Best tea for cramps

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Muscle cramps, absolutely nobody looks forward to these awful pain-inducing episodes of agony. Some people experience them in a chronic sense, while others suffer through from time to time thanks to an injury. No matter what the reason is, cramps are dreadful occurrences.

So, what can we do to avoid getting cramps in the first place? Drinking more water? Sure, it would be anyone’s first recommendation. Beyond that, if you’re someone who wants to avoid using over the counter medications and topical creams, teas can actually be quite helpful! That’s right, here we’re going to discuss the best tea for cramps. That way you can get back on your feet, and face your day to day without fear of another awful, incapacitating muscle cramp! 

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The Best Teas for Muscle Cramps 

Tea can help act as a preventative measure against experiencing cramps in the first place! There’s plenty of reasons why muscles cramp up, but there’s also a lot we can do to stop them from cramping. For starters, teas provide a vehicle for staying hydrated. Whether you take them iced or warm is besides the point, although you might find cold tea to be more convenient to take around with you. You can also harness the seemingly limitless anti-inflammatory potential of tea that’s out there.

Is Tea Good for Cramps? 

Tea can not, and will not do anything in the moment you’re experiencing a muscle cramp. They’re simply a natural method that can be used to help reduce the frequency of cramps so that you can live a more enjoyable, and stress-free life! That being said, if you experience muscle cramps frequently, contact your medical professional for accurate and important medical advice before taking on a natural remedy such as tea. 

How Does Tea Help With Cramps? 

The ant-inflammatory properties of tea are almost endless. They contain high rates of anti-cancer, and immuno-supportive compounds that are eager to help give your body the upper-hand on just about anything that maligns you. Seriously, the potential for herbal, and traditional teas to make a difference in health outcomes related to muscular issues is profound. That being said, you’ll even find tea among the top recommended muscle relaxing things you can have. Don’t believe us yet? We’re going to dive into some of the best tea for cramps, so you can taste them for yourself. We wholeheartedly recommend these teas for their numerous health benefits, delicious taste and consistent quality.  

Muscle spasms, or cramps are malignant and typically quite painful responses from muscles being overworked, or pulled. They can also occur in adolescents experiencing growth spurts. Women can also be susceptible to menstrual related cramps. And finally, a lack of hydration, or other lifestyle and environmental related factors can cause individuals to experience muscle cramps. With more and more people opting for natural remedies, why not explore the possibility of including a natural muscle relaxer, anti inflammatory or preventative tea into your routine? 

Best Tea for Menstrual Cramps

Yogi Ginger Tea 

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Ginger is a natural, all-around herbal tea that is legendary for its healing properties. This humble root isn’t just for creating delicious dishes in the kitchen, but also ailing symptoms you may be dealing with. Among other things, ginger tea is also known for reducing the severity of menstrual cramping thanks to its role as an anti inflammatory. In this regard, it’s even said to be as powerful as some over the shelf pain relievers. The value of ginger tea, too, is that it’s beneficial to your health in a wide variety of ways. It can also provide relief of nausea in your stomach, and to ease tension and stress levels. Studies have confirmed this teas value in mitigating menstrual cramping, which makes this herbal tea a great natural alternative to reach for when you’re in need. 

Best Soothing Herbal Tea for Muscle Cramps 

Heather’s Tummy Teas Peppermint

Peppermint tea for curing muscle cramps

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Best Soothing Herbal Tea for Muscle Cramps 

Heather’s Tummy Teas Peppermint

Now this is the real deal when it comes to mint teas! Very simply put, peppermint acts to help prevent the contraction of muscles in the first place. This means you will have less of a chance of ‘pulling’ muscles either by extending them, or experiencing latent cramps throughout your body. Peppermint isn’t just a great muscle relaxer, it’s also an incredibly soothing tea that can help you get through a rough spot in a pinch! Peppermint is an all around soothing and delicious tea. It’s refreshing aroma almost instantly calms the senses. In this way, it’s perfect for bouncing back from a bad episode, or preparing for future cramping. 

Best Tea for Muscle Cramps 

Twinings Pure Chamomile Tea 

Twinings chamomile tea for cramps

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Over and over again, you’ll see chamomile tea listed as one of the first natural remedies to cramps. As cramps vex many people in the late afternoon and evening, this non caffeinated tea is the perfect way for you to unwind. You can leave your fear of cramps at the front door, too. This herbal tea is wonderfully suited to conquering your dreadful cramps, and leaving you in a state of relaxation and harmony. Chamomile tea is one of my personal go-to teas for relaxation. But it isn’t just a powerful stress reliever, chamomile tea is a natural muscle relaxer. In fact, it’s one of the most highly recommended herbal teas out there for cramps! So besides being the perfect all around sleep aid, and stress reliever, it can also help your muscles from over contracting! If cramps are impacting you well deserved night’s rest, this tea can also play a role as well. Chamomile is a powerful sleep aid, utilized in a lot of boxed herbal teas designed to knock you out right before bedtime! Give it a try, if a fear of muscle cramps is keeping you from enjoying a quality night of sleep. If you need any other reasons to pick up a box of this stuff, it’s very affordable as well. 

Best Herbal Anti Inflammatory 

Traditional Medicinals Turmeric & Ginger Herbal Tea 

Traditional medicinal ginger turmeric tea

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This incredibly powerful combination of roots come together to create one herbal tea that will definitely get you back on your feet. Turmeric is a strong natural anti inflammatory, which provides additional pain relief as well. It’s very reliable, so you can count on the effect of this root for real relief. Anyone who is familiar with the oral supplement already knows about its miraculous healing properties. Ginger, on the other hand, will aid in healing after the pain is dulled. It can help relax the muscles and joints to prevent further muscle spasms. Turmeric is root that blends well with ginger to create a warming, spiced herbal drink that tastes absolutely sensational. Give this stuff a try if you want some quick, and lasting relief from cramps. 

Best All Around Tea for Cramps 

Cinnamon tea for cramps

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This herbal wonder is good for a lot more than just baking! Cinnamon creates a delicious, spiced and perfectly crisp cup of tea that’s like drinking warm sunshine in a cup. It wlll fill you heart up just as quickly as it will ward off muscle cramps and that’s why we love this stuff! Needless to say, this tea is completely caffeine free. That being said, it makes a wonderful alternative for coffee drinkers who don’t want to miss out on a fresh roasted flavor without all of the caffeine! This a blend of three different types of cinnamon sourced from around the world to create a lucious and warming cup of tea. 

My personal pick for the best tea for cramps has to be Twinings Chamomile. It’s consistently a  delicious floral cup of herbal tea with a soothing aroma that gets the job done. You can’t go wrong with a staple and this one always knocks it out of the park for me! 

Any one of these herbal teas is the perfect option for preventing a muscle cramp before it occurs. The most important thing you can do besides follow your doctor’s advice is to stay properly hydrated. In most cases, herbal teas can double as non-diuretics so they can provide you with lots of health benefits as well as hydration. Look to these for some that you’d like to take with you on the go, because they’re incredibly easy to take iced. Hopefully you can avoid your next cramp, thanks to these trusty teas! 

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