7 of the Best Travel Destinations for Tea Lovers

tea travel destinations

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Pack your bags, and prepare for a tea lover’s fantasy bucket list! We’re going to touch-down in some of the World’s foremost tea growing regions to get a taste of all that’s tea in the world! This is the opportunity of a lifetime for those who want to embark on an adventure to see where their favorite beverage is cultivated. The people, and places that make tea are often times more remarkable than the drink itself. Generations of passionate and deeply knowledgeable individuals produce the world’s supply of sought-after tea leaves. Methods, production and preferences are different from region to region, but one thing remains the same. A deep seeded love for producing tea. Go and see the long standing tradition for yourself, with 10 of the best travel destinations for tea lovers! 

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These are 7 of the Best Travel Destinations for Tea Lovers 

Embark on a memorable, ‘bucket list’ style trip to explore the tea growing regions of the world! Where would you like to see yourself? 

Kagoshima, Japan 

Kagoshima tea travel destination

Beside Shizuoka, Kagoshima is Japan’s second largest tea producing powerhouse. This is the place to visit for the serious green tea lovers, of which I count myself one! You may be surprised to find out that Kagoshima is a lot more than just the place this tea is grown. It has it’s own brand, Kagoshima Green Tea, which is known for the utmost standard of quality in growing and production. What can you expect to see in Kagoshima? One of the most evident qualities is the endless sea of green, lucious and near perfect tea plants. Take the opportunity to venture off the beaten path, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Darjeeling, India

Just like the previous location, ‘Darjeeling’ is literally synonymous with a high standard of quality. So much so, that this prestigious designation is strictly handled in India. Only a handful of estates can produce the so-called ‘champagne of tea’. Perhaps you’ve thought about tasting this magnificent tea in the land where it’s grown. Here tea gardens grow like cascading features along mountainsides, making for gorgeous views and even prettier photos! 

Yunnan, China 

Yunnan should make it firmly onto any travel destinations for the tea lovers bucket list! This is the so-called ‘birthplace of tea’! The myth has it, that this is the first place that people discovered tea leaves, which ignited the spark in their widespread consumption. Or so the legend says! Find out for yourself, see the gorgeous architecture, and vibrant history that this province is known for. While you’re there, brew up some Pu-erh tea for a delightful treat. Passed down for generations, the art of caring for these fermented bricks of tea is a tradition you can feel, even taste for yourself!  

Lishan, Taiwan 

Taiwan is a wonder of culture to take in on it’s own! Its prestigious Oolong tea growing reputation precedes itself tenfold. It’s believed by many that the finest Oolong teas in the world come from Taiwan. Take a trip to Lishan, where you’ll see rolling mountains which nestle family owned tea plantations that have existed for decades. Here, the scenery is just as highly revered as the tea! Step into crystal-clear lakes, and trek through some of the most popular hiking trails in the hemisphere!   

Sri Lanka

Beloved Ceylon tea calls Sri Lanka home. This is most certainly one of those destinations that’s almost more well known for its tea production than anything else! For as long as Sri Lanka has been a nation, they’ve relied on tea production as a major export. Luckily, it’s a worldwide favorite, having spread to just about every corner of the Earth! You’ll view endless seas of tea plantations, marking the landscape and leaving a stark, and beautiful reminder of what many see from the outside looking in, up close for yourself! 


There are plenty of tea growing regions across Kenya in particular. This is in part due to the introduction of the crop in the colonial era. Later, this was more closely attributed to the highly favorable weather, most of the year round that growers enjoy. The primary tea of choice that’s produced is black tea, by some of the oldest plantations in the country leading production. As a matter of fact, Kenya is second behind China for exporting tea! Come and visit this beautiful and proud African country where you can enjoy their biggest export in person. 

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Shizouka, Japan 

We couldn’t help but include one of the most well-known growing regions in the world. Shizuoka is the leader in producing Japanese green tea. Here you will find a wide variety of teas being produced, namely Gyokuro, a highly sought after first picking of specially grown green tea leaves. Shizuoka is brimming in natural beauty, highlighting some of the most well-known natural wonders of Japan. You’ll be able to see Mt. Fuji in the distance, a constant reminder of just how deeply entwined this region is to the country as a whole.  

From Kenya to Japan, tea lovers are spoiled for choice when it comes to gorgeous, natural beauty and locations. These are truly some of the best travel destinations for tea lovers! Turns out that some of the world’s most beloved tea growing regions just happen to be some of the most beautiful places in the world! If you decide to take the leap, look into any one of these regions as your next vacation.

Meet the farmers, growers and estates who produce some of your favorite teas and get the chance to taste them in person. Sipping a cup of tea while overlooking seas of tea plants sounds like a fantasy to many. Where will your sense of adventure, and love for tea take you next? 

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