The Best List of Teas for Sex

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best tea for sex

Everyone knows there’s health benefits to drinking tea. But did you know that some brews can actually be used to improve your sex life? Whether it’s because of the smell, the taste, or the tea’s aphrodisiac properties it’s not such a bad idea to introduce tea drinking as part of your foreplay. Tea date, anyone? Here’s the best tea for sex to get you going.

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Best Tea for Sex

I love talking about sex. Way too many people are shy about it. Maybe you’re trying to find something that will boost your sex drive, or are looking for a tea that will help you last longer. Regardless of your reasons, looking for a magic elixir that will fix your sex life just isn’t going to work. You won’t be drinking a cup of tea and then running off to have the best sex ever. 

That being said, the properties of different herbs can have an effect on your sex life. Since most teas are healthy and natural, it’s a really safe and easy thing to experiment too. Try out a few different brews and see what improves your night, and what doesn’t. You’ll still be enjoying the regular health benefits of drinking tea.

Tea as an Aphrodisiac

An aphrodisiac is something that helps people become sexually aroused. Well known ones include chocolate, oysters, and even asparagus. Certain herbal teas can also have an arousing effect on the person drinking it. 

Ginseng tea is the most accessible option for an aphrodisiac tea. You can also get specially made tea blends that are designed to stimulate arousal and have a blend of herbs to get you in the mood.

Can tea help with erectile dysfunction?

According to ancient Chinese medicine there are certain teas that might help in this department. You probably can’t secretly down a cup of ginseng tea (which supposedly does help) before sex and expect it to work like Viagra. But, if you have occasional problems, there’s no reason not to try some herbal teas to help.

Besides red ginseng tea look for blends with (aptly named) ‘Horny Goat Weed’, and Ginkgo. Combine it with other lifestyle changes like quitting smoking or starting an exercise routine.

Herbal Tea is Medicine

It’s important to keep in mind when choosing a herbal tea blend that it is, in fact, medicinal. If you have any health concerns it would be a good idea to talk to your doctor before starting herbal tea therapy. Some herbs can even have conflicts with prescription medications! 

These tea blends are designed for adults so don’t give them to kids without the OK from their doctor, too. Like other medicine it’s important to follow the ‘dosage’ on herbal teas and not overdo it. 

The actual effects of herbal teas varies from person to person and what type of blend you choose. Make sure you give a new tea a try for a few days before deciding it doesn’t work. Likewise, if you have any negative side effects stop drinking it and talk to your doctor.

Triple Leaf Tea, Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed Yang Herbal Tea

This traditional Chinese herbal tea is meant to be drunk by both men and women to help increase sexual desire. It’s naturally caffeine free which means you can drink it in the evening. What’s nice about this tea is that it’s already bagged so you won’t need to worry about picking up an infuser or measuring.


  • Caffeine free so you can drink anytime of day
  • Great light flavor
  • Bagged tea is easy to brew


  • Takes a few days for you to feel the effects
  • Not pure epimedium (horny goat weed) tea, there’s other ingredients

KGC Cheong Kwan Jang [Korean Red Ginseng Tea]

Cheong Kwan Jang Korean Red Ginseng Tea for sex

Red ginseng tea is supposed to be an aphrodisiac and sex booster all on its own. This authentic red ginseng tea is sourced right from Korea. The ginseng is grown for 6 years before harvesting for a stronger effect. Ginseng is also naturally caffeine free meaning this is another tea that you can drink anytime of the day.


  • Gives extra energy without being a stimulant
  • Can be sweetened but not very bitter to drink
  • Helps with relaxation and blood circulation


  • Not specifically designed to improve sex
  • Only contains ginseng so you only get those effects
  • Contains glucose and other non-tea ingredients

BioSteep “Alpha” 100% Organic Blend

BioSteep Alpha natural tea for sex

This tea is meant to be used as a testosterone booster. It’s designed specifically for men. On their own, testosterone levels have a strong effect on a man’s sex life (including arousal, desire, and erectile function.) Alongside increasing testosterone, the ingredients found in this tea were chosen for their male specific health benefits which include increasing energy, blood flow, and libido as well as weight loss. Even if it’s not the best tea for sex this might be the best tea for men out there.


