Best Keurig and K-cups for Tea

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A Lot of tea drinkers are still stuck brewing their cup the old fashioned way. Coffee has come a long way, with a nearly endless amount of ways to brew it. So what gives? Why does it seem like tea drinkers get the short end of the stick when it comes to convenience, appliances and new tech? Thankfully, there are some alternatives! If you’ve ever lived with a coffee drinker, you’re more than likely to have come across a coffee pod brewing station of some kind. These countertop cafes deliver fresh coffee at the press of a button, thanks to their efficient design. But did you know they offer tea pods, as well? We’re going to review the best keurig and k-cups for tea! 

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This is the Best Keurig and K-Cups for Tea 

Choosing the right appliance, and the right tea bags along can be a challenge. There’s a lot to look for in a good kettle, for example. Temperature, water capacity, quality and of course the tea itself. Finding the right blends, flavors and making sure it’s available at a reasonable price is sometimes jarring. Thankfully, there are alternatives out there for tea drinkers who want a break from all of the clutter and toil that comes with making the perfect cup of tea. For once, stow away the kettle, teapot, infusers, tea bags and tins. These single serve brewing stations can make your life a whole lot easier! 

Why Should You Buy a Keurig for Tea? 

It’s simple, they’re quick and easy! It’s as simple as inserting a pod and pressing a button, making them the perfect solution for tea drinkers on the go! If you simply don’t have enough time to brew the perfect cup of tea every morning, you can rely on a Keurig to brew most if not all of your favorites in less than the time it takes to boil your water. That’s right! Seriously, these things can heat, and brew in less than the 4 minutes it takes for the water in the kettle to comes to a boil. (Let’s be honest, that’s if you’re lucky!) 

Regardless of how many cups of tea you average during the day, these things are certainly worth looking into. The best way to describe a Keurig is that it combines the convenience of a hot water dispenser, and a tea pot all in one wicked-fast brewing solution! The way it works is simple, too. You simply select your favorite blend of tea in the form of compatible K-cups, which fit into the top chamber. They contain a filter, which brews the tea inside of the sealed cup before it reaches your cup seconds later almost instantaneously. The tea is fresh, since it’s been sealed air-tight until it’s brewed, too! 

What is the Best Keurig for Tea? 

Here we’ll review a Keurig brewing machine, so you can get an idea of what kind of value to expect from something like this. We’ll also cover some of the unique features it has to offer. Not only that, you’ll need to have your tea and drink it too! We’ll dive into some of the best tea k-cups for tea drinkers as well! It’s no good having one of these if you don’t select the right blend to suit your needs, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! These are the best Keurig, and k-cups for tea! 

Keurig K-Classic Single Serve Brewer 

Single serve coffee station machine

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This is the latest model in a line of ‘original’ Keurig single serve pod brewers. It’s simplistic, holds enough water for as much tea as you can drink, and is compatible with all of your favorite blends. It has three mug size settings, allowing you to brew as much, or as little tea as you would like at any given time. Brewing takes less than a few minutes, even less than one minute after it’s heated up. It works a lot like a conventional hot water dispenser for tea, only with the brewing aspect built right in. If you enjoy your tea at a moment’s notice, and quickly. There could hardly be a better solution! For someone who needs a quick cup, this is easily the best Keurig and k-cups for tea.

I’ve personally found this model very efficient for brewing tea. It’s fast, easy to use and works all day at the touch of a button for a quick cup of tea. It has a lot of water capacity, which is a huge bonus as well. From a price perspective, it’s about mid-range. It’s directly comparable to a hot water dispenser design for tea, although it also provides brewing. I’d gladly recommend on to anyone who drinks tea, or coffee! It has a lot of value in the time you’ll save between cups. 


  • Easy to use 
  • Fast brewing 
  • 6, 8, and 10oz settings 

The Best Green Tea K-Cup 

Tazo Zen Green Tea with Lemongrass & Spearmint 

Tazo green tea k-cup for keurig

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I’ve done the tasting, so you don’t have to! If you’re willing to take a green tea lover’s word for it, this is the best green tea blend you can buy in a k-cup! Tea lovers will attest, Tazo teas are among the best store-shelf bagged teas you can get your hands on. It’s more than likely that you’ve had the chance to try them in a Starbucks, who produces the brand of tea bags.

