Best tea for allergies

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If you suffer from allergies, especially seasonal or environmental allergies, then you’re probably desperate for some relief. I know I am! That got me curious about the best tea for allergies; is there some kind of herbal remedy that can help? Turns out there is! Drinking tea is a great way to get some allergy relief without having to take over the counter medicine.

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Best tea for allergies

Personally, I don’t like to take too much medication. When possible I turn to natural remedies. But for allergies, it really feels like there are few options out there that actually work. It turns out, there are certain natural herbs that you can brew to help with your allergies!

You shouldn’t wait until your allergies get bad to start drinking these herbal teas for allergies, though. Make sure you have them stocked in your house and you drink them right when allergy season starts – before you start suffering. They’re great for symptom prevention!

What causes allergies in the first place?

Allergies are caused by the release of histamine, and the drugs we take to relieve symptoms are called antihistamines. While histamine is supposed to protect your body, sometimes it overreacts when we encounter something we’re allergic too. So instead of just removing those allergens, we have a more dramatic reaction. 

How does histamine remove those allergens from your body? By making you sneeze, tear up, cough, itch… Whatever gets the job done! So it makes perfect sense that an over excited response system means exaggerated versions of these symptoms. 

Why should you use natural remedies for allergies?

If you regularly take allergy meds, you probably already find them expensive. I know that if I want the brands that work I have to spend a small fortune – and they still wear off each day. If you can switch entirely to tea to relieve your allergy symptoms it can possibly save you money. Personally, I like that herbal teas can help with my allergies during those times where my meds wear off.

Some allergy medication also makes some people drowsy when they take it. It has to do with the antihistamines in the formula. If you find yourself feeling tired, switching to herbal teas might help.

Perfect for occasional allergy sufferers

Just as a disclosure here, it’s important to keep in mind that drinking herbal teas won’t cure your allergies. It just might help relieve your symptoms, though. Especially while you’re drinking it or immediately afterwards.

The effects might not last as long as over the counter allergy medication, either. But if you’re adverse to taking medicine, or just occasionally suffer from allergy symptoms, these tea blends are great options to help get some relief.

What allergies can you treat with herbal teas?

Pretty much any respiratory allergy symptoms can be improved with herbal teas. They can help treat sore throats, nasal pain, pressure, and congestion, minor breathing issues, itchy and watery eyes, and just general discomfort.

They aren’t an effective treatment for rapid onset symptoms, like anaphylaxis. Likewise, make sure you seek proper medication attention if you have any severe allergy symptoms. They also might not help with things like rashes and hives. 

What herbal tea ingredients work best for allergy symptoms?


Roobios tea is good for allergies

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From South Africa, Roobois has been used for centuries to treat a variety of problems, including allergies and eczema. It helps because Rooibos contains rutin and quercetin, which are known as flavonoids. Essentially they block the release of histamine, which is what causes allergy symptoms.

Nettle Tea

Nettle Leaf tea for allergy symptoms

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Nettle is very good at helping with symptoms involving your upper respiratory system. Things like itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose – those classic allergy symptoms. 

Mint, Eucalyptus, etc

Eucalyptus tea for allergy symptoms

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These have similar effects when it comes to allergy relief. They have a soothing effect, especially as you smell them. When you drink teas with these ingredients you’ll feel more refreshed, and breathing will probably be easier too. 

Best tea for allergies

It’s pretty tough to choose the best tea for allergies. All of these options are going to be good for giving you some relief depending on your unique situation. It’s a good idea to give all of them a try and see what works for you! 

AllergEase Herb Tea

Allergese herbal tea for allergy relief

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This tea is an ancient formula that’s been used for centuries to reduce allergy symptoms and promote overall health. Most of the herbs that go into making this tea are handpicked, wild herbs! How cool is that? Since it’s traditional Chinese medicine, they’re actually screened by the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine for quality and safety.


