Best tea for pregnancy

best tea to drink when you're pregnant

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If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding you have to make lifestyle changes. That includes what you eat and drink! Even though they’re herbal, certain teas aren’t safe for women to consume during pregnancy so it’s important to shop for products that are specifically made for pregnant or nursing moms. Here’s the best tea for pregnancy that’s not only safe, it might also help with other symptoms.

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Best tea for pregnancy

When you’re looking for a tea blend during pregnancy it’s important to be aware of the ingredients. Caffeine, which is common in many types of tea, isn’t safe in high quantities while you’re pregnant. Some women even like to avoid it altogether.

Beyond that, some specialty teas are actually designed to help with pregnancy symptoms. There’s blends that relieve morning sickness and others that are supposed to help with labour. Breastfeeding moms aren’t left out either; there’s blends that help with lactation and give energy to the nursing mom.

Is it safe to drink tea during pregnancy?

As with everything, it’s critical to speak with your doctor whenever you’re unsure, but especially while pregnant or breastfeeding. Certain things pass through to the baby so it’s important to make sure everything you eat and drink is safe.

Generally speaking, you should try and avoid teas with caffeine or ones that are normally drunk for their health benefits while pregnant or breastfeeding. Otherwise, all the teas on this list are made specifically for pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Herbal teas are great baby shower gifts

If you’re looking for a great gift idea for an expectant mother herbal tea blends are the perfect option. Usually they taste great and have ingredients that have been helping pregnant women for centuries. You could include it as part of a gift basket or give it as a long distance gift to someone who’s suffering with challenging pregnancy symptoms.

What are some of the best teas for pregnancy?

If you want a single type of tea, rather than a blend, for pregnancy there’s a few options. Rooibos teas are particularly beneficial because of their antioxidant properties. For those fighting off nausea, ginger tea can be drunk safely during pregnancy to alleviate symptoms. Relaxing teas like chamomile and peppermint help you to relax. Finally raspberry leaf has been used traditionally to help tone uterine muscles. 

Most of the time blends are the best option because they not only offer multiple health benefits, they also taste great. Many pregnant women find they have to try multiple teas and blends before they find the one that works best for them. 

The best tea for morning sickness

Personally, I had very bad morning sickness with my kids so I know what it’s like to want relief. These morning sickness teas are blended to help relieve some of that nausea that you might be feeling throughout the day. If you’re trying to avoid taking medication in pregnancy herbal teas, especially those with ginger, can really help take the edge off during those difficult early months. 

Bamboobies Morning Sickness Relief Tea

best tea for morning sickness

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Ginger is a natural anti-nauseant so it makes sense that this is a ginger tea. It’s both caffeine and sugar free, while also organic and GMO free, so you can feel comfortable drinking it while pregnant. The hint of lemon adds some natural sweetness for a great taste blend.


  • Great taste
  • Ginger is proven to help with nausea (so it works)
  • Tea bags make it convenient to drink

Earth Mama Morning Wellness Tea

baby wellness tea for pregnancy

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This tea is meant to help with occasional morning sickness naturally. Like the other morning sickness tea it also contains ginger, but this one compliments it with a natural mint taste. Mint is another great anti-nauseant so the combination works well together. Not only does it taste great but it also gives you a little pick-me-up when you need it. Heat your kettle, and check out some of these fantastic teas!  


  • Mint adds a refreshing flavour with the ginger
  • Smells great which helps with morning sickness
  • Caffeine free

Tea-for-Two Pregnancy Tea

This tea not only helps relieve morning sickness, it also is designed to promote general pregnancy wellness. It’s made with lemon and other herbs that are meant to help with nausea, strengthen the uterus, and support a healthy pregnancy. You really could keep drinking this one through the postpartum months too! 


  • Loose-leaf tea blend
  • Is made to be consumed throughout your pregnancy
  • Naturally energy boosting without caffeine

Best tea for pregnancy and childbirth

These teas are blended to provide overall support and health benefits throughout the entire pregnancy. They’re comprised of a herbal blend that usually help tone uterine muscles, provide energy, help with relaxation, and replace essential nutrients. Many of these teas and blends have been used for centuries by expectant mothers. 

