Best Kettle for a Glass Stove Top

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Electric kettles are what many of us rely on for quick, and easy boiling for our tea! A lot of people either don’t have the luxury of counter space, or just prefer using stove top kettles to get the job done! That being said, we’re going to review some kettles for those of you with glass stove tops. If you’ve ever owned one, most electric ranges use a glass stove top to deliver induction heat to pots, pans and of course kettles in order to heat them. Much like gas flames, it’s a direct-heat source that eventually heats the water. There’s a million reasons to own a glass stove top range, but one of them is location. A lot of people simply don’t have access to a natural gas hook-up. As such, we’ve reviewed the best kettle for a glass stove top! 

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What is the Best Kettle for a Glass Stove Top?

There’s a bit more that goes into that than you might have originally thought. What kind of water capacity for boiling do you need? In other words, how many thirsty tea drinkers will you have surrounding that kettle as soon as it starts to whistle? For that matter, do you want one that whistles in the first place? Perhaps one that’s easier to fill, fits your kitchen decor or just gets the job done, too. There’s also the precision tea drinker. The discerning, knowledgeable type who’s got to have just the right temperature. If you thought you needed an electric kettle with an LED screen to tell you how far along your water is, then you haven’t seen some of the stove top models out there! 

What’s so Important About Choosing the Right Kettle? 

Simply put, the wrong one can cause lasting and irritating headaches related to the lifespan of your stovetop. Cheap steel, combined with the slightest bit of dirt will leave unsightly and incredibly annoying to clean residue on your glass stove top. This can easily be avoided by sticking with higher-quality, well manufactured tea kettles that you can boil in with confidence. Secondly, the wrong kettle could leave deep scratches. Cast iron, as well as some metal kettles have the potential to leave some damage behind. Kettles like these are manufactured to a standard that helps you avoid any eventuality where you’re causing more distress on that glass stove top than otherwise necessary. 

That being said, let’s move on to the best kettle for a glass stove top reviews!

Le Creuset 

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This Le Creuset tea kettle in a lively Caribbean blue hits all the right notes. It looks astounding, provided it fits in with your kitchen decor. This blue gradient is one of my personal favorites, you’ll notice as it cascades from the bottom up. This fancy french wonder is the type of tea kettle they call a ‘demi-kettle’.

That’s due to its distinct handle and body design. There’s several advantages to this kind of design, one is being able to carefully, and safely place it on and pull it off of any burner on your range. For many people including myself, reaching over instead of alongside the burner is much more preferable. This model comes in a 1.7 qt capacity. That leaves room for about 3 or 4 decent sized mugs of tea. Or in other words, one healthy teapot full. The steel bottom on this kettle will fair quite well on your beloved glass stove top. It’s manufactured to not leave any residue, and will do so as long as you keep it clean from liquid and food debris. 


  • Whistling kettle 
  • Available in different colors 
  • High handle 


  • Mid-to-high range pricetag 

Hario Gooseneck Stove Top Kettle 

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The intelligent design of this stainless steel ‘gooseneck’ kettle is thanks to its sole function. This thing is purpose made for two things. Pour over coffee brewing, and loose leaf tea brewing! That’s right, the distinctive and thoughtfully made gooseneck shape of the spout makes it all the more capable of pouring over loose leaves.

Many people are rather fastidious over how this part of the equation goes down, so to speak. The back features a tilted handle design, which is not only ergonomic for pouring. It also gives the perfect distance from the burner to keep your fingers from being too toasty. The other advantage to this is that there’s less of a chance of your hands touching the stainless steel when it’s hot, too! My favorite thing about this gooseneck kettle is the top lid. It opens very easily with a knob, and has a large, unobstructed opening with which to fill with water. You’ll have a hard time damaging your precious glass stove top with this kettle. The 1.2L kettle is purpose built for induction heating. 


  •  Complete stainless steel design 
  • Gooseneck for controlled pouring
  • Wide opening for filling 


  • Smaller in size 
  • Expensive for a lack of frills 

SUSTEA Stove Top Kettle 

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The Sustea stove top kettle consists of three layers of metal that come together to provide you with the perfect kettle for using on a glass stove top. It’s got a nice wide base, so you can be sure it will heat quickly with it’s 2.4 qt capacity to serve up all the tea you can drink! An ergonomic handle with a push button saves your finger tips from scorching hot metal surfaces, too! A push button handle means that essentially you can pour water, without having to manually reach for the end of the spot as with most whistling kettles. A whistle for safety, and a push button for the sake of your fingers. These small touches, along with the attractive enamel finish are just a few reasons to love this premium quality kettle. 

Medelco 12-Cup Glass Stovetop Whistling Kettle 

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A glass whistling kettle? That’s right, this little beauty will give you that essential auditory warning as soon as your water is ready to pour up some fresh tea! What I love most about this glass tea kettle is that it’s naturally ideal for using on a glass surface. The fact that it’s glass itself, means that you don’t have to worry about scratching or tarnishing the glass surface underneath! Boil with confidence, knowing you won’t have to worry about forgetting the kettle going, or ruining your brand new glass cooktop! The handle is elongated off the side of the kettle to help prevent your fingers from getting too toasty when pulling it on and off the heat. The weight distribution is nice, and this 12-cup kettle pours like a dream. The angled spout is ideal for a no-mess use each time! 


  • Glass won’t tarnish glass stovetop
  • Great spout 
  • Whistling feature 


  • Fairly Breakable 

Poliviar Tea Kettle 

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This tea kettle is perfect for your glass stove top. Personally, I love the speckled black and white on grey, giving it kind of a nice art-deco feel that also manages to play nice with whatever existing kitchen decor you’ve got going on. A wood grain handle has a similar effect of also giving off a slightly rustic or even mid century vibe to it, too! The anti-rust base featured on this kettle is conducive to avoiding stains on your new glass stovetop. The problem is that more often than not, steel teapots will create buildup on the bottom which in turn will burn right into the top of the stove, leading to some really intensive cleaning work to be done. 

There’s things I love, and don’t love with this one. The wood grain finish handle is spectacular, but it is fixed in a position that means you can’t fill it terribly easy. You either have to awkwardly tip the kettle sideways and depending on what kind of sink you have, (and how empty you keep your sinks), you might be in for a rough time trying to make tea while someone is doing dishes, or hasn’t. It also features a whistle as an auditory warning that you won’t burn your kettle dry, which is always welcome. Unless I suppose, you like to take your tea at night! One thing’s for sure, this kettle is stylish, and will fair well on a glass cooktop.


  • Attractive design 
  • Whistling feature 
  • Won’t tarnish your cooktop 


  • Awkward to fill 
  • Eclectic design

These kettles are all great options for keeping your cook top clean. But which one really is the best kettle for a glass stove top? I’d have to go with whichever one fits your capacity needs. Ok… was that not quite what you were expecting? The thing is, they’re all great candidates for the purpose we discussed. However, each one has a different size, and everyone will probably want a different amount of tea throughout the day. Or just a scheer difference in tea drinkers at their place. That’s what’s left me to the conclusion that this is more or less a guide to some inspiration for kettles that will keep your stovetop save, your wallet full, and your tea nice and boiling hot.  

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