Best Places for Afternoon Tea in Oxford


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Visitors and residents alike tout Oxford for its world-class university. However, did you know it’s also a lovely place for afternoon tea? The first thing you’ll notice about this city in Southern England is its marvelous gothic architecture. Spires and sprawling buildings create an enveloping sense of living history. Take a stroll down some of the oldest streets in England, and discover the best places for afternoon tea in Oxford! 

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Where are the Best Places for Afternoon Tea in Oxford? 

If you’re feeling a sense of nostalgia about the place, you’re probably not alone. Several locations throughout the city of Oxford served as filming sets for the early Harry Potter films! Where better to go for tea than a city with locations that look and feels like Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Step into this eclectic and bustling town for an authentic and living English sightseeing tour. Just what are the best places for afternoon tea in Oxford? 

The Manor Country House Hotel 

The Manor Country House hotel high tea service Oxford

Experience English hospitality at its finest, with a traditional afternoon tea service at The Manor. This lovely and captivating hotel and venue offers a top rate dinner service, as well as afternoon tea! This will take you out of the city center, for a more relaxed English countryside experience in the Oxfordshire cotswolds. Their menu offers fluffy and rich scones, and a selection of sweet delights arranged especially by their in-house pastry chef. Truly it doesn’t get any more English than this! You’ll be able to explore their lush gardens, and take in the country air at your own leisurely pace. Make The Manor Country House Hotel a destination for your Oxfordshire afternoon tea service. Their location and grounds are incredible, making it one of the best places to have afternoon tea in Oxford. 

The Grand Cafe 

The Grand Cafe Oxford

Taking us back into the city proper, The Grand Cafe is a wonderful place to stop, breathe and enjoy a nice cup of tea. This place is as the name suggests, absolutely grand! This building has a lot of historical value, adding to the allure of its gold-leafed architecture that’s enough to make you stop and look to see what’s inside. Taking Tea, as it’s traditionally known, provides a top rate service, sourced with ingredients straight from the historic Covered Market, as well as other locations around the city. Among other things, it’s commitment to local Oxford suppliers and the British tea service make this place a real ‘institution’. Make The Grand a stop on your Oxford, and Oxfordshire tour as a piece of living history to stop for afternoon tea. 

The Rose 

The Rose afternoon tea cafe Oxford

The Rose is a comfortable, and scenic place to enjoy afternoon tea in Oxford. Located centrally on High Street, they’re the perfect stop in your Oxford tour! This tea room has been around for decades, and makes for an ideal spot to slow down and take in the city. It’s one of the most well-known tea rooms in Britain, as a matter of fact. It’s close to the college, so if you’re in town to visit Oxford University campus, this tea room is a delightful diversion. Friendly, they provide a tea service, as well as dining. This is a classic experience featuring farm-fresh ingredients and a commitment to the traditional tea service. Their scones are out of this world, too! Large and butter, they make a great canvas for their wonderful jams. Some of the teas you can expect to find here include a selection of loose teas from across the world. Check out their menu and make a date at one of Oxford’s beloved tea institutions. 

The Vaults & Garden Cafe 

The Vault Cafe

Sustainability, and a carefully curated menu are just a couple of reasons to visit The Vaults & Garden Cafe. The other is their spectacular gothic-styled building which houses the cafe. You can visit, and view a lush English garden after your tea service. The interior is something more than worthy of a few photos. You’ll feel like you’re living in the history pages of Oxfordshire with the magnificent vaulted ceilings of this cathedral-like structure. Come to The Vaults & Garden Cafe for some wonderful sweets and savories with a strong, deep-seeded commitment to organic and sustainable, locally-sourced ingredients. At the forefront of this cafe’s philosophy is to work directly with local farmers, so you can get a taste of the country this place calls home. Visit this cafe for a gorgeous, scenic experience that will yield plenty of awesome pictures! This might just become your personal best place for afternoon tea in Oxford!  

Old Parsonage Hotel 

Old Parsonage tea room hotel Oxford

Keeping with the theme of historical Oxfordshire, Old Parsonage stands near St. John’s college as a building and grounds with deep historical significance to Oxford. The facade of this building is absolutely a must-see landmark in the sprawling Oxfordshire countryside. Neatly kept vines cascading along the walls of this magnificent building will keep you company while you enjoy a luxurious afternoon tea service. Their grill also gives you the option to enjoy a variety of fresh and locally sourced dishes. This is your opportunity to enjoy a tea service in a traditional and classic setting befitting of the locale. 

Afternoon Tea in Beautiful Oxford 

Needless to say, there’s plenty of incredible spots to sit and stop for a quiet cup of tea in one of Britain’s most well-known cities. This place has a treasure trove of unique pieces of living history for you to set out to explore. Among them are exquisite dining spots, traditional English gardens and incredible architecture begging for a photo. Looking to find the best place for afternoon tea in Oxford? You won’t have to look far, there’s a lovely collection of tea houses and cafes just waiting to welcome you in. The scenery and backdrop to your afternoon tea service beckons another visit, so be sure to plan a few of these locations along your tour route! If you’re in search of the perfect atmosphere for a traditional English afternoon tea service, Oxford is the perfect place to visit.   

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