Best Chamomile Tea Brand for Sleep

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Chamomile is a flower that’s very commonly found in herbal teas. It’s known for a soft and subtle taste that’s somewhat earthy. These little flowers pack a whole lot of good, so we’ve decided to round up the best chamomile tea brands for sleep, to help you get the rest you deserve!

It’s hard to wade through each and every brand that’s available on it’s own. So we’re going to look for all natural, real chamomile herbal teas that help you slow down and get some sleep. If you’ve never had the chance to taste this tea before, now’s probably the perfect time to start! It’s a great brew for the evening, when you want to avoid caffeine and stick to herbal teas like this to help calm your soul, and get you ready for bed. Enjoy these fresh chamomile teas for a restful night’s sleep! 

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What is Chamomile Tea Good For? 

Chamomile tea is good for helping you get a good night’s rest. Beyond that, it has some benefits for your digestion, and even stress levels! Several studies promote the positive health benefits of drinking chamomile tea on a regular basis. If you’re having trouble getting the sleep you deserve, chamomile tea is a great place to start! If you’re suffering from digestive issues, chamomile tea might just provide some much needed relief. 

As someone who experiences infrequent or even chronic acid reflux, chamomile tea can help to lessen your symptoms. It lowers acidity, and tackles some of the inflammation that can be the result, or cause of stomach reflux. Nausea sufferers will find a reliable natural remedy in chamomile too. It helps eliminate some of that awful ‘wishy-washy’ feeling that accompanies being sick. For the ultimate stomach soothing natural remedy, chamomile makes the perfect herbal tea. 

The Health Benefits of Drinking Chamomile Tea 

If you dig a bit deeper, you’ll find that chamomile tea has a lot more going for it than most herbal supplements. It may in fact be one tea you should consider adding to your daily rotation. In the long term, there’s been indications that chamomile can act as a valuable supplement in your heart health routine. That is to say, paired with diet and exercise it’s antioxidant content, in the form of flavones, are a compound that can lower blood pressure and cholesterol. 

Most people who drink chamomile tea do so for the most evident benefit it provides. An easier time getting to sleep, and for stress management. One of the best ways to unwind after a rough day is to have a cup or two of herbal tea. Caffeine serves you well to help you wake up in the morning, but what you need by the end of the day is something else entirely. Caffeine, while a useful ally for getting us up and out the door, can hinder us when we’re trying to slow down and relax. To that end, if you want a warm, soothing beverage in the evening herbal teas are a great healthy option. 

Why Should You Drink Chamomile Tea?

For an everyday brew, you could do a lot worse than chamomile. That is to say, this fantastic cup of brew isn’t just a great toast to your health, but an awesome way to enjoy your evening. It’s alright iced to, and the price tag makes it all that better fo a choice. So when looking at the different brands available, one thing will reign true. Most chamomile teas are quite cheap, that’s thanks to their ingredients being fairly simple. If you’re looking for a pure, 100% straight chamomile without anything blended in, you’re going to find boxes of these will come in much lower than a standard box of black tea. And certainly far less expensive than decaf coffee! Let’s jump into some reviews so we can find out which is the best chamomile tea brand for sleep, so you can get a peaceful and easy night’s rest! 

What does Chamomile Tea Taste Like? 

Chamomile tea is a luscious floral, and almost creamy tasting tea that’s gentle and refreshing. The aroma is pleasant and almost instantly soothing, something between fresh cut flowers and vanilla. There’s a slight herbal taste, but no grassiness, bitterness or anything. Personally, I love chamomile for just how sweet and gentle tasting it is. It’s difficult to over brew, and oftentimes I leave the tea bag in the cup the whole time I’m drinking it. 

Pure Chamomile Tea Brand 

Comforting Chamomile by Yogi 

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If you’re looking for the straight-up, real-deal this is it right here! Comforting Chamomile comes from Yogi, and packs a lot of flavor into a low priced box of tea. You’ll get 16 bags for box, but we recommend multi-box bulk deals like this one, so keep you eye out for all of the good choices out there! It features the delicate and soothing flavor, aroma and taste you’re expecting. And if you haven’t had the chance to try it yet, you’re missing out! This stuff is pure chamomile flowers and nothing else. It’s USDA certified organic, and non GMO verified, meaning you can drink it in confidence you’re getting nothing but a totally organic tea. Sip to a calm and quiet evening with Yogi’s pure comforting chamomile. 

Best Chamomile Tea K-Cup 

Twinings Pure Chamomile 

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This box of k-cups is designed for pod coffee makers. That makes getting your calming cup of chamomile tea that much easier! Pod machines work by using pre packaged coffee or tea pods to deliver an instant cup of tea or coffee at the press of a button! Obviously the advantage to this innovation is a much less messy, nearly instant cup of tea on a whim! If you don’t want to fiddle around with a stove top or electric kettle, and wait for them to boil. This is your best bet!

Twinings makes this totally caffeine free herbal tea, and it’s as good as anything else in their line. You can expect a pure and smooth taste from this well known tea brand. They’re also known for their exclusive teas and consistent quality. The good thing about Twinings is that you can find it just about anywhere! While the K-cup pods come at a slightly higher price point, you’re still getting the same fresh tea in a convenient and simple package! 

Bulk Loose Chamomile Tea 

Harney & Sons Loose Chamomile Tea

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Harney & Sons is a high quality purveyor of loose leaf teas, including herbal teas! They have a wide selection, and you’d be doing yourself a good favor to check out what they’ve got in stock! This tea in particular is the same as their signature chamomile tea, only it’s packaged in bulk! If you plan on drinking chamomile tea everyday. (Which is a great idea!) This bulk packaged, 1lb bag of chamomile is the perfect solution! Especially for those who like to take the more purist route with the way they brew their tea.

That is to say, loose leaf. No matter how you like to brew, there’s plenty of ways for even casual tea drinkers to get into loose leaf tea! If you want to save yourself some money, this is an excellent way to get your chamomile tea fix! It comes in a simple, airtight foil bag so you’re welcome to use your own container once you’re all set up! 

Best Chamomile Tea Blend 

Bigelow Chamomile Mint Herbal Tea 

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Bigelow is known for making herbal blends, and other teas readily available at a very reasonable price. However, make no mistake! Their teas are high quality, and potent for what they are. Personally I love their herbal tea line. This chamomile blend is among my favorite, featuring the smooth delicate taste of chamomile, and some added freshness with mint. Mint teas are well known for soothing stress, and promoting relaxation in their own right! This blend takes the best of both, in the form of a soothing and refreshing tea that offers a tasty way to wind down. 

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These chamomile teas are all a great way to start sipping to your health! No matter which brand of herbal tea you stick to, just make sure to read the ingredients list to know exactly what you’re getting! Enjoy this lovely tea on warm summer evenings, or with a good book on a rainy afternoon. It’s great for concentration, and has a marvelous taste that makes drinking something healthy feel good too. If you’re into loose leaf, you can even come up with some interesting blends! How do you like to enjoy your chamomile tea?  

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