  • Natural, organic and GMO free
  • Male specific tea blend
  • Tastes great


  • No measurement suggestion on the package
  • Effects are subtle and testosterone increases are difficult to measure without a doctor
  • Contains caffeine (which might be a pro for some people) so avoid before bed if it has an effect on your sleep

Moontime Organic Libido Tea

Moontime Organic tea for increasing Libido

This organic tea is designed specifically to support a woman’s vitality. The libido boosting ingredients come together to help women increase their sex drive and sexual desire. Naturally caffeine free, you can enjoy this tea anytime of the day which is great if you like to enjoy a cup while unwinding at the end of the day. If you’re someone who feels like femininity is intertwined with the Earth and cycles of the moon, this tea is made to support that synchronization.


  • Formula is designed specifically for women
  • Naural, organic ingredients
  • Has additional health and relaxation benefits 
  • Smells sweet and earthy and tastes great


  • Multiple cups a day need to be consumed for optimal effects
  • Doesn’t have as strong of libido effects as other tea blends
  • Might cause changes to your hormones which could have positive or negative effects

Modest Earth Let’s Dance Tea

Natural aphrodisiac herbal remedy tea for sex

This organic tea boasts a special blend of herbs that’s designed to bring some romance to a couple’s evening. One of the key ingredients in this romance tea is Damiana which is considered to be a natural aphrodisiac.It’s light and sweet so you probably won’t need to add anything extra to this tea blend. Like other sleepy-time teas, it makes you feel warm and relaxed. This romance tea would also make a great gift idea for a couple.


  • Great taste and smell
  • Perfect to drink before bed
  • Nice blend for a gift idea or date night


  • More relaxation benefits than an increase in libido
  • Mint flavor overpowers the other herbs
  • Advertised as demiana but really is a tea blend

Lover’s Instinct Herbal Tea

Lover's Instinct tea loose leaf tea for sex

Marketed as tea therapy, this herbal tea blend is made for both men and women to enjoy. It’s not an instant aphrodisiac but instead is meant to be consumed regularly for better overall health. The flavor is well balanced so daily drinking won’t seem like a chore, and it’s supposed to improve libido in the long run.


  • Has a great flavor and is naturally sweet
  • Naturally boosts energy without caffeine
  • Formulated by an acupuncture physician trained in herbal therapy


  • Effects aren’t immediate
  • Has to be consumed daily for it to work

What is the Best Tea for Sex?

To be honest, most of these teas in conjunction with some lifestyle changes will improve your sex life and libido. By incorporating herbal tea drinking into your diet you can have some positive effects on sex in general. Most of these teas have similar ingredient blends so the actual benefits from each one are probably going to be similar.

For that reason I feel you can either go with the Triple Leaf Tea, Horny Goat Weed or Lovers Instinct Herbal Tea blends. 

Both require you to drink them for multiple days to get the aphrodisiac effects but they also have herbal blends that actually do support an increase in libido (as well as other health benefits.) You will enjoy the other benefits, like increased energy and relaxation, immediately though. Since stress and exhaustion make a huge difference in your sex life even those benefits might help.

The Difference Between the Two Teas

The reason I couldn’t narrow it down to one is preference between bagged tea and loose leaf tea. The Trip Leaf Tea is bagged which means it’s ready to be enjoyed right away. Bagged tea  is easy for almost anyone to enjoy. This low barrier to entry makes it a great choice for tea drinking beginners who want a romantic tea blend.

The Lovers Instinct Herbal Tea, on the other hand, is a loose tea. Personally I prefer loose leaf teas for their stronger flavour and the control I get over how much I brew. If you’re already set up to drink loose leaf tea then you’ll probably want to choose this blend instead.

The Verdict

It’s definitely possible to bring tea into your life for an increase in libido or sexual performance. Either one of these teas come out on top as the best tea for sex. Just remember that you’ll have to drink it for a few days in a row before you really start to see the effects, and they’re stronger on some people than others.

best tea for sex
best tea for sex
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