Best Places for Afternoon Tea in Dubai

Best place for tea in dubai

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Dubai is a sprawling city fueled by the splendor of Saudi Arabia. The jewel of the gulf coast, this city represents something awe inspiring for many travellers out there! If it isn’t already on your bucket list, it should be! Dubai is an incredible place to visit, and there’s an unbelievable amount of things to see, do, and taste! If you’re putting together your Dubai travel itinerary, you’ve got to figure out where to get your tea lover fix! Believe it or not, you can find many lovely destinations to enjoy some afternoon tea in this city. As such, we’ve rounded up the best places for afternoon tea in Dubai! 

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These are the Best Places for Afternoon Tea in Dubai 

Sit back and relax in some of these wonderfully luxurious locations to enjoy a uniquely Dubai afternoon tea service!  

Piazza Lobby Lounge 

The Piazza Lobby Lounge afternoon tea

In the well-known Caesars resort in Dubai, you’ll find a must-visit tea lounge that will be as refreshing as it is indulgent. A glamorous modern look and feel brings this afternoon tea service into the 21st century. There’s plenty to enjoy, chiefly among them a top-tier spread of sandwiches, pastries and teas. The teas themselves are expertly blended. Ranging from local favorites, to a house specialty: the signature afternoon tea. Their Imperial Afternoon tea service incorporates exotic ingredients from Caesar’s own odyssey in the Roman Empire. That’s right, a tea service with a story! As if it couldn’t get any more decadent, you’ve absolutely got to see this place! The Caesars Bluewaters Dubai resort has more than a few luxuries to enjoy, and this incredible lounge is just one of them. 

Raffles Dubai 

Raffles Dubai high tea

The Raffles Salon is truly a spectacle when it comes to afternoon tea venues. It’s Egyptian-inspired interior atmosphere is a remarkably stunning place for tea! Kick back in a comfortable lounge chair, in between sips of tea, and bites of pastries. Coffee lovers will also be delighted to spend the afternoon with you. Thanks to the Ruffles Salon’s selection of Arabic coffee, espresso and Turkish coffee. To compliment the scenic venue, you’ll be treated to a lovely selection of Saudi Arabian dishes, as well as familiar classics. Small plates, pastries, and desserts are available to make your afternoon tea memorable and delicious. 

Queen Elizabeth 2 

Queen Elizabeth 2 afternoon tea service

Now this is really something! The Queen Elizabeth 2 is a yacht permanently docked in Mina Rashid, Dubai. It serves as a cultural and interpretive center for its long-standing British history. This legendary ocean liner now greets guests and treats them to unparalleled luxury while it floats beside the dock. It doubles as a hotel, event centre and culinary destination!

But did you know you can enjoy a lovely British-style afternoon tea aboard? Right next to the lobby, the Q Cafe provides an all-British afternoon tea service for you to enjoy! This cafe features an extensive library containing information about the ship, it’s history and British culture! Cakes, pastries and more are featured on it’s extensive menu. Not to mention an appropriate selection of worldly teas, true to the globe-trotting nature of this ocean liner. Consider making the Queen Elizabeth 2 part of your stay to truly gain a greater appreciation for its role in history. 

Al Fayrooz Lounge 

Al Fayrooz lounge dubai afternoon tea

Enjoy tea on the seren waterway in this gorgeous lounge inspired by Middle Eastern wonder and architecture. Great pillars and arches will bring a familiar, yet exotic touch to this cafe for visitors. Afternoon tea service is simple, fresh and delightful. Enjoy drinking lucious teas overlooking gorgeous palm trees. And idyllic emerald waters passing through the waterway below. This tea lounge is seriously a destination to behold. This venue is both relaxing, and envirograting in its surrounding beauty. For intimate conversation and world-class atmosphere, you’ll be hard pressed to find something better. This afternoon tea service in Dubai is perfect for couples looking for an exclusive experience that will make memories! Fresh ingredients and friendly staff make this location a definite must for your itinerary in Dubai. 

Lobby Lounge 

Lobby Lounge Dubai high tea

For daytime glamour, and purley remarkable views that you won’t find anywhere else. The Ritz Carlton Lobby Lounge in Dubai is a must-visit. This gorgeous sit-down experience will give you the chance to really take a moment and relax. It won’t be long before you’re staging your next instagram photo in the backdrop of this terrace. This highly sophisticated lounge will elevate your standard afternoon tea. Artisinal cakes, pastries, teas and coffees will grace your table. All this. While looking across the world-class view of the Arabian Gulf. 

Al Bayt Lounge 

If you’d like to take your afternoon tea with live music. This may very well be the best place for afternoon tea in Dubai for you! This Arabian style lounge and connected terrace give you a breathtaking view of Burj Khalifa in Al Bayt. The decor of this lounge from floor to ceiling is delightfully Arabesque. Enjoy premium teas and an unforgettable afternoon tea service. The pastries here are absolutely adorable! No, seriously! You’ll be snapping pictures of these luscious little pastries and ornate tea ware. Just about everything is steeped in Arabic design. It makes for a uniquely cultural and immersive afternoon tea service, Dubai style!   

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Dubai is a city filled with an adventurous and exciting character. You’ve just got to experience it for yourself. Walk through the unique blend of Middle Eastern design and culture in this new-age city of splendour! Which one (or more!) of these locations made their way to your travel itinerary? Let us know how it went, and don’t forget to tell them who sent you! 

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