Best Thermos for Tea

The Best Thermos for Tea

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There’s nothing like a warm cup of tea in the morning, prepared exactly how you like it. I’m the kind of guy who likes to take their conveniences, and creature comforts with them wherever they go. Sadly, taking tea where I want it to be is a reality I just don’t live in. Paper cups? Too prone to spilling and leaking, travel mugs only hold enough for a short walk and there really aren’t many other alternatives. With a lot of people seeking out instant drink mixes, or shelling out their precious funds to big chain cafes, it’s important to remember that there are alternatives. So before you try and brew a cup on your lap, or get a bunch of tea into containers, let’s explore some of those, shall we? This is a review of the best thermos for tea. 

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The Best Thermos for Tea Reviewed

Take into consideration the number of times you’ve had to put up with a less than stellar replacement for your tea fix while you were on the go. Whether it’s a big event that doesn’t cater to your obviously superior taste, you’re out in the glorious wilderness or the office brew makes you want to spew, we’ve got a solution for you. These thermoses give you the tea holding capacity, temperature regulating and carrying potential you’ve so desperately craved. If you want a smarter way to transport lots of tea at once (for yourself or a group, we won’t judge) these are a great place to start! We’ll cut through the details, features and everything you need to know about these bad boys so you’ll be well on your way to sipping it up in style! 

What to Look for in a Good Thermos for Tea 

First things first you’re going to want to know what style you’re going for, (or if it matters!) Trying to find one with just the right design, and color could be a deal breaker. Let’s put it this way. You wouldn’t want to go hiking with a glass tea thermos, or take a hot beverage dispenser style thermos to the office. Well again, we won’t judge. 

It’s important to consider that there’s plenty of different kinds of thermoses out there, especially for tea. If you plan on drinking out of it while you’re transporting tea it means a whole different functionality than a straight up thermos. Regardless of how you’re going to use it, a thermos also has to provide a certain amount of insulation to keep your tea just the right temperature. The point is, you want to find something that fits in the intersection between style and functionality. 

That way, you’ll be able to find something that does exactly what you need it to, in the right size and for the right value. Speaking of size, volume is another huge factor. I’ll give you some insight into how much tea they can pack away, so you know whether or not it’s enough to meet your needs! These reviews will help you find the best value for money, while getting the job done. 

Vibrant All in One Thermos for Tea 

Vibrant all in one leak proof design thermos

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The two piece design of this relatively standard thermos/travel mug is well suited to those who want to be able to brew the tea on-the-go, too. A small detachable stainless steel mesh filter can be inserted to pour water directly over the leaves, or herbal teas you’d like to brew. After that it can be removed and the contents can be kept hot for as long as 12 hours after it’s closed. That’s an impressive length of time for a thermos of this size and price point. It’s volume is 16.9ozs. The Vibrant thermos has a very simplistic design that’s well suited to cupholders, a premium matte grip finish for commuters or a tight seal for carrying it around in bags. 


  • Totally Stainless Steel design 
  • Powder coated finish doesn’t flake off 
  • Small enough to take anywhere 

Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle 

Stanley vacuum sealed Thermos for tea

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This is the classic Stanley design you probably know and love. At the very least, you’ve seen these things bouncing around for a while and there’s a good reason for that! They’re downright durable, and reliable at keeping food, soups, and drinks cold or hot for a while. Not to put too much of a spotlight on their primary feature, but 32 hours of temperature preservation for hot and cold beverages?

It will even carry iced things for a staggering 6 whole days! There’s no messing with a classic, and Stanley wants you to know it! The large capacity vacuum bottle at one half of a quart, is ideal for a few cups of tea to enjoy throughout the day. The biggest criticism you could make of the Stanley thermos is that it’s really only suitable for serving into other containers. It’s less than likely that you’d want to use the lid to drink from, so make sure you bring your own cup! It comes in around a mid range price point, which is perfect considering how much volume, and build quality you’ll get from this thing. 


  • Great build quality 
  • Impressive capacity 
  • Highly durable 

Teabloom All-Purpose Beverage Tumbler 

Teabloom all purpose beverage tumbler for tea

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The Teabloom all-purpose beverage tumbler is as handy as it is fashionable. It has a respectable 16oz capacity, for two small cups of tea on the go. It comes in a variety of colors, as well! The one standout feature of this stylish tea thermos is that it has an alternative two-way stainless steel brewing system. If you’re someone who likes to brew their tea on the go, this could prove to be advantageous to you.

It does not have any kind of spout, so you’ll have to remove the lid if you want to drink from it on the go, too. The two-way brewing system consists of two mesh filters, one with a ‘pour-over’ design that’s suitable for pouring the water directly over your tea, or an immersive filter for keeping the tea leaves inside of the water the whole time it brews. What’s best about this innovative little thermos? Its price tag. It comes in at a very reasonable price for everything it’s capable of. 


  • Two way brewing on-the-go 
  • Eco-friendly production 
  • Perfect for the office 

Airport Hot Beverage Dispenser with Pump

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Let’s say you’ve got a group of people. And they all love tea. How are you going to give them the drink they want on-the-go without breaking out an entire camp setup? It’s simple! Repurpose one of these commercial grade airpot coffee dispensers for the ultimate in a large thermos with a pump dispenser. Really, this thing is capable of serving up 102 oz’s over your favorite kind of tea at the press of a pump.

Not only that, it will keep your tea fresh and warm for 20 hours! It’s an incredible piece of equipment for the tea lover who either can’t get enough of the stuff, or want to share. And we’re guessing it’s the latter! Just for perspective, this will fill about 15 coffee sized cups. That is to say, you’ll have tea for your whole trip! Lastly, it’s worth noting that the price range is very, very low compared to its capacity and functionality. This one might just be the best thermos for tea yet. 


  • Large 102oz capacity 
  • Long-lasting hot beverage insulation 
  • Perfect for a group

EcoVessel Stainless Steel Travel Bottle 

Ecovessel stainless steel travel bottle

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Triple insulated, the EcoVessel provides a lasting 8 hours of hot beverage temperature maintenance so you can easily rely on this thing for a workday. One thing I’ve got to say about the Ecovessel right off the bat is how durable this thing is. It stands up to just about anything, thanks to a great build quality and silicone bottom. This is one thermos I can easily recommend for the office, or the hiking trail. Thanks to its level of durability and a convenient drinking lid, you can count on it being a versatile thermos for tea. The spout is specially designed to withstand some hurt, too. It also keeps a nice, spill-proof spill when you’re not trying to take a sip. 


  • Highly durable 
  • Versatile as a travel mug 
  • 8 Hours of hot tea

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These thermoses all come at the right time for anyone planning for winter. If you want to enjoy fun outdoor activities without having to give up your precious tea, this is a great way to do it! Whether it’s style, or capacity there’s a thermos here to suit just about anybody’s needs. Where would you take your tea thermos? For me, it would definitely be outdoor activities in the fall/wintertime. There’s nothing like your favorite herbal tea by the campfire! Thanks for stopping by, please consider checking out some of our other recommended tea products!


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