Best Tea for a Cough

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A bad cough is an absolute menace when you’re feeling under the weather. Coughing exacerbates already strained symptoms you’re experiencing with a common cold, or other respiratory infection. While the best thing for you to be doing is getting some rest, and drinking lots of water, there are some other things you can do. It’s not totally hopeless, there’s even teas that can help you fight your way through symptoms until you can take another dose of medicine. Or, even if you just need a little extra support to get you along. To that end, we’re going to examine some of the best tea for a cough! That way, you can worry less about hocking and wheezing, and more about living your life! 

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Is Tea Good for a Cough?

Coughing is embarrassing, annoying and quite often fairly painful. The best way to suppress coughs initially is to utilize over the counter cough medication. That’s all good and well, but there are some very clear drawbacks involved in using this technique. Firstly, the medicine only lasts so long between doses. That being said, you can bridge that gap with something like herbal tea throughout your day! 

Secondly, not everyone likes to use over the counter medication for simple colds. Natural, wholesome remedies like herbal teas are a great way to utilize a natural form of medicine that’s existed for generations. Tea isn’t just a specific side effect, or soother here or there, it’s a warm and familiar companion. Drinking a cup of hot tea, regardless of what kind (avoid black), is perfect for helping you get over a cold. 

Can You Drink Tea When You’re Sick?

Tea is perfectly safe to drink when you’re having a cold, or other respiratory illness. That being said, you don’t overload yourself with caffeine just when you’re recovering. And, alternatively, you don’t want to soak your sore throat in hot caffeinated coffee or black tea while you’re trying to get back on your feet again! Preventing the awful hacking and discharge that comes with coughing, starts and ends with the next thing you eat or drink. For food? Stick to a chicken or vegetable soup, that’s basic. Something warm that will wash the bacteria and phlegm from your throat, while giving you all of the nutrients you need to feel like you’re in control. 

Do yourself a favor and sip something warm and revitalizing. These teas are the perfect example of what you need to tackle that cold and get back to doing what you do best! From the soothing, to the preventative, these teas are all a great option to help you kick your cold, or at least quiet down that cough. When there’s smoke, there’s fire. If you’re coughing, you’re probably not far off from your throat feelings like it’s shredded down to nothing. These teas are going to provide you with some much needed relief! 

Green Tea for Throat Repair

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Green tea provides a wide variety of health benefits, one of which is cold and flu relief. If you’re recovering from a dastardly-bad hacking cough, look no further! Celestial Seasonings makes this blend of white, green tea and honey lemon ginseng. It’s an all-in-one powerhouse of herbs, lemon and tea to get you back to where you need to be. If your throat feels like it’s shredded to ribbons, this lemon and ginger medley will do you well. And don’t worry about the way you might feel, since honey is coming along the way, too! All of these elements together create an antioxidant rich, immuno-supporting and all around strong throat cleanser. This is exactly what you need to clean all of that phlegm, and mucus out of your throat to ease up on the coughing. 

Peppermint Tea for Cough Relief 

Delicious peppermint tea for cough relief

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Peppermint tea is highly aromatic, and entrancing tea that it will have you stuck in place while you ponder life’s mysteries. There is more to it, peppermint provides a throat coating. This peppermint tea instantly soothes and treats a sore throat caused by coughing. Manage your symptoms properly, and this tea could put you right where you need to be! A cooling sensation will help you deal with your throat, and it will stop those nagging reflex to keep on coughing! There’s hardly anything else better in a cup when you’re sick! Brew yourself a cup, and take the evening off while you get over your cough. 

Marshmallow Root Tea for Prevention 

Marshmallow tea for cough prevention healthy herbal tea

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Celebration herbs brings us this lovely marshmallow root tea, a great thing to have in the cupboard if you’re coughing. You can rely on the organically sourced marshmallow root Celebration uses to create this fine herbal tea. This tea has the incredible effect of creating a mucus barrier that can line the throat, and prevent further irritation from post nasal drip. With any luck, this will also help you cut down on the coughing so you can get back to your life! It has a marvelously floral aroma and taste that you’ll enjoy immensely. For some quick relief that lasts, marshmallow root tea is a great herbal to stock in your cabinet for when coughing season rolls around! This is a simple remedy with no frills, that packs a lot of bang for its buck! 

Bigelow Cozy Chamomile Herbal Tea 

Chamomile soothing herbal tea for curing coughs

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This cozy chamomile tea is the epitome of a calm, soothing and relaxing tea that will help you kick back and take a break from the restless symptoms. A cough that never ends. Who else has had the unique displeasure of having to deal with one of those? Tell me about it… There is reprieve out there, though. This chamomile tea by Bigelow is potent, and more than capable of helping you catch some sleep, put your feet up. Or maybe both? Rely on a chamomile tea to do double duty for your throat and cough! It helps like a tranquilizer, to slow things down and let your body take a breather for just one moment. This chamomile is the perfect in-between when you’re waiting for the clock to tick over so you can take another dose of cold meds. Reach for a box of this stuff when it feels like nothing else is working. At the very least, it helps you manage those feelings of restlessness that can sometimes accompany a cold. 

Yogi Ginger Tea 

Ginger tea for soothing sore throat from coughing

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This is your revitalizer! For getting over coughs, soothing your throat and your stomach, too! One of the worst things about battling a cold isn’t always the hacking cough, the congestion or the throat. Sometimes it’s your stomach. And when it goes, it goes. Rumbling, discomfort and rampant nausea. You can fumble for pepto, drink more water and soup but sometimes it just feels like nothing does the trick. I’ll let you in on a secret. Ginger tea really is the magic cure-all for when you’re feeling down in the dumps. Sincerely, get your stomach back on track, and soothe that throat of yours while you’re at it with a cup of ginger tea. Do yourself a favor this cold and flu season and grab a box of ginger tea so you can sip at the first sign of symptoms. The more you’re able to protect your throat, the better off you’ll be overall! 

Colds are a trick thing to deal with at the best of times. Equip yourself with the right herbal remedies ahead of the curve so you can be prepared for cold and flus season at its worst! My personal pick for the best tea for a cough would have to be the ginger tea! It negates the symptoms caused by a lot of that post nasal drip and gives your throat a good wash. That being said, you’d do yourself well to line your cupboards with anything you can get your hands on. Especially if you’re someone who experiences too much drowsiness from cold medicines. 

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