Easiest Afternoon Tea Recipes

easiest afternoon tea recipes

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Serving afternoon tea is a quintessentially English past-time and it can be an excellent option for entertaining a large number of people. Preparing scones and simple cakes is quick and easy, and you will be able to impress your guests with your culinary skills. Serve the meal with pots of English tea. A best kept secret, these are some of the easiest afternoon tea recipes out there!

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Easiest Afternoon Tea Recipes You Can Make

You can make these incredible scones and cakes recipes for your next get together! These are simple and easy to follow recipes that make for a quick snack. Give these recipes a try for a care-free tea party!

Easy Afternoon Tea scones Recipe

Yield: 12 Scones

Easy Scones

Easy Scones

Plain scones are incredibly easy to make. It is best to prepare them just before serving your afternoon tea, as they are at their most delicious when hot from the oven.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 12 minutes
Total Time 22 minutes


  • 8oz self raising flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 2oz softened butter
  • 1oz sugar
  • 1 teacup of milk


    The oven should be pre-heated to 200°C while you prepare the mixture. Allow at least two scones per person, more if your guests have big appetites. The quantities listed here make 12 scones.

    Measure 8oz self raising flour and add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of baking powder. Using self raising flour as well as baking powder will make your scones rise beautifully.

    Add 2oz softened butter and 1oz sugar and mix to a dough with about 1 teacup of milk. Roll out your dough to a thickness of about half an inch and use a cutter of around 2” diameter to cut into rounds. Place on a greased baking sheet and cook for around 12 minutes until well-risen and golden.


Using self raising flour as well as baking powder will make your scones rise beautifully.

Serving your scones

Traditionally, scones are served with jam and clotted cream, but if you do not have any clotted cream, the warm scones will taste delicious with just butter and jam. If you make your own jam, this is a perfect opportunity to use it. Otherwise buy some good quality jam from the supermarket, or better still from your local farm shop. Raspberry jam goes exceptionally well with scones, but other flavours such as strawberry and plum work well too.

Easy Afternoon Tea fairy cake Recipe

Yield: 12 Cakes

Simple Fairy Cakes

Simple Fairy Cakes

There are a number of books available containing recipes for elaborate cupcakes, but if you do not have the time or inclination it is easy to make pretty and delicious fairy cakes according to the simple instructions below. Serve garnished with strawberries and colored icing for an added twist!

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes


  • 4oz self raising flour
  • 4oz margarine
  • 4oz caster sugar
  • 2 eggs


    For a chocolate variation, remove one tablespoon of the flour and replace it with a tablespoon of cocoa powder. Beat the ingredients well, preferably using an electric mixer until the mix turns pale in color.

    Line a 12-hole cupcake tin with paper cases and divide the mixture equally between the cases: it works out at around one dessert spoon per cake. Bake at 150°C for about 20 minutes.

    To tell if the cakes are ready, take them out of the oven and listen carefully to them: if they are not ready you will hear a quiet bubbling noise. Allow the fairy cakes to cool on a wire rack before icing.


To make a simple icing just mix up some icing sugar with enough water to make a think pouring consistency. For a colored icing add a drop of food coloring.

Basic quick-mix sponge cake

Quick-Mix Sponge Cake

Quick-Mix Sponge Cake

To make a simple cake for the center of your table, all you need is a set of shallow sandwich cake tins, ideally 8” diameter. Add a few simple ingredients and you've got a reliable cake recipe!

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes


  • 8oz Flour
  • 8oz Margerine
  • 8oz Caster Sugar
  • 4 Eggs


    A simple fail-safe cake can be made by mixing together 8oz each of flour. As well as caster sugar and margarine, along with four eggs. Beat well for two minutes until the mixture turns pale then divide the mix between the two greased sandwich tins. Bake for around 30 minutes at 150°C until the cakes begin to come away from the side of the tin. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for five minutes before turning out.


To assemble the cake make a simple butter icing filling using 6oz icing sugar and 3oz margarine or softened butter. Add a drop of vanilla essence. Beat together until well combined, then spread on one of the cakes. Spread jam on the other cake, and sandwich them together.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed some of the easiest afternoon tea recipes! Grab your favorite type of tea and a few good friends. These heartwarming recipes are a great way to unwind.

Easy Cake Recipes for Your Afternoon Tea!

Feel free to indulge with these cake recipes that are just too good looking not to make! They’re easy to add to your recipe book, and a joy to serve. Each one can be presented nicely on a tray alongside your other afternoon tea treats. Or, you can enjoy them on their own for a lovely evening of tea and cake. Do yourself a favor and check out these tea cake recipes, they’re exactly what you need to make a memorable afternoon tea spread!

Afternoon Tea Cake Recipes

These scrumptious afternoon tea cake recipes will add some mouthwatering, eye catching cakes to your spread. Give your guests something to remember, and fill up your recipe book so you can put out the perfect afternoon tea treats!

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