Best Tea for Bloating

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Bloating is the symptom of a handful of really uncomfortable afflictions. Generally speaking, our digestive system is prone to being upset fairly easily. Whether it’s eating too much, eating too much of something we shouldn’t, feeling under the weather or having a bit too much to drink! The list goes on and on, but the pain and discomfort shouldn’t have to. We like to find different ways teas can make an impact in our lives. Whether it’s temporary relief of symptoms, or aiding in our long term health. Bloating is one of those things we experience that has a lot of medicinal remedies. However, people are increasingly looking for more natural cures to the things that bother them. That’s why we’ve taken care to round up, and review the best tea for bloating! 

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What is the Best Tea for Bloating? 

Tea can actually play a huge role in how your stomach is doing, and whether or not you’re experiencing discomfort. One of the oldest uses of tea, particularly in western europe, was as a digestive aide to ward against an upset stomach. 

Tea has long been used for gastrointestinal issues, serving as a natural remedy for centuries. You can count on a fresh cup of tea to help you after each and every meal, but just which ones should you reach for? We’re going to break down the different types of tea that are best suited to easing stomach pain and abdominal discomfort, such as bloating. First, we’ll examine how and why teas have this incredible effect, so you can be reassured with each sip. 

Does Tea Help With Bloating? 

Bloating occurs as an incredibly uncomfortable symptom of stomach related issues. Gas is certainly a contributing factor, but it usually has something to do with an irritant or ingredient in your food. You’ll hear many people complain about bloating after eating too much onion, garlic or saturated fats, for instance. Whatever the case may be, tea can actually help to prevent this from happening, and in some cases, bring down symptoms of bloating as they occur. Here’s how! 

It’s very easy for the bacteria in your gut to get knocked off of its careful balance. For many, this is one of the easiest ways to experience bloating. Sadly, it’s not an infrequent occurrence for many. In maintaining good gut health, antioxidants can work together with probiotics to create the perfect environment for easy digestion. There’s a lot to learn about what goes into a happy tummy, but we’re just going to focus on tea’s role in all of this. Here’s a few teas that are perfect for helping you keep things aligned, and less bloated! 

The Best Teas for Bloating 

All of these teas provide otherwise healthy and beneficial roles for our overall health! Do some research and see what your favorite tasting herbal teas are, you might just be surprised to find out they’re perfect for what you’re looking for! Herbal tea has been used as a natural remedy for generations. It doesn’t just taste good, and warms you up without all of that caffeine. But it also provides a myriad of different benefits through the botanicals, fruits and herbs that it’s made with. Make sure to let us know which one of these natural teas helped give you some relief. 

Go-To Bloating Relief 

Heather’s Tummy Teas Organic Peppermint 

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Heather’s Tummy Teas are USDA certified organic, and use only ingredients that are proven to ‘play nice’ with your stomach. This peppermint variety is specially formulated to deal specifically with IBS symptoms, which actually makes it a great tea for bloating, too! It deals with some of the same symptoms you might already be dealing with, and helps to calm the part of your digestive systems that’s causing so much trouble in the first place.

Peppermint works naturally to calm some of our automatic reflexes, one being spasms and discomfort in the amdomin. It can also help you feel just a little less stressed when you’re experiencing an episode of particular discomfort. The soothing aroma of peppermint is known to have a pleasant calming effect. It’s also good for similar symptoms to bloating, like acid reflux, diarrhea, and upset stomach. Give this medicinal-grade peppermint brew a whirl, it’s a refreshing and delightful pick me up when you’re feeling bloated and uncomfortable. 

Tea for Healthy Digestion 

Celestial Seasonings Ginger + Probiotics 

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This tea is ideal for maintaining good digestion on a day to day basis. It contains valuable probiotics, which help your gut process food while maintaining a proper balance of bacteria. Ginger on the other hand, provides quick and effective relief. 

You’ll often see ginger touted as one of the best natural remedies for gastrointestinal related issues, and for good reason! It’s a quick and easy go-to for just about everything that can make you quease or ache. Sip some warm and calming ginger to soothe stomach cramps, nausea, indigestion and upset stomach. At the same time, the probiotics in this tasty tea will go to work to help your gut prepare for digestion. Take this before a meal for the best effect! 

Detox Tea To Help With Bloating 

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Fennel is a powerful detoxifier. It helps by providing gentle digestive relief, and aide so you can eat worry-free! Just like many other herbal teas, fennel is completely caffeine free, so there’s no cause for concern if you need a cup of this stuff before bed. You’ll enjoy an almost licorice-like, soothing taste that will help put you at ease and ward off bloating. This blend by Pukka teas features a pure serving of fennel seeds, and fennel leaf. This helps to provide the full range of benefits you can get from this wonder plant! 

Fennel tea reduces abdominal discomfort by helping to prevent gas, bloating, and even constipation. Several studies have linked its miraculous benefits to these symptoms.This is one of many tasty and safe natural remedies that you can add to your rotation to help ward off the effects of bloating. Be sure to drink some after a meal for the full effect! 

The Best Digestive Tonic Tea 

US Wellness Naturals Lemon Balm Tea 

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This loose leaf wonder is a herbal tea from the mint variety. This little leaf is great as an all around tummy tonic, helping you back up again with a refreshing dose of mint and lemon flavor. This tea contains only pure lemon balm herbs, and despite the name no lemon! That’s right, this is a herbal tea that is composed of a mint-family herb that emits a sensational and delicious lemon and mint aroma. In other words, this combination doesn’t just soothe, it also tastes incredible and provides just a bit of calm with each sip. 

This tea is totally caffeine-free, so you can enjoy it at any time of day! It was important for us to include a herbal loose-leaf here. That way, you could enjoy this tea on-the-go in a tea tumbler with an infuser. Otherwise, you can enjoy it steeped in an infuser water bottle for all-day relief, (and fresh breath!) Take this resealable loose leaf with you wherever you go for a delicious and natural remedy to your bloated stomach. 

The Best Tea for Bloating 

Traditional Medicinals Tulsi with Ginger 

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This is an all-organic blend of tulsi and ginger! What’s that, you might ask? It’s more than likely you’ve heard this tea referred to as ‘Holy Basil’ tea before, but there really is something to that name. It’s a gentle and floral tasting tea that’s been used in India for centuries to help aid with just about everything imaginable. 

Think of it as the sister to chamomile tea in this regard. Helping your tummy get over large meals or an episode of gas and bloating is what this tea does best. What’s great about both ginger and holy basil, or tulsi, is their ability to help manage your stress response. It gradually provides relief from stressful hormones, allowing you to relax and feel a bit better, too. While lifestyle changes might have some of the most profound impact on gastrointestinal issues, pairing them with a tea like this really has the potential to make a difference! 

All of these teas provide great relief for those of you suffering from occasional bloating! Remember to get in touch with your licensed medical professional for accurate and timely advice on what you can do about your bloating if things get worse. If you’re experiencing it every day, there may be something that you need to address with a doctor. Otherwise, let us know if any of these herbal delights helped you bring down, or prevent your bloating. What have you used for bloating in the past? Thanks so much for stopping by! 

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