Best Tea for Constipation

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Constipation plagues many people on a daily basis. Needless to say, if you’re experiencing it infrequently you’re probably just going through a rough patch. There’s a bunch of factors that can influence whether or not you’re going to experience it, but regardless you still want to find some relief. Nobody likes to have it, and very few people like to talk about it. Seeing that tea can actually reduce the prevalence of constipation, or alleviating it to a degree, means that we felt the need to help point you in the right direction. We’re going to review the best tea for constipation, so you or someone you know can find relief fast. Thankfully, there’s more ways than one that tea can help with constipation, which we’ll explain further in more detail. 

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Caffeine Has a Laxative Effect 

If for whatever reason you shy away from over the counter remedies like medicinal laxatives, you’re not alone! Lots of people prefer to look for natural remedies before they move on to medicines, especially if symptoms are not very severe. 

Regardless of whether or not you think it’s much to worry about, consider talking to your doctor for accurate medical advice regarding constipation. That way they can provide you with timely and up to date, professional advice on how best to proceed with treating your issue. 

First things first, you’ll be happy to know that the regular black, green or oolong tea you already enjoy can have a significant effect on clearing up your constipation. If you occasionally like to sip on black tea in particular, this is definitely a great first step. Due to its production process, black tea has the highest caffeine content of any tea. That isn’t just great news for getting you up in the morning, but it also affects your battle with constipation symptoms, too! 

Caffeine is known to act similarly to a laxative. In other words, it has effects that can help get you closer to healthy and regular bowel movements. Caffeine is a strong stimulant for the body. It increases the production of bile in your system, which in turn leads to quicker and for many people, more predictable bowel movements. 

Tea Can Help With Constipation 

Besides containing caffeine, black tea has the unique double-threat of being a hot beverage as well. What does that mean for your symptoms? If you’re drinking hot water, coffee or tea in the morning it has a higher than average chance of helping you get to the bathroom. The way that works is hot liquids travel through your system and help remove toxins, waste and anything else that might be clogging up the drains. So to speak

It can also help relax your muscles, and remove some of the tension that can hinder your ability to fight constipation. Next time you’re expecting to have to tough it out, reach for tea, coffee or even freshly boiled water for a nourishing and beneficial drink. I like to think of it as a, ‘hot shower for your insides’. As a bonus, it even has the benefit of ‘waking up’ your digestive system after a (hopefully) long night of dormant rest. This puts your body in a better position for digesting food and absorbing nutrients first thing in the morning when you need it. 

How to Properly Make a Nourishing Cup of Tea 

Tea is great for fighting constipation! But how do you make sure you’re getting the most out of your favorite brew? Luckily, we’ve got the tips you need to make a cup of tea to help fight constipation: 

  • Boil the water completely until your stovetop kettle whistles, or your electric kettle shuts off. 
  • Brew the tea bag for 5 minutes, so the most amount of caffeine (and flavor!) is extracted. 
  • Add milk and sugar if desired, only after the tea has finished brewing.

Now that you’re ready for a refreshing cup of tea, here’s our reviews for the best tea for constipation! 

Prince of Peace Black Tea 

Black tea for constipation

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As we just mentioned, black tea is a great choice if you’re looking for relief from constipation! When brewed right, you can expect a lot of beneficial effects from this simple and timeless tea. It helps to loosen things up, and get your body all singing the right tune to help relieve your symptoms. That being said, it sure helps if it tastes good. Prince of Peace makes a smooth and highly drinkable black tea that’s more than ideal for making the perfect cup. This tea goes well with or without milk and sugar, but if you’re drinking it for the benefits you’re best doing so without either. Milk cools, and strips tea of some of its healthy compounds. This tasty and organic black tea is a good natural remedy for constipation. 

Bigelow Lemon Ginger Tea 

lemon ginger tea bigelow tea for constipation

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This herbal tea is perfect for aiding you with constipation. Ginger is a powerful digestive aid, known for helping a wide range of symptoms. This tea even comes packed with probiotics that help support healthy digestion the whole way through. If you’re looking for a good and delicious everyday herbal tea for constipation this is your best bet. Lemon and ginger play well together for a refreshing and slightly spiced flavor that’s both rejuvenating and enjoyable. Who said constipation relief had to taste bad, anyways? Ginger won’t just help encourage bowel movements, it’s great for your stomach as well. If you suffer from nausea or an upset stomach from time to time, a herbal ginger tea like this is exactly what you need. Enjoy it piping hot for the best effect. 

Biokoma Marshmallow Root Tea 

Marshmallow root tea for constipation

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This is nothing but pure and natural, dried marshmallow root tea! What is that, you ask? Marshmallow root tea is widely known for helping people find soothing relief for a wide variety of ailments.This plant has great potential for giving you some much needed gastrointestinal relief. Marshmallow root tea has a gentle taste that you won’t mind drinking each day, especially if it helps with your symptoms! There’s significant evidence to show that this tea can go so far as to treat ulcers, even heartburn! That makes Marshmallow root tea the perfect thing to reach for after a large meal. Not only will it help prevent some of these nasty symptoms, but it may even give you a little help digesting. Any hot tea, caffeinated or not will make digestion easier on your system. 

Yogi Peppermint Tea 

Best tea for constipation peppermint tea

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Long known as a powerful tummy tea, peppermint is a great thing to add to your cupboard tea stash if you’re experiencing issues with constipation. The best thing about peppermint? It’s by far the taste. There’s hardly anything as satisfying as a post-meal cup of peppermint tea. It takes away the grogginess and bloating that comes with a full meal. It even acts preemptively against heartburn, bloating and discomfort. This really is the wonder tea everyone makes it out to be, it even freshens your breath! Peppermint tea is good for an upset stomach, and all of the accompanying symptoms. Consider taking this tea after or even before meals to give yourself the best chance at beating symptoms like constipation that can cause immense discomfort. 

Organic Green Tea 

green tea for stomach discomfort

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Green tea is an antioxidant powerhouse that you should always have on hand. It’s an easy-drinking, smooth tea that still has enough caffeine to keep you going throughout the day. There’s just one problem with drinking green tea. You can’t just have one cup. It’s so fresh and rejuvenating, that you’ll have the kettle back on before you’re finished sipping on your first cup. But how does it stand for constipation relief? To be blunt, green tea keeps things moving smooth. This tea has a gentle, mild laxative effect similar to black tea or coffee, but with a monumentally larger number of antioxidants. Besides that, it’s antiseptic so it can help eliminate bacteria before it reaches your gut to begin with. Here we’ve selected a totally organic green tea to enjoy. That means it has a stable and healthy level of disease fighting antioxidants, as well as the peace of mind that it’s fresh and free of any contaminants. Enjoy this lovely and refreshing tea every morning to start your day off right, it can even replace your morning joe. 

All of these teas serve slightly different purposes, but they can all aid you in finding soothing relief from constipation. Next time you’re feeling the symptoms of constipation set in, reach for one of these teas. Alternatively, you can use them everyday for proactive relief. This would provide you with the most optimal benefits since each one of these teas provides so many other powerful health benefits. Are you currently using something else to try and seek relief for constipation. If so, what have you tried so far? Thanks so much for checking out our reviews! Stop by next time to learn more about how tea makes the best natural herbal remedies.  

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