The Best Tea for a Hot Toddy

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A bonafide classic, the hot toddy has earned its place as many peoples go-to comfort drink! Why? It makes drinking whiskey an even smoother, and subdued experience. This drink has fluctuated in popularity, but remains a simple and well loved beverage. Read on, and we’ll fin dout what’s the Looking for the best tea for a hot toddy? You’ve come to the right place! 

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The Perfect tea for a hot toddy

Looking for the best mix possible? We’re covering the best teas for making a hot toddy here! You’ll need something that’s robust and provides a good base for your favorite whiskey. A good hot toddy should showcase whiskey, mellowing it in a warm, enveloping cuppa that helps you slow down and relax. Tea which are slightly more oxidized, (i.e. black teas), are the traditional base for a hot toddy. That being said, you’ll discover there’s a lot more to this quirky yet simple drink than you thought. We’re going to discover the best tea for a hot toddy! 

About the Hot Toddy 

You should be opting for a tea that’s somewhat subdued in taste. Herbal teas, as well as lightly-processed tea blends are going to clash with most whiskeys. Dark teas, like many black tea blends, etc will compliment the deep and rich flavors of whiskey. Pair to compare, after all! A hot toddy, when made right is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite two drinks in one cup. As long as you choose the right combination the rest is a breeze. Warm cocktails like this have definitely fallen out of vogue, but that doesn’t mean they won’t make a resurgence! Use this as a great evening, fall or winter time cocktail to warm your heart! This is surprisingly one of the most versatile cocktails out there. You’ve got access to all kinds of teas, herbal and regular with which to experiment mixing with different types of liquor! 

What kind of alcohol do you use to make a hot toddy? 

The classic Hot Toddy uses whiskey, however there’s a lot of different ways to make it something special! Nowadays, you can find a variety of different boozy concoctions labeled as hot toddies. To that we say, the more the merrier! All of the wonderful versions of this boozy, warm delight are more than welcome in our cocktail book. Generally speaking, the three most popular spirits to use in a hot toddy include rum, whiskey and brandy! It all depends on what your preference is, of course. A great way to decide how you want to go about making your inaugural hot cocktail is to figure out with booze you want! 

Ready to discover your new favorite cocktail? Sweet lovers will enjoy the smooth, and delightfully sweet flavor rum brings to the table. It blends well with honey, as well! If you’re a whiskey fan, you’ll be happy to know that your favorite scotch, irish whiskey, or sour mash whiskey all have a place in this cocktail. The versatility of a hot toddy means you can customize it with your favorite liquor! 

What is the best tea for a hot toddy?

These teas create some of the most flavorful, unique and interesting takes on the classic hot toddy! 

Green Tea 

green tea for making a hot toddy

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Starting off with something a little alternative, Green tea is a great choice for a fresh take on a classic cocktail. For those of you who rather like the idea of a cool version of the hot toddy, green tea makes a great choice. Cooler tea tends to require a bit more sweetness than freshly brewed. The flavor is more pronounced, and with black tea you may find yourself needing more sugar than you might have liked. (If you want it iced, that is!) Pick up some green tea for a refreshing alternative. Green tea has a much lighter, mild taste. It’s somewhat less tannic than black tea, if you’d like to avoid some of the bitter flavors associated with the classic pairing. 

Aside from all of that, green tea will give you a downright delicious cocktail. It’s crisp, and deserving of your favorite liquor! Rum and brandy won’t work quite as well. Having a slightly sweeter taste, iced green tea will compliment your favorite scotch or bourbon. For an even more well rounded pairing, opt for the sweetest ones on the shelf! 

Hibiscus Tea 

Hibiscus tea being used for a hot toddy

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The perfect foil so some of your favorite bottles of rum, hibiscus tea is also an unlikely but welcome accompaniment for liquor! This is definitely an unconventional cocktail base, but hibiscus tea is actually a great match! Some have cited white rum, as the best alcohol for this cocktail. Hibiscus tea is bright and botanical, yet somewhat neutral. It provides the ideal foundation for a great rum, and a good refreshing and tasty cocktail overall. It benefits from a simple syrup and honey, as well as some citrus. What you’ll find yourself with is a sweet and light tropical tasting drink that you’ll brew time after time. Bonus tip! Add some Malibu rum for an even more tropical feel! This hot toddy will go from being your favorite nightcap, to your afternoon poolside pick me up! 

Yorkshire Gold Black Tea 

classic black tea to make a hot toddy

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Black tea is one of the best tea for a hot toddy, in no small part because it was the original! This is about the strongest type of black tea you’d want to use to make a hot toddy! If you prefer something on the darker and stronger side, Yorkshire Gold tea is right on the mark. It will give your hot toddy a bit of a caffeine and flavor kick to balance out a scotch whiskey, for example. Enjoy it hot or cold for a different type of toddy, your way! Iced, this tea compliments rum very well for something refreshing and boozy when it’s hot out. Whichever way you like it, this tea makes your hot toddy somewhat easier to make. It’s tough to mess up brewing this tea, and it will give you a great base for a lively, strong hot toddy!  

Iced Tea Bags 

making a hot toddy with iced tea

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This is a black tea that’s specially blended for brewing iced tea. If the idea of an ice cold whiskey and iced tea drink sounds good to you, this tea is a great choice! Perfect for hot summer days, this fits right in with BBQ and a cool breeze. The benefit of using specially blended and packaged teas like this is it’s perfect for entertaining! Each bag will brew one quart of iced tea, so you can serve up ice cold, ‘hot toddies’, for a group. Teas like this also take sweeteners better. That’s good news for those of you who want a sweeter cocktail, as well! Don’t pass up on a chance to try a cold hot toddy some time. 

Cinnamon Apple Spice

Cinnamon Apple Spiced hot toddy

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Create a sensational, warm and spiced hot toddy with this cinnamon apple spice tea! This is a personal best tea for a hot toddy, in my book! I love the fall flavors, paired with the caffeine free herbal tea that’s like the drink equivalent of a warm sweater. Close your eyes and picture tumbling leafs and the familiar sights of fall. This herbal tea is not only great for making hot toddies, but you’ll love having it on hand, as well! Mix things up by adding some additional flavors to create a unique type of hot toddy! Ingredients like butterscotch, cinnamon and of course apple wedges can add a lot of dimension to a hot cocktail like this. 

Just What is the Best Tea for a Hot Toddy?

This is a tough one, namely because a hot toddy is one of those cocktails that is what you make of it. In reality, it depends a lot on what you’re in the mood for. That being said, even when there’s a lot of different ways to take it, everyone has their favorite! For me, a Cinnamon Apple Spice tea hot toddy hits the spot just right. What appeals to me most about this cocktail is its ability to warm you up, and pick you up. This drink is a great way to unwind in the late evening, especially when it has such a nice collection of fall/winter flavors! 

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Thanks for checking out these best teas for a hot toddy! Hopefully you’ve found just the right type of tea to get you well on your way to making a delicious hot toddy. Have you ever tried any other warm cocktails? Let me know, because now I’m hooked! 

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