea blend is a wonderful way to enjoy a healthy and fresh, deep flavored tea. It has slightly less caffeine than regular green tea, simply because it’s a blend! 

Bigelow Organic Sweet Cinnamon 

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Bigelow is a purveyor of well rounded tea blends, and fresh tasting flavors! Their newer ‘Steep’ line features some slightly off-beat herbal and regular tea blends that are more than worth a try! These are craft teas that capture the essence of delicious tea recipes and bring them closer to your cup. These sweet organic cinnamon and black tea bags are an absolute joy. There’s something special about cinnamon and tea or coffee. It actually has a mild sweetening effect, despite the fact that it doesn’t contain any sugar! 

That makes it great for people trying to cut the sugar out of their daily brews, even just changing out one drink can make a difference! These are certified organic, and packs a powerful punch against infections. Enjoy the antioxidants, heart health supporting effects of cinnamon tea that come with the luscious taste. Although it’s not the most effective on its own, black tea does have some infection fighting capability. It’s packed with nutrients as well as some antioxidants, which are complimented well by organic cinnamon. Beside providing a sweet flavor, this stuff 

All of these teas are great for dealing with infections. What it really comes down to is taking the right steps to help support your own healthy immune system. Making these teas a part of your routine in any small way can only help to guard against infections, and create an environment that helps ward off infections before they occur. Plus, they’re totally delicious! Enjoy any one of these teas, any time of the day. If you’re at all prone to upset stomach, we recommend taking them before or after a meal. Thanks for checking out our reviews for the best tea for infections! Let us know which tea was the most effective. 

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