  • Great taste
  • Works for hot or iced tea
  • Relieves allergy symptoms, especially in your sinuses
  • Non-drowsy but also caffeine free


  • Strong tea that could cause upset stomach

Best for: Someone who appreciates the art of Chinese medicine and wants a natural allergy remedy

Traditional Medicinals Breathe Easy Seasonal Tea

Breathe easy herbal tea for nasal congestion allergy season

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The eucalyptus in this tea makes it refreshing to drink. “Like a breath of fresh air,” you’ll be sipping your way to better respiratory health or at least a bit clearer sinuses during allergy season. The floral and minty flavour also tastes great, so you won’t mind ‘taking your medicine’ with this allergy relief tea. 


  • Refreshing to drink
  • Helps with breathing, especially if you have lung issues
  • A great option for singers or sore throat relief


  • Taste isn’t for everyone
  • Might cause bloating or stomach issues

Best for: Those with lung and throat symptoms, or singers

Organic Nettle Leaf 

Organic nettle leaf tea for allergies

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Nettle leaf is a natural allergy reliever, so it makes sense to include it on its own as a best tea for allergies option. What’s nice about a single herb tea (rather than a blend) is that you know exactly what you’re getting and in what quantity. That means it’s easier to consume at a dose that works for you. Nettle is especially good for allergy sufferers who have problems with a runny nose, itchy eyes, and so on.


  • Organic
  • Single ingredient so you know what you’re getting
  • Can be used to create your own tea blends
  • Has other health benefits besides allergy relief


  • Not everyone enjoys the grassy flavour of Nettle
  • Loose leaf tea means you will need an infuser to brew it

Best for: Those who enjoy the taste of Nettle or who want a single product, rather than a tea blend.

Celestial Seasonings Wellness Tea, Sinus Soother

Sinus soother wellness tea

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This tea is a great option to add to your nighttime routine. Caffeine free, it’s designed to be drunk before bed to help soothe allergy symptoms. The tulsi and nettle work to naturally help your respiratory system, which in turn will help you get a better night’s sleep. Plus it includes camomille, which is a natural sleep and relaxation aid in itself.


  • Helps you fall asleep
  • Relieves allergy symptoms naturally
  • Relaxing and tastes great!


  • Most effective when used before bed (not designed as an all day tea)

Best for: Those who’s allergies give them trouble sleeping.

Minus Sinus Tea

sinus tea for allergy symptoms

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This unique tea blends spearmint, mullein, and thyme to target your sinuses. The spearmint is naturally refreshing, and the other ingredients work to relieve sinus pain and pressure. For those congested from seasonal allergies, this blend is just the ticket to get some relief. Plus it has a great taste!


  • Works hot or iced
  • Helps you breathe easier by relieving sinus congestion
  • Also works to relieve sinus pressure


  • Includes stevia leaf, which some people are sensitive to
  • Costly for everyday use

Best for: Someone who’s suffering from sinus pain, pressure, or congestion.

So what is the best tea for allergies?

While all these teas are great options depending on your allergy symptoms, it’s nice to know which one to buy. That’s why I recommend picking up the Traditional Medicinals Breathe Easy Seasonal Tea.

I love that it treats a wide variety of allergy symptoms, but also tastes great. Although I support traditional Chinese medicine like with the AllergEase Herb Tea, I do feel more comfortable recommending a brand that’s held up to western standards and certifications too. 

The Traditional Medicinals Breathe Easy Seasonal Tea still uses a blend of Chinese herbs called ‘Bi Yan Pian’, which has been used for centuries to provide natural health benefits. Those extend to relieving allergy symptoms and might even help asthma sufferers as well.

How you should take allergy tea

If you do pick up the best tea for allergies, you’ll need to drink it to see the effects. You’ll probably get some instant relief right from the first cup, but it’s also good to add herbal tea to your daily routine to help keep allergy symptoms at bay.

Unlike regular tea that steeps for just a few minutes, these teas should be steeped for 10-15 minutes. Then squeeze the tea bag for best results. If you find that the tea is bland, you might not be steeping long enough.

Instead of sugar, add some honey for the extra health benefits. 3 cups a day are recommended: one with each meal. If you’re dealing with summer allergies, you can also turn this allergy tea into iced tea!

The best tea for allergies will actually help!

Seriously, if you suffer from seasonal or environmental allergies you need to give herbal teas a try. They’re especially great if you drink them before bed, or when you come in from outside. The best tea for allergies also tastes great, so you won’t mind drinking it every day! 

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