Delicious Scone Recipes for High Tea

scone recipes for high tea

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You’ve probably seen them throughout movies or TV, even your local cafe. (Or Starbucks). These iconic savory snacks are the innovation of high tea. In other words, a semi-formal tea service served around 5 o’ clock. These delicious scone recipes for high tea are a great way to impress your guests!

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Savory Scone Recipes for High Tea

We’ve delved deep and found some truly inspired recipes that will make the best of your favorite ingredients. Follow these scone recipes for a marvelous evening tea party you’ll have people raving about! There are two sides to our favorite tea time snack. These scone recipes combine the best of savory and sweet! (Warning: you can’t have just one of these!)

Delicious Scone Recipes for High Tea

Scones are a great easy baking dish to try if you’re just getting started. Often flaky, and very forgiving, these always seem to turn out perfect! Are you planning your next high tea party? Don’t forget to serve up a fresh plate of these savory delicious scones, (your guests might have to take home a recipe for themselves!)

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