Best Places to Buy Tea in New York City

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The Big Apple is a place that’s not just for fanciful dreams about chasing careers, playing the stocks on Wall St. or lining up for the next Broadway show. Did you know it’s also a type of heaven for tea lovers? Seriously! This city has a lot of character, thanks to its diverse population made up of faces from just about every cultural background on Earth. It’s a special place to visit, and there’s a wealth of experiences and attractions for tea lovers to enjoy. Today though, we’re going to hone in on the best places to buy tea in New York City. If you’re flying through, visiting, or you’re a curious local. You’ll love these top of the line tea shops! 

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The Best Places to Buy Tea in New York City 

Who doesn’t want to visit New York at some point in their life? Now, even tea lovers can put their name down on that list. We’re going to explore some of the most happening tea shops, and merchants in New York City so you can brew it up Big Apple style! Good luck, and happy shopping! 


new york city tea shop

Much more than just a clever name, Teazzi is a happening tea shop franchise in NYC! Why does a franchise shop make our list? Simple. They’re all about spreading the joy of gourmet, premium loose leaf tea. Not only that, but they’ve designed a selection that’s sure to get you catching a cab to their next location! So, what do they have in store for you? The first thing you’ll notice about this place is that they pull out all the stops when it comes to offerings. Signature and gourmet teas dazzle their menu, featuring lattes, milk teas, and of course boba tea! There’s a lot more than just a bubble tea here, though. Let’s not forget the loose leaf teas. For Chinese style-oolong, this is one of the best places to buy tea in New York City. Seriously, their Golden Oolong, Crimson and lucious deep-roasted Oolong teas are just a few reasons to pay this place a visit. And as usual, don’t forget to tell em’ who sent you! 

McNulty’s Tea & Coffee

Where to buy tea in new york

A real classic, done right. This prestigious coffee and tea emporium has been around for well over a century. Providing New Yorkers with some of the freshest and most diverse selection of teas and coffees is what they live and breathe. So, why not drop by and see what all the fuss is about. First things first, we here at Beverage Class will never chastise a proud tea lover for dabbling in the Coffee arts. Why? It’s got all of the same characteristics of our beloved teas, (as does wine, for that matter!) Come to McNulty’s for their incredible coffee, stick around for a minute for their amazing old-world style interior. 

This shop is a real, bonafide classic. If the interior couldn’t tell you that for itself, I will! Check out this place if you want to take a few steps back for a real blast from the past! This isn’t any standard tea shop, they excel at providing teas by leaps and bounds beyond some contemporary shops. Why? Their fresh selection of speciality teas from different tea growing regions. Their blends and tea leaves are emblematic of their origin, honoring the tea drinking traditions of that particular location. A fresh Japanese Gyokuro? Perhaps some Morrocan Mint, or Jasmine Pearls that will leave you smiling in bliss! If you ever get a chance to stop by, share some pictures with us! 

T Shop 

Buying tea in new york stores

Here’s a bit of a change of pace for you! T Shop makes our list for being a reliable, contemporary tea vendor with a tea room you’ve just got to visit. We’re really talking about something quite a bit different from our previous entry, this time with a much more modern and fresh atmosphere. Long-held by the wine types, tasting events are readily available at T Shop! That’s right, guided tastings with high-end teas, and expert staff to guide your experience the whole way through! There’s even a ‘tea journey’ you can take, akin to a beer or wine flight you’ll find at most gastro-pumps these days. Laid back, but entirely tea-centric, you’ll love the lively and sleek feel of this New York tea shop. On offer you’ll find a nice mix of teas to spark your fancy, and taste buds! One of which, a 1990’s Puerh that I’d love to try! Southeast Asian Green, Puerh, White and Oolong teas are on display here. If you’re a green tea buff, you’ll feel right at home!

Janam Tea 

New York City Tea Stores

This is one of the best places to buy tea in New York City if you love tasty treats to go along with your brew! This tiny shop is one of the most comfortable and welcoming atmospheres you’ll find in this city, for real! You’ll be greeted to a lounge-like tea room with comfortable chairs, and delicious tea to try. First is the food, you’ll be surprised at the sheer number of delicious treats you can enjoy. A chocolate mousse, tart or scone with your tea? Of course! The interior is lovingly hipster-inspired, who wouldn’t want to enjoy tea in such a trendy and fun environment? One thing you’ll absolutely adore about Janam Tea is their commitment to fairtrade leaves. This is a direct farm-to-table operation. This means that they work directly with suppliers in India to give you responsibly sourced tea from happy and passionate estates and growers. Drop by and pursue their selection of boxed and premium teas that they’re more than happy to curate to suit your taste! 

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New York is a fantastic city for its vibrant tea scene! You’re probably surprised to find such specialized tea shops here! Which of these places would you love to go shopping for tea? Let us know which shop tops your list after you get the chance to drop by. Tell em’ we said hey! 

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