This is a particular blend of green tea I really enjoy. It comes mixed with both lemongrass and spearmint. Together, these herbs create a lively and lucious cup of green tea. Any bitterness is removed by the mellow flavor of lemongrass, while the spearmint provides a refreshing and aromatic sensation. You can’t go wrong with this mix! Abundant in antioxidants, the Keurig is a great way to get your daily green tea fix. This green tea is somewhat caffeinated, less so than black tea or coffee, but it will still give you the jolt you need to focus on what’s important. Slow down, and enjoy a wonderful cup with my personal favorite green tea in a k-cup. 


  • Clean and refreshing flavor 
  • Mello blend of herbs with green tea 

Best Classic Tea Blend K-Cup 

Twinings Earl Grey K-Cups

Twinings Earl Grey K-Cups

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If you drink tea, you’ve probably got some Twinings tea bags in your cupboard. This is a very well established brand, with lots of unique and delicious teas to suit your fancy! It’s more than likely that you’ve stumbled across their variety packs, too. The Earl Grey can be found in one of these, as well as on its own. I’d have to say it’s my favorite Earl Grey blend out there! (Their Lady Grey is also fantastic, with even more citrusy flavor!) This is a well balanced tea that is mild enough to drink on it’s own, but strong enough to get you on your feet! 


  • Citrus and herb bouquet 
  • Mild black tea 
  • Easy to drink 

The Best Probiotic Tea in a K-Cup 

Super Organics Awake Black Tea 

superorganics awake black tea

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This is our first organic probiotic tea we’ve featured, and it’s about time! These can have a really positive impact on your digestive system. At the very least however, they taste great doing it! Blended with vanilla bean, ginger and cinnamon you’re in for a warm and welcoming taste that will envelope each sip. Not only that, it’s also chock full of antioxidants. These bad boys tackle bad cells, and help rejuvenate! The appeal of these is that you get all of the taste and health benefits of a supplement tea like this, in one convenient K-cup. Saving you time, and helping you maintain a healthy state of being never tasted better!  


  • Lightly spiced, refreshing 
  • Well balanced 
  • Full of healthy things! 

The Best Black Tea in a K-cup 

Twinings of London Irish Breakfast Tea K-Cups 

Best black tea for the keurig

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This is my personal choice for the best ‘plain’ black team and for good reason. As you can tell it comes from Twinings of London, the second from that producer to make our list. It’s crazy good. Everything you want in a cup of black tea, in one small, easy to use and convenient K-cup. Twinings Irish Breakfast tea is marvelously full-bodied, but not too strong. It delivers an incredible taste that compliments ‘milk-and-sugar’ tea drinker’s palettes wonderfully. Deep and flavourful, this Irish Breakfast Blend is ideal for chilly mornings, and raucous evenings. It will give you a kick when you need it, making it my favorite black tea in a K-cup.  


  • Robust black tea 
  • Rich and flavorful 
  • Goes well with milk and sugar 

Best Fruit Tea in a K-Cup 

Timothy’s World Coffee: Lemon Blueberry Passion Tea 

Timothy's World Coffee K-cup for keurig

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For all the tang and lemon flavor you’ll ever need, Timothy’s provides a wonderful caffeine-free cup of joy. This is a delicate but refreshing blend of herbs and fruit that brings about a sense of calm, and delicious flavor to your life! Great news if you’re caffeine-averse, this fruit tea is perfect for you! This is ideally served with just a little honey, for something you can really cuddle up with. If you needed any other reason to go herbal, the hibiscus and blueberry add another tremendous layer of flavor to this cup of tea. I highly recommend having at least one or two herbal and fruit teas in your rotation to mix things up a bit. 


  • Fruity, with notes of blueberry, lemon and hibiscus
  • Calming and refreshing 
  • Caffeine-free! 

With any luck, you’re well on the way to an easier cup of tea! The keurig system provides tea drinkers, and coffee lovers alike with a simpler way to brew. For me, these are hands-down the best keurig and k-cups for tea. What’s your favorite type of K-cup? I’m a huge fan of the sheer selection you can find in these tea pods, there’s something for nearly every occasion! 

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