Can you drink Green Tea for Cancer Prevention?

can you drink green tea for cancer prevention?

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Green tea and cancer prevention is a very popular subject of discussion. The reason for all of the excitement around green tea is because of its natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties. What we do know is that green tea can provide a wide variety of different health benefits. Can you drink green tea for cancer prevention?

Cancer and Green tea prevention

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Green tea is well known and loved widely throughout Southeast Asia. It’s completely non fermented, fresh, and minimally processed. It has experienced a huge resurgence throughout the rest of the world thanks to its purported health benefits. Green tea for cancer prevention has become a huge part of the conversation surrounding the health benefits of drinking green tea.

What is green tea?

Like any other variety of tea, green tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant. Typically the leaves from the topmost part of the plant are picked for their quality and potency. Black, Oolong as well as several other varieties of tea undergo a process of drying and oxidation during production.

Steaming green tea early on in the process prevents oxidization. This results in a milder, fresher and less bitter taste. Sweet and balanced, green tea is lovely to drink. Green tea is available in many different forms. A few examples include Matcha, pre bottled tea and capsules. Caffeine content differs greatly down the line. How does this affect its health properties? Can you drink green tea for cancer prevention?

Green tea for cancer prevention

There may be a link between comparably lower cancer rates in Asian populations, specifically breast cancer rates. Green tea consumption can contribute to healthy dietary and cardiovascular functions. The immune system also benefits from green tea. Acting as a natural antibacterial drink as well as being chock full of antioxidant compounds makes green tea a key component of a healthy diet.

It’s worth noting that one stark difference between Asian populations with lower cancer rates and Western populations is diet. Simply put, they eat well. Asian populations eat a diverse range of proteins, fibers and fats in their diet. Sources of protein differ greatly, from red meats to fish and soy products, lower intake of fried foods and less added sugars. Green tea is only one piece of the puzzle.

EGCG and cancer prevention

Among other contents, the most researched compound of green tea is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). The compound EGCG has antioxidant properties. An antioxidant acts as a ‘free radical scavenger’ that goes around the body and rounds up disease causing free radicals, including carcinogens. EGCG has been shown to have anticancer potential in fighting free radical cells.

Cancer is a complex disease. Any one person’s propensity towards developing cancerous cells will always fall back on genetic, environmental, and lifestyle related factors. Incorporating healthier choices, like green tea, can only serve to reduce your chances of developing chronic health anomalies. One fact is unarguably true; replacing drinks with added sugars or artificial ingredients with green tea can do nothing but good for your overall health.

Some studies have suggested that you can actually use green tea for cancer prevention. This study compared tea drinkers to non tea drinkers. it was found that women who regularly consumed green tea experienced lower rates of breast cancer risk. The same can be found when looking at the consumption of other antioxidant compounds. In other words green tea drinking for your vitality is anything but far-fetched. While on its own green tea drinking will not prevent cancer, it can most certainly be a part of a pro health, anticancer regimen.

Green tea side effects

Free radicals can cause direct damage to our cells as well as particular health problems. For example, the inhalation of cigarette smoke will cause oxidative damage and increased cancer risk directly to the tissue of the lungs. Green tea contains about 10-80mg of caffeine per cup and therefore may cause some caffeine side effects such as headaches, palpitations and tachycardia. Because of this, it is important to consult a medical professional before making changes to your diet.

However, It is best to consume green tea in moderation. Green tea is a strong and proactive beverage that has plenty of positive benefits. But green tea is caffeinated. If you suffer from cardiovascular or any other health anomalies, be sure to seek professional medical advice before changing your level of caffeine consumption.

You can feel great knowing you can consume green tea for cancer prevention. Green tea has a lot of health benefits, especially in place of unhealthy alternatives. Hopefully you’ve picked up some useful information from this piece. I know I’ll be running to brew myself another cup of green tea. So, what’s your favorite type?

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