Best Tea for Acid Reflux

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Reflux is a terribly uncomfortable occurrence where acid from the stomach travels up the esophagus, and back down again. It creates a terrible burning, followed by lasting soreness and can be attributed to a multitude of factors. At the end of the day, this pain can lead to much larger health issues. The pain itself is nothing to understate, as someone who suffers from chronic acid reflux I can attest to just how dreadful it really is. I’ve looked up and down for natural and dietary solutions, taken medications and tried different sleeping techniques. Not one single thing has ever really done the trick for me, but temporary relief is sometimes the one thing you really need.  

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Relief With the Best Tea for Acid Reflux

Dealing with acid reflux symptoms is an ongoing battle for many sufferers. One thing is for certain though, there’s nobody who likes relying on just Tums and medications in their plight. Working with your doctor, you can use natural remedies on a case by case basis as symptoms occur. That way, you can limit your use of those drugs if that’s something that’s important to you. Considering the fact that not only are they not the most pleasant thing, but they can also cost a small fortune, you can understand why people are out there looking for a change in routine. 

Where do you go from here? 

Paired with healthy and proactive lifestyle choices, herbal remedies in the form of a tea really can make a difference. Drinking tea is a soothing choice in itself, although the caffeine content might not always be conducive to symptom reduction. We’re going to review a selection of decaf, herbal teas which might be able to gain you temporary, but much welcome relief against acid reflux symptoms. Herbal tea can step in to give you that same relief for a wide range of nasty problems. Whether it’s sleep, stress, or pain, there’s seemingly something for everything. So why not acid reflux? There’s several approaches for dealing with acid reflux which we’ll get into. Before we do though, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re suffering from acid reflux you should speak to your medical doctor about possible treatments, and sound medical advice before and after using herbal, or other natural substances. 

How can Tea Treat Acid Reflux? 

First and foremost, tea in itself can not treat the root cause of acid reflux. In many cases, the reason someone might be experiencing reflux is either genetic, a chronic disease or complication, or circumstantial reasons. These include eating too large of a meal, consuming too many spices, too much sugar or even being stress and sleep related. No matter what the reason is, we’re going to look at teas that can help soothe these problems in the moment, and help you find temporary relief so you can get back to your day! 

In most cases, remedies for acid reflux tend to target one or more aspects of the physiological complication itself in order to either reduce pain, or stop the phenomenon all together. As pharmaceuticals, these include Proton Pump Inhibitors, or PPI that affect the production and prevalence of acid in the stomach at any given time. Some remedies target the ph levels of the stomach, to lower the acidity of bile and stomach acid to nullify the effects of said liquid travelling up your esophagus. Regardless of what you choose to go with, make sure you confer with your doctor in order to make the best treatment plan for your situation. Don’t take advice from anyone else and be sure to pair it with a positive step towards your overall health!  

One Word of Caution 

As a sufferer of chronic acid reflux symptoms, there’s something I can personally attest to that serves as a good cautionary remark as we talk about tea for finding releif. Peppermint, spearmint and the other minty and refreshing herbs of this ilk are not quite as effective as you might think. On the contrary, they’ve been said to worsen symptoms despite the fact that they provide relief in the moment. I’ll tell you, the taste of peppermint and the way it provides a soothing sensation in the throat is great for when you have a cold, but should otherwise be avoided by sufferers of acid reflux. With that being said, there are hebal teas that can give you the escape from that wretched pain for a little while, and sensibly.  

Tea is easier than ever to take with you, with insulated thermoses, tea bags and water heaters it’s easy to get the relief you need in a calming, tasty and refreshing cup of tea. You might find some multipurpose teas out there too, for aiding in reducing stress, sleeplessness, and numb pain. That being said, we’re going to dive right into some reviews so we can tell you which teas treat what, and how. 

The Best Tea for Acid Reflux: Reviewed 

Chamomile Herbal Tea by Celestial Seasonings 

Herbal Chamomile tea for acid reflux

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Mother nature’s one and only cure-all makes yet another comeback as a safe and effective way to help treat discomfort when it comes to acid reflux. You’ll find this cup of tea warming, calming and quite pleasant. It emits a sensational floral aroma which if you haven’t tried, you’ll most certainly love. The list of things that chamomile tea does, or is said to help with is nearly endless. You can’t go wrong with a cup of this stuff, so why this one in particular? I personally recommend Celestial Seasonings, all of their teas are easily a step above board. Freshly packaged in a wax bag with a seal, these tea bags come out as fresh as they day they were packaged. Each one brews a very deep flavor, extracting all of that botanical goodness to help treat your symptoms. 

Good for: Calming the stomach and providing moderate temporary relief from discomfort. 

Stash Licorice Spice Tea 

Licorice Spice Tea for treating heartburn herbal remedy

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Stash is a well loved and trusted brand of tea that provides drinkers with a very wide variety of flavors and herbal blends. This one in particular is a fusion of licorice root and some key, delightful aromatic spices. Another caffeine-free option, this tea will provide you with a warming sense of relaxation and delicious flavor. Naturally sweet, you’ll experience a palette of sweet licorice combined with an aromatic and welcoming citrus flavor, and a little bit of cinnamon spice. This tea is great hot or iced, and will help reduce the intensity of an ‘acid attack’, as I like to call them. If you’re experiencing an episode of severe acid reflux symtpoms, use this to nullify some of the discomfort while waiting for medication to take effect and do it’s job. 

Good for: Reducing acid reflux flare-ups in between medication doses

Celebration Herbals Slippery Elm Tea 

Slippery Elm Tea Herbal Detox for Heartburn Acid Refulx disorder

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Slippery elm is a weird sounding herb, with a lot of great benefits! It’s widely regarded as a good go-to tea for dealing with acid reflux symptoms, and for good reason! This is another tea that is not only naturally caffeine-free, but also perfect if you’re trying to avoid any other additives. This one is purley slippery elm bark, so you can trust that you won’t have to worry about side effects from any other herbs or spices. It’s earthy and rather palatable, with a nice sweet aroma. Enjoy this tea at the time of symptoms occurring for maximum effect. 

Good for: Use as soon as symptoms occur. 

Organic Marshmallow Leaf Tea by Buddha Teas 

Organic Marshmallow leaf tea for treating heartburn

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As strange as it may sound, the flavor or appearance of this tea doesn’t resemble marshmallows whatsoever! Surprising right? But the effects aren’t, as this tea is touted for its powerful inflammation reducing and gastrointestinal support for a while now. Many people rely on marshmallow leaf tea for it’s immune system boosting properties. It’s also well known as a digestive aid and stomach calmer. Reach for some of this stuff for an easier time in between doses of medication, or after a large meal to help ease the oncoming acid reflux.  

Any one of these herbal remedies can give you a leg up against those awful acid reflux symptoms. At the end of the day, there really is no match for pharmaceuticals and trustworthy treatments made by your doctor. Express your concerns, since acid reflux is a harmful and degenerative symptom that can cause a large number of complications over time. These teas however, are a great way to stave off that initial onslaught of irritating and painful side effects of reflux. Whatever you choose to go with, make sure you give the stuff a fair shot! Thankfully, these teas have a calming aroma and palatable taste that lends well to their health properties. At the very least, you can enjoy the benefits that come from consuming these all natural herbs from time to time, or everyday if you please! Here’s to the best of luck in your quest for relief!   

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