The Republic Of Tea Be Well Red Rooibos Tea

caffeine free rooibos tea for pregnant women

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This loose leaf tea has everything a pregnant woman or new mother needs. Ingredients like raspberry leaf and ginger were chosen for their specific health benefits. Naturally caffeine free you can drink this during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. 


  • Loose leaf tea
  • Blended with a variety of herbs that support a healthy pregnancy
  • Great taste

Raspberry Leaf Loose Herbal Tea

Raspberry leaf is a traditional herbal medicine to support and strengthen uterine muscles. When consumed during pregnancy and postpartum, it’s supposed to help the body naturally adapt and health to pregnancy. Although it’s often part of other blends, this is an opportunity to just enjoy the benefits of raspberry leaf tea on its own.


  • Single ingredient loose leaf tea with no fillers
  • A source of vitamins like magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins
  • Organic

Tea 4 Two

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This is another herbal tea blend that’s specially formulated to be safe for mom and baby. What’s nice is it comes as a gift pack that also contains some natural body lotion to help pamper the mom to be. If you’re looking for a tea-themed baby gift this is a great idea!


  • Loose leaf tea that’s blended to help relieve uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms
  • Can be drank in every pregnancy trimester
  • Also makes a cute baby gift

The best tea for breastfeeding

Although many women choose to breastfeed for longer, the first 3 months are often labelled the “4th trimester” for a reason. While a woman’s body is healing from childbirth she’s also nourishing a baby! These teas are blended to help support postpartum healing and aid lactation in those early months.

Both of these lactation teas are great options and contain similar ingredients so the decision depends on your decision between loose leaf and bagged tea, as well as the taste. They might even work well enough to replace lactation supplements. 

Pink Stork Lactation Tea

best tea for lactation

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Just like with pregnancy, lactation teas should also be caffeine free and this one is no exception. It contains Marshmallow Thistle, Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, and Fennel which encourage and enhance lactation. Plus it tastes great so you won’t mind drinking this lactation tea.


  • Herbal blend specifically designed to support lactation
  • Vanilla flavour makes this tea taste great
  • Might help increase milk production

Milkmakers Lactation Tea 

tea to improve lactation for pregnant women

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Among other lactation supporting ingredients this tea is made with nettles, fennel, and oat straw. It has a natural coconut flavouring to it which helps make it taste great. Lactation teas often have better results than just taking herbal supplements (like fenugreek) and this tea blend is no exception. Definitely worth a try for those needing lactation support!


  • Blend of ingredients that may help increase milk supply
  • Great flavour with a hint of coconut
  • Tea is in bags rather than loose leaf

So what is the best tea for pregnancy?

All of these teas would be suitable for pregnant women because they’re made without caffeine and contain a blend of ingredients that are generally regarded as safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Taste is a huge factor when it comes to choose between herbal tea blends and you might find yourself needing to try multiple varieties before you find one you love. 

My recommendation for the best tea for pregnancy, though, is The Republic Of Tea Be Well Red Rooibos Tea. This loose leaf tea is made up of a great herbal blend that’s suitable for every semester of pregnancy.

Thanks to the ginger it will help tackle morning sickness and other early pregnancy symptoms. The raspberry leaf added has been used for centuries to help tone uterine muscles, which means it will help the uterus expand during pregnancy and contract postpartum. Finally, there’s nettles and alfalfa which offer some nutritional benefits. 

Naturally caffeine free this blend isn’t designed just to have health benefits, it also tastes good. Which is important when you’re pregnant and have a heightened sense of smell or changes in taste. 

Although it doesn’t contain ingredients that increase breast milk production, this herbal blend can also be consumed postpartum for its other benefits.

A final thought

Herbal tea blends have been consumed for centuries by expectant mothers. But that doesn’t mean everything is safe. Not only should you check with your obstetrician before consuming herbal teas during pregnancy or while breastfeeding you also need to keep the dose in mind. Always follow the directions. 

Pregnancy is a great time to take care of yourself. The best tea for pregnancy will help support that with a blend of pregnancy safe healthy ingredients. It should also be something you enjoy drinking! 

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